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Season 1

29 Oct. 1993
Miracle Cure
Father Morrissey kills an extortionist in a hit-and-run, but a girl picks up the extortion evidence. When she is taken to the hospital, he fakes sickness to get near her. Dr. Mark Sloane finds the priest's behavior suspicious.
5 Nov. 1993
Security is high at the hospital because of Chairman Basset, a high profile patient whose life has been threatened by the mob. A female assassin feigns amnesia from an accident to get near Basset, and she kills a nurse who recognizes her.
12 Nov. 1993
Murder at the Telethon
Since the hospital board decided that the ER is to shut down unless $100,000 is raised, Norman decides to mount a telethon guaranteeing the full sum, and then leaves a while for a seminar which puts Mark in charge, who is relieved Jack kind of enjoys being the stage manager. Main star Buddy Blake, a faded TV comedy legend, comes with his son Michael Blake, who gave up medical studies (with Mark) to be his assistant and put up with the ingrate's abuse, even in public. While Mark is presenting the show, Buddy stumbles on scene with a fatal knife his back; to the Sloans'...
19 Nov. 1993
Inheritance of Death
Retired wine tycoon Jonathan Nash, Mark's 93-year-old second cousin, pledges his entire estate (about $15 million) to Community General Hospital. He then calls to tell Mark that his three adult children are trying to kill him. Mark arrives only to be hit by his electric wheelchair crashing down the mansion's staircase, which puts him into traction himself. However, he tells Steve that Jonathan looked dead already. Mark thinks of remote control and hopes to sleuth by remote Jack after briefing him about the family's closet full of 'skeletons' giving each kid a motive, ...
3 Dec. 1993
The 13 Million Dollar Man
Before dying of a gunshot wound, a long-time patient gives Mark a winning lottery ticket, asking him to do some good with it. Several people step forward to claim the lottery winnings, which makes each of them a suspect in the murder.
10 Dec. 1993
Vanishing Act: Part 1
When Detective Steve Sloan reports to Internal Affairs agent Lloyd Schroeder his well-founded suspicions against LAPD 15th precinct colleagues Detectives Bob Cole, Eugene Vickers, Jim Michaels and Rick Hughes to be in cahoots with the fence who handled several burglaries they actually committed themselves, Schroeder checks out their excessive expenses and sets up his own pension plan: an equal share for his silence. Next someone from the criminal quartet sets up Steve for Schroeder's murder and plants stolen money in his locker, so he's suspended although his boss Lt....
17 Dec. 1993
Vanishing Act: Part 2
Mark Sloane was scared out of his wits when Tommy Rafonte and an armed goon took him without asking to an old patient, semi-retired mob boss Gus Benedict, but that went fine; he does get knocked down accidentally by Dolores' picketing board. Jack Stewart's investigations in the Italian quarter, including his ex Josie Swanson who is now Tommy's girl but knows nothing, and Steve's remaining police contacts allow them and Mark to work out the four bad cops are in cahoots with Tommy to plan a new crime- the ransom kidnapping of Gus. They work out their own ingenious plan....
7 Jan. 1994
Shanda's Song
Rock vamp with a prima donna complex Shanda faints on stage when she receives a cut-up picture of herself in a box of roses. Her manager brings her, an almost identically looking back-up singer Claire and drummer Cinnamon to Community General for a check-up, but nothing wrong is found. Shanda tells Dr. Mark Sloan she has had a stalker for months, but the police can't do anything without any physical threat. After a truck tries to run them over the next minute, her fan Dr. Jack Stewart finds no actual fractures. Steve is incredulous, given Shanda's publicity stunt ...
14 Jan. 1994
The Restless Remains
Dr. Sloan witnesses the suspicious death of a financial con man. However, the body disappears, with only his personal diary remaining. Mark must prove that he is dead, while his wife and associates claim that he is just away on business.
21 Jan. 1994
Murder with Mirrors
Eddie Clark brings Mark Sloan tickets for his last show in the Magic Mansion with his traitorous partner Paul Madison, who intends to go solo and take all their tricks, leaving Clark stranded. Mark, Jack, Amanda, and Dolores witness their last duo show, but instead of escaping, Madison drowns, and the key to the cuffs Eddie handed him didn't fit. Mark, a gifted amateur illusionist himself, believes his former neighbor-boy Eddie's declaration of innocence, so he and Jack,'helped' by Amanda, investigate the other magicians performing in the Mansion and possible business...
28 Jan. 1994
Flashdance with Death
While dancing a routine with Mark, dance studio owner Roland Spear dies when a prop cane short circuits his pacemaker. Mark and Steve research who had opportunity to sabotage the cane, with Roland's partner Sammy the leading suspect.
4 Feb. 1994
Reunion with Murder
One of Amanda's college friends was planning to publish an embarrassing tell-all book about their college days, which someone in the group was willing to kill to prevent its publication.
4 Mar. 1994
Jack's old friend, Sandy, is a high priced call girl. Sandy intends to retire by blackmailing three wealthy clients, and she left evidence with Lily. When Sandy is found murdered, Mark and Jack race to find Lily before the murderer.
1 Apr. 1994
Guardian Angel
The mayor's wife leaves an extravaganza with a fake migraine, engineering a scheme to kill her husband and frame a crackpot. The next day Mark questions her story after he treats a bum who was injured in a hit-and-run near the incident.
8 Apr. 1994
Con man Chet Brooks borrows Jack's car and dies in a suspicious accident. Mark spends a weekend at the Nirvana spa where Chet last worked to determine who might have wanted to kill him, while Jack investigates Chet's seedy past.
15 Apr. 1994
Broadcast Blues
Convict Paul Dunbar takes a hostage and demands to talk to anchorman Jordan Sanders. Before the interview can take place, Sanders is assassinated and Dunbar killed. Mark uses Dunbar's last words to investigate who might have killed them.
29 Apr. 1994
On the eve of his daughter's wedding, Martin Garfield is killed when an earthquake severely damages his home and an armoire falls on him. Mark and Steve find the body and deduce that he had been killed before the earthquake.
6 May 1994
The Plague
While Steve is staking out hit man Bruno, Mark sees him collapse, and quarantines him for the plague - but while the obnoxious virologist says it's from the rodents aboard his cargo ship, it's Mark who smells a rat. After some digging he finds 3 of the crime family's ladies who had a reason to rub Bruno out (tampering with his asthma medication) - so was it (wo)man or beast who killed Bruno?
13 May 1994
Sister Michael Wants You
A cameraman doing work at a convent is killed trying to protect a videotape. The videotape is never recovered, and strangers start showing up in search of the tape. Mark poses as a priest to help locate the tape and identify the killer.

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