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29 Oct. 1993
Miracle Cure
When a man says in confessional he knows Father Morrissey has 'sinned', the priest takes a gun from a hollowed Bible, drives his car over him but finds the envelop he looks for gone, stolen seconds earlier by a girl. Father Morrissey even fakes stomach pain to be admitted in the same L.A. hospital, Community General, so he can administer a fatal injection, surprised only by bag lady Alice, who was just admitted for amnesia, however possibly still somewhat treatable. The physician in charge, Dr. Mark Sloane, smells a rat after Morrissey discharges himself and goes talk...
5 Nov. 1993
Mark is eager take some vacation; his son, Steve, isn't holding his breath to go fishing together as promised long since, sets off by himself and has a hellish time alone. For a change, Norman makes an awful fuss about security for mob-threatened senate transport committee, Chairman Basset, who is getting an operation in Community General. However, a woman in league with another assassin gets past the security by staging getting major amnesia and forgetting her identity after being hit by a car. When nurse Sue Marlowe recognizes 'Jane Doe,' she is given a fatal push ...
12 Nov. 1993
Murder at the Telethon
Since the hospital board decided that the ER is to shut down unless $100,000 is raised, Norman decides to mount a telethon guaranteeing the full sum, soon leaves a while for a seminar and meanwhile puts Mark in charge, who is relieved Jack kind of enjoys being the stage manager. Main star Buddy Blake, a faded TV comedy legend, comes with his son Michael Blake, who gave up medical studies (with Mark) to be his assistant and is final true with the ingrate's abuse, even in public. While Mark is presenting the show, Buddy stumbles on scene with a fatal knife his back; to ...
19 Nov. 1993
Inheritance of Death
Retired wine tycoon patient Jonathan Nash, Mark's second cousin and 93 year-old, pledges his entire estate (about $15 million) to Community General hospital, then calls Mark his three adult children are trying to kill him. Mark arrives only to be hit by his electric wheelchair crashing down the mansion's staircase, and lands in back spasm-traction himself, but tells Steve Jonathan looked dead already. Mark thinks of remote control and hopes to sleuth by remote Jack after briefing him about the family's closet full of 'skeletons' giving each kid a motive, while neither...
3 Dec. 1993
The 13 Million Dollar Man
Longtime patient and friend Dale Harlan stumbles into ER and tells Mark to get something from his left shoe- it's a lottery ticket he gives Mark 'to do some good with it' before he dies from his shot-wound. Amanda finds out it won $13,000,000 but fails to keep it a secret. Hospital administrator Norman Briggs, who just gave Mark hell for using surgical gloves to relax child patients, desperately needs $6,200,000 for a new hospital wing he promised to name after Mr. Wainwright, the chairman of the board. The LAPD charges Jimmy Stevens with the murder, being found with ...
10 Dec. 1993
Vanishing Act: Part One
When Detective Steve Sloan reports to Internal Affairs agent Lloyd Schroeder his well-founded suspicions against LAPD 15th precinct colleagues Detectives Bob Cole, Eugene Vickers, Jim Michaels and Rick Hughes to be in cahoots with the fence who handled several burglaries they actually committed themselves, Schroeder checks out their excessive expenses and sets up his own pension plan: an equal share for his silence. Next someone from the criminal quartet sets up Steve for Schroeder's murder and plants stolen money in his locker, so he's suspended although his boss Lt....
17 Dec. 1993
Vanishing Act: Part Two
Mark Sloane was scared out of his wits when Tommy Rafonte and an armed goon took him without asking to an old patient, semi-retired mob boss Gus Benedict, but that went fine; he does get knocked down accidentally by Dolores' picketing board. Jack Stewart's investigations in the Italian quarter, including his ex Josie Swanson who is now Tommy's girl but knows nothing, and Steve's remaining police contacts allow them and Mark to work out the four bad cops are in cahoots with Tommy to plan a new crime- the ransom kidnapping of Gus. They work out their own ingenious plan....

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