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10 Jan. 1997
B & B's B'n B
With Mr. Feeny going out of town, Shawn has a brilliant idea to finish his economics project: a Bed & Breakfast at Feeny's House.
17 Jan. 1997
Cory can't wait to break in his new driver's license by going on a road trip with his friends. Cory's plans hit a speed bump when Alan has a tough time letting his son grow up.
31 Jan. 1997
Chick Like Me
In order to get a better understanding of how girls think, Cory and Topanga disguise Shawn as a girl and arrange a date for him.
7 Feb. 1997
A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 1
Eric sees Shawn kiss Topanga on the cheek at Chubbie's. He relates the upsetting news to Cory and Shawn swears the kiss was innocent. Cory is still angry but when he finds out that Topanga is moving to Pittsburgh, he realizes he had bigger problems than he thought.
14 Feb. 1997
A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2
Cory is despondent without Topanga. One rainy evening, Topanga shows up on Cory's doorstep. She ran away from home and wants to convince her parents to let her live with an aunt in town. Cory and Topanga must convince Cory's parents and Topanga's aunt that they are truly in love.
28 Feb. 1997
Uncle Daddy
When Eric discovers his girlfriend Kelly has a son, he decides he is ready to have an adult relationship. However, he is not as prepared for adult responsibility as he thought. Meanwhile, Cory, Topanga, and Shawn study for the SATs.
21 Mar. 1997
Quiz Show
The educational game show High School Quiz is suddenly popular once again when Cory, Shawn, and Topanga get involved with the show. The questions are intentionally dumbed down to accommodate the three guests and Mr. Feeny is dismayed at the sacrificing of education for entertainment.
4 Apr. 1997
Security Guy
After getting fired from Alan's store, Eric gets a job as a security guard. Mr. Feeny becomes concerned that Eric is wasting his potential and encourages Eric to buckle down and re-take the SATs. Cory and Topanga try to convince Shawn to take an SAT prep course.
25 Apr. 1997
Cult Fiction
Shawn joins a cult. Corey and the others try to snap him out of it. But it's not until Jonathan's in the hospital that Shawn sees clearly.
2 May 1997
Learning to Fly
Eric passes up an interview at Pennbrook in favor of visiting Beach State. Cory and Topanga want to go with him but Topanga's aunt refuses to let her be alone with Cory for a weekend. Cory, Shawn, and Eric go to the college visit alone and Eric realizes he has a difficult decision to make about the future. When Cory discovers that Topanga had a different reason for not accompanying him on the visit, Cory has a tough decision to make as well.
3 Oct. 1997
Eric moves back home and Cory promises to find him a place to stay. Things take a strange turn when Eric's new roommate turns out to be Shawn's half brother Jack.
10 Oct. 1997
Boy Meets Real World
Cory turns the camera on Eric, Shawn, and Jack to make a film about them, but soon a fight between Shawn and Jack erupts and Topanga wants Cory to intervene.
17 Oct. 1997
It's Not You... It's Me
Shawn has a hard time with the news that Cory applied to Stanford, a school Shawn could never get into. Shawn starts to suspect he and Cory are going to grow apart and decides to end their friendship sooner rather than later.
24 Oct. 1997
Fraternity Row
Eric decides to start his own fraternity (Magnum P.I.); Shawn begins to slack off on school work because he doesn't expect to get into college.
31 Oct. 1997
The Witches of Pennbrook
Jack puts girls in front of friendship when he falls for a relatively unknown girl (played by Candace Cameron Bure). Eric, on the other hand, soon discovers that the girl is a witch but Jack is in too deep to see the truth. This puts the two at odds. Meanwhile, Topanga overcomes her fear of flying when she and Corey travel to Pittsburgh.
7 Nov. 1997
No Guts, No Cory
Salem the Cat uses a time ball to transport Cory back to the 1940s. Cory is shipped off to fight in World War II and must leave Topanga behind.
14 Nov. 1997
I Love You, Donna Karan: Part 1
Shawn is forced to reconsider his own stubborn determination to keep relationships brief when he believes that he might have found a suitable match.
14 Nov. 1997
Chasing Angela: Part 2
Cory tells Shawn about the lost purse mix-up and Shawn realizes he might be in love with Angela. However, Angela might not feel the same way. Across town, Jack and Eric are nervous about hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the Matthews family in their new apartment.
28 Nov. 1997
How to Succeed in Business
Cory becomes jealous when Shawn outperforms him in a work-study job. Eric feels self-conscious when Amy enrolls in his creative writing class.
5 Dec. 1997
Last Tango in Philly
The girls want to go dancing but Shawn and Cory aren't in the mood. The ladies go out on the town with two handsome co-workers. Shawn and Cory fight their jealousies and try to figure out how to make their girlfriends happy.
19 Dec. 1997
A Very Topanga Christmas
Topanga spends her first Christmas at the Matthews home. Cory is happy at first but when traditions clash, he starts to have misgivings about their future together.

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