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James Burrows Shares His Secrets From Four Decades of TV Directing

James Burrows Shares His Secrets From Four Decades of TV Directing
It’s often said in television that nobody knows what makes a hit. But that’s not entirely true. James Burrows has a test that has rarely failed him in his 40-plus years of directing multicamera comedy series.

When working on pilots, Burrows likes to bring in an audience to watch a bare-bones run-through after a few days of rehearsal. No amount of focus-group testing of the finished product can tell him more than the first impression of an impartial crowd.

“For most of my hits, those run-throughs have been through the roof,” Burrows says. “That’s how I gauge the show. I see if they like the characters and the actors they don’t know. That’s how you know what you have.”

Burrows’ track record speaks for itself — from his start as a director in 1974 on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” to “Cheers,” “Friends” and “The Big Bang Theory,
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TV on Tap: James Callis is "Arrow"'s Latest Target, "Gossip Girl" Doesn't Make Sense After the Big Reveal, and the After-Election Ratings Have Been Good to MSNBC

It's a One Day at a Time reunion on Hot in Cleveland tonight.


You can add James Callis to the list of sci-fi studs to get a role on Arrow. TV Guide reports that he'll play an international jewel thief known as The Dodger.

Yep, there's a Tumblr blog that's rewatching Gossip Girl to see if it still makes sense with the revelation of Gossip Girl's identity. So far, the pilot makes little sense in light of the revelation (and makes one major storyline pretty creepy). That's okay, I just rewatched the Scandal pilot and it feels like a lot of the characters weren't developed until later.

NBC has ordered a game show that tries to capture the atmosphere of a "game night" cocktail party. Deadline says that Hollywood Game Night will take inspiration by the game nights producer Sean Hayes hosts at his home. The show will
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