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5 Jan. 1996
City Slackers
Cory and Shawn sneak out to Mr. Feeny's cabin in the mountains for a weekend of unsupervised mischief. They get more than they bargained for when Mr. Feeny catches them and end up learning a few things about their old teacher.
12 Jan. 1996
The Grass Is Always Greener
Cory is getting bored in his relationship with Topanga and goes to a party at another school with Shawn. Cory is having the time of his life until he finds out the hot French girl all the guys are salivating over is actually Topanga!
19 Jan. 1996
New Friends and Old
Frankie becomes friends with Cory and Shawn in an attempt to turn over a new leaf but ends up hurt when he discovers the guys were only hanging out with him for their own benefit.
26 Jan. 1996
A Kiss Is More Than a Kiss
Cory can't seem to move on after his latest breakup with Topanga. His emotions are sent to the breaking point when he sees Topanga kissing another guy.
2 Feb. 1996
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
Shawn starts to have serious feelings for nice-girl Dana Pruitt but she has doubts that Shawn is boyfriend material.
9 Feb. 1996
Stormy Weather
Eric lands an internship at a TV station and decides to quit school to to purse his dream job of becoming a weatherman. However, as Eric spends more time at the station, he realizes the importance of a good education.
16 Feb. 1996
The Pink Flamingo Kid
Cory accidentally catches a thief on tape at Shawn's trailer park. He plans to enter the footage in a news contest but hesitates after Shawn admits the thief is one of his relatives.
23 Feb. 1996
Life Lessons
Tensions run high as exam week looms near. When Mr. Feeny refuses to alter the exam schedule, a group of thugs trash his house.
26 Apr. 1996
I Was a Teenage Spy
A freak microwave accident sends Cory back in time to 1957. As if that weren't enough, Cory ends up mistaken for a Russian spy because of the information he has about future technology.
3 May 1996
I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian
Shawn becomes frustrated over his wayward father's lack of a significant influence in his life, and Mr. Turner takes on a bigger role.
10 May 1996
The Happiest Show on Earth
While Cory and Topanga have been apart for three months, Cory has been dating as many girls as he can. When he calls one of them "Topanga" he realizes how much he really cares. However, his plans to woo Topanga are interrupted when she wins an essay contest in class which sends her to Disney World for a week. Cory, with the help of Shawn and Eric, flies to Florida in an attempt to win Topanga back.
17 May 1996
Brother Brother
After learning about all of his friends' plans for the summer, Cory becomes worried about the prospects of spending the entire break by himself.
20 Sep. 1996
You Can Go Home Again
As summer winds to a close, Cory and Eric are on the last legs of their road trip. Cory is excited to get home to see family and friends but Eric doubts that there's anything waiting for him back in Philadelphia. After prolonging the trip for as long as possible, Eric admits he isn't going back home because he couldn't get into college.
27 Sep. 1996
Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow
Topanga takes drastic measures to prove to Cory that looks aren't important. But when Topanga gets a stunning makeover, Cory starts to feel even more self-conscious.
4 Oct. 1996
I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More
Alan quits his job at the grocery store without discussing it with Amy. In retaliation, Amy promises to make a drastic decision without consulting the rest of the family either. Nervous about the turn of events, Cory has Shawn give him tips on being poor.
11 Oct. 1996
Fishing for Virna
At long last, Shawn's mother Virna has returned to town. She refuses to go home for good until Chet proves that he wants to be a real family again. Cory learns to appreciate loved ones when a beloved lunch lady unexpectedly passes away.
18 Oct. 1996
Shallow Boy
Eric starts dating a highly optimistic musician but her constant perkiness starts to annoy him. After Eric dumps her, he finds himself the topic of a scathing hit song on the radio. Meanwhile, Topanga does not like Cory's habit of being pals with kids instead of parenting them.
25 Oct. 1996
Janitor Dad
Shawn's father is the new janitor of the school.
1 Nov. 1996
Singled Out
Eric lands a spot on MTV's dating show Singled Out. Meanwhile, Cory has his tonsils taken out.
8 Nov. 1996
Dangerous Secret
Cory walks in on Shawn to find that he has a girl staying at his trailer. When Shawn needs Cory to allow Claire to stay at his house, he is forced to tell Cory that Claire's father beats her.
15 Nov. 1996
Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound Men
Cory must help Frankie with his father's wrestling match while attending Topanga's 16th Birthday Party.
22 Nov. 1996
Turkey Day
After learning about prejudice among the tribes of Africa, Cory & Shawn want to have their families celebrate Thanksgiving together.
29 Nov. 1996
An Affair to Forget
When Shawn is dumped by Jennifer, Cory begins bad mouthing her. When Jennifer finds out about what Cory has been saying, she takes Shawn back on the condition that he end his relationship with Cory.
13 Dec. 1996
Easy Street
Cory gets a job at a restaurant controlled by the Mafia; when Shawn tells him who owns the restaurant Cory quits. Shawn takes Cory's job to earn money for Christmas.

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