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Season 6

24 Sep. 1998
Resurrection: Part 1
Carter Sweeney's vengeance against Dr. Sloan has taken the form of Carter's sister Caitlin bombing Community General, with Jessie trapped in the rubble with wounded Steve, Mark, and Amanda, who needs an emergency operation. Four months later, Caitlin robs a bank with her lover, the young leader of armed rebellion movement called ROAR, and Carter convinces the DA to grant him a transfer to a country club jail in exchange for information to help find her.
24 Sep. 1998
Resurrection: Part 2
When their favorite barbecue restaurant is about to go to out of business, Steve and Jesse are convinced it's a golden opportunity to revive it, so they prod Mark for a loan. But before either partner can attend to "BBQ Bob", the Sweenies kidnap Mark at his home. Carter blackmails him with more innocent bomb victims to think up a quick way to steal $100,000,000, allegedly to fund ROAR, the revolutionary movement against the "UN shadow government". Caitlin's naive lover Aaron Ving may kill Mark at anytime and the sleuth's only hope is to find a way to tip off Steve as ...
1 Oct. 1998
Till Death Do Us Part
Gold digger Philip Cobler and his bride Cindy Garrett were confident their carefully planned murder by poison on her father and his boss Wayde, for which his present wife Denise Garrett gets framed so they can inherit everything, was virtually foolproof even though it included Mark Sloan on the guest-list, and without him they probably could have winged everything that goes wrong at the last minute, but now Steve's investigation is destined to end with a last surprise for them.
8 Oct. 1998
Wrong Number
Instead of the parents, Mark receives a mistaken telephone call at home about the ransom instructions for kidnapped 6-year old Joey; when he turns up at the park chosen as the exchange scene, the desperate dad Ted gets shot, which makes Mark feel guilty. At the elaborately staged second attempt to pay up, Steve is sent through half of L.A., but as Mark suspects they discover the suitcase isn't filled with the ransom money, just newspapers. This leads Mark to think the the switch was made at the house, by whom and why...
15 Oct. 1998
Blood Will Out
When Amanda prepares for an autopsy on another of the victims of a mass shooting with a bullet in his head, the unidentified "corpse" suddenly rises from the slab, knocks her out and disappears, but stays in the hospital and steals all he needs to operate on himself. After he violently deals with other people in his way, including kidnapping Jesse's girlfriend Susan, the NSA walks in, claiming he's an international terrorist, but Mark doesn't buy that story and guesses, once a major bacteriological infection is found in his blood, the even graver truth...
29 Oct. 1998
Dr. Jesse Travis is exhausted from his full-time ER job along with two medical drug trials. When Steve arranges for him a stay in a cabin near a lonely lake, he has a strange experience and is only found five days later in Utah. Steve himself gets picked up, grilled and thrown out by some mysterious government agents when he's looking for Jesse near a top-secret "nonexistent" military base. Jesse begins to believe he may have been abducted by aliens and it takes Mark a long time to understand the how and why of his young friend's frightening paranoia.
5 Nov. 1998
Write, She Murdered
When murder novelist Kay Ludlow has writer's block, she stabs her agent to death (with a letter opener, just after he reads her the riot act about fulfilling her Publishers' Friday deadline no matter what - lest she be forced to return the $25 million advance) - and Kay sets up several ridiculously false clues. However - she didn't act on the spur of the moment, nor had a motive for his death, she just wants to get inspiration from a real murder, and finds a clever way to have her (now deceased) Agent call her, providing herself with an alibi by having him phone her, ...
12 Nov. 1998
Rear Windows '98
Late at night Amanda witnesses on-line on 'Joannecam' the star stab-murder by a masked man who looks straight into the web-cam. Soon she finds herself the victim of such computer-engineered incidents as cancellation of her credit card for fictitious arrears and doctored traffic lights making her cause a car-crash. Jesse's cyber-café-friends track his computer down, but the 'stalker' anticipated that: it's the site of another stab-murder which he's showing on the web, as it turns out his sixth yet but not his last. Catching him will take superior sleuthing and hacking....
19 Nov. 1998
The Last Resort
The LAPD teams up Steve with his former training officer Det. Reggie Ackroyd, who keeps blaming a murderer he put away for the 'abduction' of his wife who actually left him taking his daughter. Rough suspect interrogation and the accidental shooting of a rapist during a stake-out cause Captain Walter Newman to force both of them, under threat of prosecution, to enroll in the 'last resort', a psychiatric program for cops in Community General, where Steve backs up his delusions, even to the point of estrangement from Mark, who's called in during therapy. Yet all this ...
3 Dec. 1998
Murder x 4
After catching several murderers without apparent motive nor either criminal or psycho profile, Steve feels something is wrong; after another such man messes up his gun-murder by accidentally shooting a cop, Steve trades himself and saves everybody's lives. Now the sleuths figure out what the killers actually had in common as patients in therapy at Community General, who is behind setting it all up and why they must finish their investigation against the clock as another murder is scheduled.
17 Dec. 1998
Dead in the Water
Jesse and his fiancée finally make the romantic weekend trip to Carmel she dreamed about for months. However in a fishery town on the road Susan gets even more upset then before on account of her diet, when she recognizes Greg Hutchens, her former scuba instructor and fiancé who she believed to have died since five years, in a car accident with her steering, and turns out to be happily engaged to a waitress, which happens to be sheriff Kelso's daughter. Even worse, in order to preserve some dark secret they are arrested, jailed and illegally 'jury-trialed'.
