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Season 1

5 Sep. 1994
Air Feather Friends
The guards prove powerless against three tornadoes which mysterious sweep into Agrabah from the desert and rob the merchants. Aladdin is tempted to bet against them that his gang can follow and eliminate the thieving whirlwinds, otherwise Abu will be their to collar as slavish date picker. The find Abis Mal behind the black magic and take him on once more.
6 Sep. 1994
Bad Mood Rising
Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu and Genie head off on the Magic Carpet to open trade with Quirkistan. The gang is surprised to find Quirkistan a dreary wasteland; it turns out that the land is enchanted, and the weather and states of things are determined solely by the mood of king Mamoud, Quirkistan's bratty boy ruler. He's currently brooding over missing his birthday party, and as a result, the whole land is doomed. So, with the prospect of a rich treasure reward, the gang tries to cheer up the king. Aladdin comes close with his risky sword-juggling act, but only Jasmine's ...
7 Sep. 1994
To Cure a Thief
The clumsy thief Amin Dimoola barely escapes within an inch of decapitation from the sultan's treasury. As Abu is found holding the golden glove which triggered the trap mechanisms, Aladdin rages that's one theft too many and intends to leash his (too) handy friend, who runs away, followed by ever-greedy Iago. Abu is recruited by Amin, who brings them to the guild of thieves, where his reputation is abysmal, then they set out to steal the glove, which is a thief's ideal magical aid. Without each-other, Abu feels as miserable, guilty and lonely as Aladdin, who sets out...
8 Sep. 1994
Do the Rat Thing
While the sultan and Genie prepare a banquet for another pompous princely suitor for princess Jasmine, who won't hear of another then Aladdin anyway, she's amazed to see him save a rat from the prince's hands. When her commoner lover replies he has lots in common with a real street rat, she takes Iago along for an incognito taste of street life, soon dared to prove herself as a thief. A blind merchant enchants the mirror she stole, so it transforms them into the first thing Iago unknowingly says they could be: she a rat, he a green lizard. Surviving without starving ...
9 Sep. 1994
Never Say Nefir
Aladdin and his gang minus Jasmine fly to Waristan, the Las Vegas of the seven deserts, for a holiday; Iago can't wait to try his gambling system in a casino. To their astonishment the local sultan Pasta says it's normal to see his whole city in ruins, it's rebuild daily by Nefir and his team of magical dwarfs, because every night it's completely trampled to rubble by the smashing ballet of the giant rhinoceros Samir the Destroyer. Aladdin's remark how crazy that is gets taken as an offer to deal with Samir, but after failed attempts by Genie, Nefir offers to built a ...
12 Sep. 1994
Getting the Bugs Out
Jasmine buys a broken insect toy, which turns out a dangerous flying attack weapon when daddy the sultan repairs it; Aladdin takes credit for its elimination, actually by Genie and Carpet, and volunteers the gang to examine if there are more. When they trace it to a town where the winged bugs are called the golden plague, the scenario is repeated and Aladdin is celebrated as hero, but a survivor informs their creator, Greek genius Mechanicles, who sends a series capable of capturing Carpet and even Genie, undoing Aladdin's local hero status. The mortal gang liberates ...
13 Sep. 1994
The Vapor Chase
A smoke demon being used as fuel steals from the people of Agrabah.
14 Sep. 1994
Garden of Evil
Twenty years ago, as a youngster, the sultan picked a flower for his bride from semi-vegetable Arbutus's magical garden. Now he's haunted in nightmares by his promise to pay his release with his greatest treasure, which expires now. Aladdin and the gang guard the palace's rich treasury, to realize only when the sultan screams in his dream the real target: Jasmine. Arbutus's invincible spiked vines abduct her to his garden, to be incorporated in his designs of magically sprouted growth. By the time Aladdin's sultanic rescue party arrives, she has learned to understand ...
15 Sep. 1994
Much Abu About Something
Iago and Abu's thievish 'instincts' get them in trouble again in Agraba, but while Aladdin saves them from merchant Omar's wrath, he gets the same nightmarish vision as Abu, about voices crying for help from a citadel city on a high mountain. Carpet brings them there, Zigurock, where the shaman welcomes carpet as bringer of the prophesied savior from ancient evil which makes foraging terribly dangerous, only his giant statue fits not Aladdin but his monkey! Aladin leads his gang into the jungle, where the danger proves ancient indeed: a live dinosaur with a tail that ...
16 Sep. 1994
My Fair Aladdin
Aladdin is miserable, even feels unworthy of the royal family, after being unable to keep up with posh conversation at a court dinner, where rich merchant Daru stole the show with wit and oratory. Jago volunteers to teach him a crash-course fake culture and manners which impresses the gang, but not Jasmine, and still proves no match for slick Daru. The guards report a fire-breeding centipede-like monster is turning the desert into glass, so the gang rides and faces what turns out to be Mechanicles's latest invention. Overcoming it brings a surprise bonus.
