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Season 5

3 Oct. 1997
Eric moves back home and Cory promises to find him a place to stay. Things take a strange turn when Eric's new roommate turns out to be Shawn's half brother Jack.
10 Oct. 1997
Boy Meets Real World
Cory decides to make a documentary similar to The Real World for Mr. Feeny's film class. He starts filming Shawn, Jack, and Eric as they adjust to their new living situation. When Jack and Shawn get off on the wrong foot, Cory learns the boundaries between filmmaker and friend. Meanwhile, Morgan hires an actor to play Eric at home because she misses him.
17 Oct. 1997
It's Not You... It's Me
Shawn has a hard time with the news that Cory applied to Stanford, a school Shawn could never get into. Shawn starts to suspect he and Cory are going to grow apart and decides to end their friendship sooner rather than later.
24 Oct. 1997
Fraternity Row
Eric decides to start his own fraternity (Magnum P.I.); Shawn begins to slack off on school work because he doesn't expect to get into college.
31 Oct. 1997
The Witches of Pennbrook
Jack puts girls in front of friendship when he falls for a relatively unknown girl (played by Candace Cameron). Eric, on the other hand, soon discovers that the girl is a witch but Jack is in too deep to see the truth. This puts the two at odds. Meanwhile, Topanga overcomes her fear of flying when she and Corey travel to Pittsburgh.
7 Nov. 1997
No Guts, No Cory
Salem the Cat uses a time ball to transport Cory back to the 1940s. Cory is shipped off to fight in World War II and must leave Topanga behind.
14 Nov. 1997
I Love You, Donna Karan: Part 1
Shawn strictly follows a "two-week" dating rule. But Shawn begins to rethink his dating philosophy when the contents of a lost purse seem to fit his definition of the perfect girl. Eric desperately needs help studying for a test but Mr. Feeny wants Eric to go it alone. Eric hallucinates his own version of Mr. Feeny to help him.
14 Nov. 1997
Chasing Angela: Part 2
Cory tells Shawn about the lost purse mix-up and Shawn realizes he might be in love with Angela. However, Angela might not feel the same way. Across town, Jack and Eric are nervous about hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the Matthews family in their new apartment.
28 Nov. 1997
How to Succeed in Business
Cory becomes jealous when Shawn outperforms him in a work-study job. Eric feels self-conscious when Amy enrolls in his creative writing class.
5 Dec. 1997
Last Tango in Philly
The girls want to go dancing but Shawn and Cory aren't in the mood. The ladies go out on the town with two handsome co-workers. Shawn and Cory fight their jealousies and try to figure out how to make their girlfriends happy.
19 Dec. 1997
A Very Topanga Christmas
Topanga spends her first Christmas at the Matthews home. Cory is happy at first but when traditions clash, he starts to have misgivings about their future together.
9 Jan. 1998
Raging Cory
Alan is forced to re-evaluate himself as a father when he notices that his relationship with both his sons is lacking.
16 Jan. 1998
The Eskimo
Shawn tries to win tickets to the super bowl.
6 Feb. 1998
Heartbreak Cory
Cory's senior ski trip starts off the wrong way when he sprains his ankle getting off the bus. While his friends enjoy the rest of the trip, Cory is left in the care of Lauren, an attractive lodge employee. The two hit it off and stay up all night getting to know each other.
13 Feb. 1998
First Girlfriends' Club
On Valentine's Day, Shawn's ex-girlfriends are so certain he is going to ruin his relationship with Angela that they kidnap him in order to keep him for hurting her. Meanwhile, Cory must face the music when Topanga reads Lauren's letter.
27 Feb. 1998
Torn between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool)
Lauren travels to Philedelphia to see Cory and Topanga tells Cory to go out with her to test his feelings. Despite Shawn's warnings that it's a trap, Cory agrees to go out with Lauren. Eric proctors for citizenship class.
27 Feb. 1998
And Then There Was Shawn
The gang finds themselves locked in the school, all alone, during detention.
6 Mar. 1998
If You Can't Be with the One You Love...
In an effort to numb his heartache, Cory steals a bottle of whiskey from Alan. He offers to share the bottle with Shawn and the two drown their sorrows. Trouble arises when Shawn discovers he likes the alcohol a little too much.
20 Mar. 1998
Eric Hollywood
A Hollywood director spots Eric in a school play and asks him to be in his show. Shawn and Jack get the chickenpox and Topanga takes care of them.
3 Apr. 1998
Starry Night
When Topanga goes to an art exhibit with Angela, she meets a charming guy and threatens to break-up Cory and Topanga forever.
24 Apr. 1998
Honesty Night
Cory and Topanga are back together but decide to keep it a secret from Shawn. They pretend to still be arguing to make Shawn think he is the one who reunited them.
1 May 1998
Prom-ises, Prom-ises
It's prom night, and Cory & Topanga have to decide whether or not to take their relationship to the next level, as they are now "adults." Cory wants to go through with it, and Topanga says she will do whatever Cory thinks is right, but he reconsiders his judgment when he discovers that his mother is pregnant.
8 May 1998
Things Change
Cory Has Problems Accepting all the changes that are happening around him.
15 May 1998
The group is getting ready to graduate and Mr. Feeny assigns them one last assignment about what they are feeling the last few weeks of school before graduation.

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