6 Jan. 1999
Trapped in Paradise
After a third murder without apparent motive in a strictly guarded housing community, Steve moves in undercover as a Community General physician, pretending to be the brother of victim Paul Foster. As soon as he arrives he finds Shelby Turner, an investigative reporter on a rag obsessed with aliens he loathes, has unexpectedly set herself up as his wife. After throwing a party gets them fingerprints which only match to dead people, Mark figures out what the three victims had in common with each-other and a crime family.
21 Jan. 1999
Voices Carry
Sally Jenkins is found in a dumpster, strangled. Steve suspects her violence-prone ex Ed. LAPD detective Harry Trumble, whose retirement closes down after 15 years the task force which never caught the Clown Killer whose elaborate MO included painting a clown's face on the victim, claims it's his work, only he got interrupted. When Steve discards that, Harry falsifies a claim letter from the murderer and authenticates it on TV, causing a panic and high-profile resurrection of the task force, under Harry, who gets a call from the murderer, who already killed again. Now...
28 Jan. 1999
Murder, My Suite
When Mark and Jesse accompany Amanda to her award in forensic pathology, Alex Vander crashes on their table- he's infected by injection with the highly contagious legionnaires disease, by Ariel, who made him believe to be his lover so he would steal it for her. The doctors have the LAPD (lead by Steve) enforce a strict quarantine while they run an improvised emergency ward, helped by Dr. Herb Downey, a specialist in infectious disease. During the hard work to save lives they must find out all about the sinister plot, which is a very deadly 'decoy' for another crime...
4 Feb. 1999
Murder on the Hour
When several patients and the unpopular ER resident Dr. Mason, who acted erratic since a grave accident, are murdered in Community Hospital, the sleuths figure out the killer seems to be striking every hour, so every minute counts to save the next victim. Steve was already inside after bringing in a man who got shot by mistake with two uniformed cops who witnessed it. Several people had opportunity, but nobody seems to benefit from the deaths. After a suspect's alibi checks out, Mark finds an eery point in common: they all survived a near-death experience.
11 Feb. 1999
Rescue Me
When Chloe Marsden has a nearly fatal car accident, which she blames on her ex Richard Locke, Jesse saves her, fixes her up and even puts her up for the night at his home, which is embarrassing when his girl friend Susan turns up unannounced in the morning. It gets worse after having told her off, when her ex barges in and falls to his death, knocked on the head by Chloe, on a sword Jesse just picked up when running to the rescue at her place- and is arrested for 'jealous murder'. Steve and Mark have a hard time proving she makes a habit out of falling in love with ...
18 Feb. 1999
Down Among the Dead Men
When Mark and Amanda twist Steve -who receives the first of several letters quoting the penal code on crimes he's about to witness- and Jesse's arms to host a musical benefit at BBQ Bob's, a customer is hit by a stray bullet from the jewelry shop across the street being robbed by well-prepared men. After Steve shoots robber Nestor in the leg, the leader kills him and taunts Steve about the lousy LAPD equipment compared to his, and even dares Steve to kill him. The next day his next announced crime is robbing Steve's car to dump it in the river. Mark wonders if the ...
25 Feb. 1999
Never Say Die
When Tommy Anders, a juvenile delinquent who only escaped residential punishment because Steve vouched for him, allows someone to provoke him to violence in BBQ Bob's, Steve enrolls him for a self-control program as factotum in the rehabilitation-trough-boxing club run by Brendan Kelly, who lives with cripple legs without any pain medication. When people start to behave most erratic there, in one case even commit suicide in front of Tommy, the Sloanes investigate if the reason could be chemical, and if so who is behind it.
29 Apr. 1999
Trash TV: Part 1
An unusual patient in Community general is the "Masked Magician", who reveals magic tricks in highly rated specials on Pox TV, but got wounded by a real arrow because of sabotage. Meanwhile rival channel GBC prepares a series "Doctor Danger", supposedly based on Mark Sloane, but when shown the pilot he refuses to have anything to do with this mockery; Jesse however accepts to write scripts for it. Shortly after, both the masked magician -who unveiled himself to become irreplaceable- and Mark's character 'Dr. Danger' are murdered on the set. Mark tricks the first ...
29 Apr. 1999
Trash TV: Part 2
While Kent Beudine presents a cynical show on the horror gripping Hollywood after two TV celebrity murders, Marc is convinced Jesse is on the right track for motive by remarking it all upsets the program line-ups of rivaling networks in terms of the almighty ratings. Producer Jackson Burley is ignored even by his former protégés, and minutes after star Jerry Lane turns down an offer to transfer to West Coast VP Garth Zand's network GBS, the winner on Thursday after the previous crimes, he is run over by a fake parking valet. After Zand invites Marc for a scary gourmet...
6 May 1999
Blood Ties
Pimp Milton Wilder is shot in an alley by women. An embezzled businessman who finds his partner also cheated him with his wife fails to kill him, follows the paramedics to Community General and fails again in Jesse's OR because of a crazily daring intervention from Steve's LAPD colleague detective Taylor Lucas, the new partner of more orthodox rising vice squad star Amy Devlin, detailed to assist Steve in the Wilder case, but first they must arrest bail-jumper Laurette Stipe in a biker bar, which leads to a gun-fight killing Stipe with a bullet matching the Wilder ...
13 May 1999
Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of My Life
In this atypical episode there is no sleuthing, but Dr. Mark Sloane wrestles with medical ethics when, after turning away presumably terminal patients who asked him to help end their lives, he finds the new resident, Dr. Kate Delieb, systematically giving them what they want, by setting up a suicide-device in their home or even, administering the fatal injection. He confronts her, swearing he'll do everything in his power to stop her as he believes the Hippocratic oath's primary rule never to cause harm forbids killing absolutely. Nut after reflecting on his own ...

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