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7 Jan. 1994
Shanda's Song
Rock vamp with prima donna-complex Shanda faints on stage when she receives a cut-up picture of herself in a box of roses. Her manager brings her, almost identically looking back-up singer Claire and drummer Cinnamon to Community General for a check-up, but no harm is found. Shanda tells Dr. Mark Sloan she has a stalker since months, the police can't do anything without any physical threat; a truck tries to run them over the next minute, her fan Dr. Jack Stewart finds no actual fractures. Steve is incredulous, given Shanda's publicity stunt record, but Mark takes her ...
14 Jan. 1994
The Restless Remains
Dr. Sloan witnesses the suspicious death of a financial con man. However, the body disappears, with nothing but a personal diary remaining. Mark must prove that he is dead, while his wife and associates claim that he is absent on business.
21 Jan. 1994
Murder with Mirrors
Eddie Clark brings Mark Soan tickets for his last show in the Magic Mansion with his traitorous partner Paul Madison, who intends to go solo and take all their tricks, leaving Clark stranded. Mark, Jack, Amanda and Dolores witness their last duo show, but instead of escaping Madison drowns, and the key to the cuffs Eddie handed him didn't fit. Mark, a gifted amateur illusionist himself, believes his former neighbor-boy Eddie's declaration of innocence, so he and Jack -'helped' by Amanda- investigate the other magicians performing in the mansion and possible business ...
28 Jan. 1994
Flashdance with Death
Shortly after he had a shouting match when his partner Sammy Garrett, who lacked the money to buy him out now he decided to sell and buy a ranch in Montana, Dimension dance studio partner Roland Spear dies when a short circuit in the lighting prop cane gives a light discharge, which arrests his pacemaker fatally. Dr. Mark Sloan had taken Sammy's place as Roland's tap dance partner in the annual benefit the fatal cane act was being rehearsed for, and snoops in the studio. Steve has no choice but arrest Sammy, his basketball partner, who hurt his ankle at the game. ...
4 Feb. 1994
Reunion with Murder
Amanda and several of her wealthy, professionally successful college friends are invited to a reunion by Nancy Barlow, then the odd one out that they all frowned upon and humiliated when she was drunk in her underwear, which cost Nancy her scholarship; she's now an author and announces to Amanda, the only one to show up, she's about to publish a book on their college days, revealing embarrassing secrets. That evening Nancy calls Amanda in panic :after her apartment was ransacked, probably for the manuscript, and she's later killed in Amanda's home. LAPD Detective ...
4 Mar. 1994
At Community General Dr. Jack Stewart runs into Sandy Hoyle, whom he knew from high school, and sends her for examination to Dr. Mark Sloan; her bruises testify to repeated beatings. When Jack follows her, he finds out she's a call-girl and plans to 'retire' thanks to a tape she can blackmail prominent clients with, the details of which are also kept 'in Lily's head'. After she does so Mark, who came to check up on her, is found bent over her corpse by Steve's LAPD colleague Detective Andy Ruggio; although no arrest is made, the headline is enough for the hospital ...
1 Apr. 1994
Guardian Angel
When L.A. mayor George Ridgeway's wife Lauren recognizes Benjamin Strand in the audience at a fund raiser attended by Mark and Norman, she fakes a migraine that night to sneak out, makes an appointment with him and shoots her husband at close range. Benjamin Strand is arrested by Steve as the suspect based on previous crackpot death threats he had made to the mayor, and possession of a gun that matches the killer's caliber. Mark notices Lauren's pretended migraine is fake, while she gets a real one when already on treatment. When Jack and Amanda go look for tramp ...
8 Apr. 1994
Chet Brooks, a born charmer, bright, attractive, witty, works in Nirvana spa and has a girl on every finger, including colleague Sunshine whose burly boyfriend is a masseur there. Chet looks up Jack, his med class mate till he dropped out without academic reason, borrows his bright new sports car, and has a deadly accident driving it to an important appointment with Lori, another former girlfriend, who seems turns out to be connected with a Detroit mobster's bookie racket. While Amanda gets furious nobody takes her word, least of all Norman Briggs, who checks up an ...
