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Season 3

2 Jan. 1994
We'll Always Have Paris
Lionel and Jean take the trip to Paris they've been dreaming of ever since they met 38 years ago. After taking an endless walk, they meet Anne, a young honeymooner who has had a fight with her husband, Terry, who has left her. Feeling sorry for the young couple, Jean consoles Anne and attempts to patch up her marriage. Meanwhile Lionel struggles to actually enjoy the holiday they came to Paris for.
9 Jan. 1994
Rocky's Wedding Day
Jean, Lionel, Judy, Sandy and Alistair all go to Rocky and Madge's wedding. Lionel learns to accept his crackpot father and soon-to-be stepmother and the fact that their bizarre marriage is really filled with the utmost love.
16 Jan. 1994
Living Together, But Where?
Lionel and Jean decide to move in together as soon as possible, tomorrow in fact. But what they don't know is that they are both labeling under a huge misapprehension. Lionel thinks Jean is moving into his flat while Jean thinks Lionel is moving into her house.
23 Jan. 1994
Covering Up
After their argument over who should move in with who, Jean and Lionel are 'taking a break.' Both too proud to make amends, they are thrown together when Penny and Stephen come over for a visit and Jean and Lionel must pretend that everything is fine.
30 Jan. 1994
Moving In
Now that Lionel has agreed to move in with Jean, the day has come for him to pack his bags and sell his flat. Once together however, Jean and Lionel find that living together is nothing like they imagined it would be.
6 Feb. 1994
Branching Out
Jean opens up a second Type for You branch and starts looking for a manager to run it. Assuming she will be the natural choice, Judy is disappointed, nay shocked when she finds out Jean has offered the job to Sandy. Meanwhile, Alistair confronts Jean with the idea of adapting Lionel's book into a TV mini-series.
13 Feb. 1994
The Mini-Series
Alistair comes back from Los Angeles with news that a television company wants to turn Lionel's book into a miniseries. While trying to make copies at Jean's agency Lionel accidentally shreds the miniseries summary. Despite this catastrophe, the station decides to go ahead with the idea. So Jean and Lionel return to L.A.
20 Feb. 1994
A Trip to Los Angeles
Jean and Lionel head to Los Angeles to begin discussing ideas for Lionel's mini-series. But Lionel is not prepared for what America has in store for his manuscript, and things soon take a turn for the worse.
27 Feb. 1994
Dealing with Sally
Upon returning home from the United States, Jean and Lionel are hit with jet lag while the women find it hard not to be jealous of the super efficient Sally Curtis running Type For You 2.
6 Mar. 1994
Problems, Problems
Jean hires a new secretary to replace Daisy, Lionel's super efficient, good looking temp. However the new secretary is not as efficient as Lionel would have hoped. Then, Rocky and Madge end up in hospital and things get crazier as the day goes on.

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