15 Apr. 1994
Broadcast Blues
When young prison doctor Dr. Tom Harvey gets his former mentor, Dr. Mark Sloan, to treat convict Paul Dunbar in Community General for a serious conduction, the criminal manages to grab a guard's gun and keeps the doctors hostage, demanding to speak to TV reporter Jordan Sanders, claiming he wants to clear his name to his kid son Nicky about the murder conviction for a security guard he claims got killed accidentally. Detective Sergeant Steve Sloan slips in too as sound man, only to see Sanders shot, Dunbar dies apparently after a suicide, saying something like 'doctor...
29 Apr. 1994
A relatively severe earthquake causes a mess, including in Community General, many people crash given the state of their homes. Mark finds the crushing by a massive armoire of Martin Garfield -who earlier mistrusted his much younger bride Ruth's fiancé- was staged after the quake, given the dust on his corps. Mark finds Ruth with her studly 'jeweller' Henry in boxer-shorts, not aware of her prenuptial. At her advice he checks out Garfield's antiques business partner Stuart Westlake, who would be embezzling. He again points to Garfield's son-in-law, sculptor Rick ...
6 May 1994
The Plague
While staking mob hitman Bruno Crespi in his hotel room, Steve observes he has medical symptoms for which Bruno orders a refill from Spengler's pharmacy, which dad Mark diagnoses trough the telescope as asthma, and receives epinephrine which he injects himself, not uncommon with patients who have a standard prescription. Shortly after he collapses, Steve gets Mark who orders a quarantine there and in the hospital to make sure nobody is contaminated: the crook has bubonic plague. CDC doctor Niven cares only for press conferences which spread panic on the theory he must...
13 May 1994
Sister Michael Wants You
Greg Wilson, a professional cameraman who accepted to work pro bono for Saint Clair's nunnery's school, where he himself was actually expelled, calls to meet and hand a videotape to the young superior, sister Michael, but is shot dead and the tape isn't found. When the convent's gardener, non-violent ex-con Vic Chandler, is arrested, sister Michael, who is legendary late cop Charlie Donahue's daughter Maggie, gets LAPD Detective Steve Sloan to double the police investigation. Dr. Mark Sloan, himself a cop's kid (and Steve's dad), accepts to enter the convent, posing ...
16 Sep. 1994
Many Happy Returns
D. Sloan is terribly nervous about an IRS audit, sees 'sloppiness' everywhere, and leaves a 'death threat' on his accountant Ernie Pitt's answering machine, desperate for help. When Mark sneaks out from Agent Gretchen McCord's first interview for a 'medical emergency' he thus ends up bent over Pitt's corpse, stabbed to death. LAPD Detective Claire Van Sickle grants him no favors as colleague Steve stood her up a while ago. The two harpies team up to 'coordinate their attack' on Mark. While investigating -with Jack and Amanda in pretense characters- Pitt's heiress and ...
23 Sep. 1994
A Very Fatal Funeral
Chairman Elton Malone drops dead from the fast poison on an envelope he licks claiming it contains proof which other board member embezzled $300,000 from his charitable foundation, but it was a literally empty threat. Besides Community General administrator Norman Briggs, who seats on account of its free clinic funding, the board members -now murder suspects- are Mort Slater, Christine Shaw whose husband Charles is running for Congress and dodgy art investment broker Alexander Damon. The Sloanes look into Damon's faltering business, but he drops dead at Malone's ...
30 Sep. 1994
Woman Trouble
Dr. Mark Sloane gets suspicious when his patient Robert Stanton, a businessman, doesn't show up for an urgent X-ray follow-up examination to determine if he actually has TBC, after witnessing how unfaithful Robert was affronted on a party by his mistress Marilyn Kramer, a fashion model, and wife Irene Stanton, whose capital is vital for his firm's Japanese deal negotiation. Indeed the two women have conspired to kill him and hide the body. So he sends Jack and Amanda snooping in the fashion scene. Meanwhile Steve has fallen head over heals, undercover, for a socialite...
7 Oct. 1994
The Busy Body
After a birthday dinner with the boys - even Norman, who rushes off early to greet a hospital accreditation inspection trio- for Mark Sloan, he gets stuck in handcuffs used for a surprise stripper; alas Jack forgot to ask for the keys from Community General's old security agent McCreedy, who just got fired, replaced by Norman's new, show-piece security force, and lost the keys years ago anyway. Yet Mark has worse to hide from the inspectors: a murder victim which mysteriously appears without ID in the hospital pharmacy and disappears with the presumed murder weapon ...
14 Oct. 1994
My Four Husbands
Pamela Dorn, the 'Queen of the Jungle' TV series star who desperately wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps as movie star, is in Community General for a nip and tuck, with an undercover TV reporter pretending to need an appendectomy bugging her as a career move, when one of Pam's four ex-husbands, who had casting approval of the one movie she hoped to make her career but accepted Julia Roberts instead, is murdered. The condo manager and another ex saw Pam there, yet Mark, who knew her as a little girl, insists she's being framed by one of her surviving ex ...
21 Oct. 1994
Murder Most Vial
Corporate multimillionaire William P. Bissell slaps Community General with a frightening lawsuit for malpractice for an operation on both knees which got him in a wheelchair because he ignored all doctor's orders, but Norman Briggs gets him to accept more treatment and reconsider if cured. An accident puts Mark in bed, but while taunting him 'on the other side' Bissel dies from an O.D. of his regular medicine, which must have been administered during visiting hours. Motives are obvious for Bill's CFO and heir apparent Thomas Taylor, whom he had just demoted to ...
28 Oct. 1994
You Can Call Me Johnson
Jack asks Mark as a favor to operate on his godfather, mob don Alfredo Bartolo aka Alfred 'Al' Bartell, who checked into hospital as Mr. Johnson with his entourage. Alas 'Al' dies in the recovery room, apparently from an improbable switch of clearly differently colored suture types. Al's son and heir Vinnie Bartell blames and implicitly threatens Mark; according to Steve's FBI contact agent Gayle Wheeler, Vinnie was looking to take over the 'family business', while Jack believes family is sacred even for that murderous scum and finds out a suspicious cleaning lady in ...
4 Nov. 1994
Georgia on My Mind
P.I. Charlie Hawkins was shot and dies in Community General, his last words make little sense: tell Georgia 'Jerry Mathers'? Georgia is his secretary, whose female charms make Jack dump his long-awaited Hawaiian holiday to rival in helpfulness with Steve while they check out Charlie's last case, about an ice cream company called after the late founder Hary Litvaks' boys 'Walter & Harry' while the promotion is done by two actors under these co-heirs names. Envelopes of money point to the sons, or after re-examination to their third sibling, Samantha Litvak, but then ...
11 Nov. 1994
The Last Laugh: Part 1
Norman insists Mark should ask rich plastic surgeon colleague Dr. Elliott Valin, when he's named "Doctor of the Year" at a medical convention, to bring some 'high profile clientele' to Community General, a suggestion Valin rudely dismisses. When Valin dies from an overdose of laughing gas, Mark investigates. Valin's son Roger Valin found out his father was also fooling around with his girlfriend and needed money to prevent his holistic medicine practice from going belly up. Yet the victim's much younger widow Bonnie, who has a hunky lover is accused, convinces Mark to...
18 Nov. 1994
The Last Laugh: Part 2
Bonnie Valin confesses to Mark she arranged for him to get her off for the greedy laughing gas murder on her husband plastic surgeon Elliot, trusting the double jeopardy rule renders her immune to prosecution. Steve is nearly demoted, and forced to prosecute the innocent son and true heir, Roger Valin. Meanwhile Jack is determined to get Amanda's embezzled trust fund back by posing as the seller and later buyer of the missing can of Campbell soup painting, for which he knows a perfect forger. Mark scares Bonnie, sees the life insurance refuses to pay and Roger ...
2 Dec. 1994
Death by Extermination
As soon as she arrives in L.A., Mark remembers why he was happy not to see his sister Dora for years: she bosses him and everybody around like dogs and commandeers his bed while she stays in the beach-house till her new villa is fumigated against termites. Steve needed no reminder to keep clear, but that becomes impossible when her Realtor Harvey Wardell's corpse falls out of the closet, poisoned even before he inhaled a lethal dose. While Dora 'appoints' Genevieve Ducasse Harvey's successor, Mark locks them out of the murder-site and learns Harvey's secretary Lena ...
9 Dec. 1994
Standing Eight Count
Jack's boxing hero Mercury 'The Heat' Jones is held in observation at Community General with serious injuries after a KO title loss instead of the 50th victory he hopes to retire after, his wife Brianna wants him to stop anyway. Worse, his adversary Tommy Brackett is diagnosed with an irregular heart beat, no more fighting ever, so he refuses furious Jones a rematch. Brackett is found dead smothered the next morning, next to Mercury's hospital ID bracelet. Jack learns from neighborhood friend Marco who lost big betting and joins as 'Animal' -unwilling sparing partner-...

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