19 Sep. 1994
Some Enchanted Genie
On his way to recover his lamp from Abis Mal, Genie encounters and falls in love with a genie of the bottle, which leads Abis Mal to attempt to possess the lamp and the bottle.
20 Sep. 1994
Web of Fear
Much of Agrabah is flooded by a huge landslide, caused by an enormous cave-in. Then appears a giant insect species which produces spider-like silk. They seem to correspond to the legendary, child-eating Unkboot. Princess Jasmine is abducted by one, so Aladdin's gang risks a rescue into the underground colony. But the princess's arrival prevents a fight and change of mood.
21 Sep. 1994
Mudder's Day
Aladdin leads another caravan trough the desert. The gang is delighted to find and frolic in an unchartered oasis. Of course it was too good to be trough: suddenly a mud creature pulls the plug and a vortex gobbles up the, unlike the sultan's guards. They fall into the underground dwelling of Mudder, an evil spirit consisting of mud, who can assume every shape. And the cannibal greats them as soup ingredients. Aladdin must outsmart him to escape and save the others.
22 Sep. 1994
Plunder the Sea
When the sultan learns a sunk ship has lost a gold cargo, a 10% salvage fee is fixed. Jasmine agreed that's a job for the famous nautical hero captain Albaross, an immensely strong but arrogant macho European. Iago wants the reward and Aladdin the honor, so he enlists as the captain's only crewman, with the animals and Genie's help. In the feared Neptune's triangle, Aladdin and Albatross find the chest and have it hoisted, but are then both captured by a giant octopus- it's actually another steam-vessels constructed by Mechanicles, who planned his fatal revenge on ...
23 Sep. 1994
Strike Up the Sand
Aladdin helps Sadira, a street thief, quick and sassy like he once was, escape Rasul's guards. She clings to her savior and turns jealously against his fiancée, princess Jasmine, a rival she couldn't dream of matching. By chance, she discovers the secret subterranean hideout of the sand-witches, who terrorized the land from Agrabah 3000 years ago. She decides to turn their power on the princess, but soon looses control of the invulnerable sand-monster she conjured.
26 Sep. 1994
I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like
Agraba and first its confines are terrorized by metal bugs. Aladdin takes too much credit for chasing them without properly acknowledging Genie did most of the work. The gang works out the creator is Mechanikles, a Greek genius mechanical inventor. After a booby bug endangers the sultan, they set out to tackle the problem at the root. Mechanicles proves resourceful enough to handle anything, except dirty chaos.
27 Sep. 1994
Fowl Weather
When Agraba has been without rain for so long that the last fig trees are dying, Iago and Genie realize the solution can be found is the parrot's native rain forest, where legend has it all rain clouds come from. There Aladdin and his gang follow a rainbow and find at the end that its abundant clouds are magically controlled by the jungle queen, rain bird Thundra. She is instantly smitten with uninterested Iago, who is nevertheless -against Jasmine's leap- tricked into asking her for rain, and after she refuses keeps her busy while Genie steals a cloud. Thundra soon ...
28 Sep. 1994
Forget Me Lots
Abis Mal steals the blue rose from the mystical monks' temple, which makes people who smell it oblivious. It is taken over by Aladdin, but Abis Mal and Haroud get it back, so they can enter the sultan's palace, attempting a coup. Princess Jasmine forgets she loves Aladdin, who is therefore thrown back into the gutter by a grinning Rasul, and even who she is, so Jasmine can be made to believe she is Abis Mal's daughter, an evil desert bandit, and help him seize her real father's throne, but Aladdin isn't the only one who surprises the would-be tyrant unpleasantly...
29 Sep. 1994
Scare Necessities
Amin Dimoola gets caught again, trying to steal in the crime guild club 'dagger and skull'. After too many clues to miss, Aladdin takes his gang shopping for a locket as Jasmine's birthday present. The nasty, rude vendor takes his gold instead for a stinking teddy-bear, but Iago who hopes the princess's favor is the key to plenty of palace pleasures steals as his present a magic box. When he opens it, an enchanted cuddly creature jumps out, which pleases her with cuteness and Iago as he realizes it grants wishes each time it gets scared, so he substitutes it at night,...
30 Sep. 1994
Sand witch Sadira has put a spell on Agrabah so all people and even Genie believe she is the princess and Jasmine a street criminal. When Rajah attacks her, she realizes it doesn't work on animals; she fails to cage the tiger, Iago and Abu, then sends Rasul's guards to bring them in, which only succeeds after they found Jasmine, and Iago has a single success: seeing Aladdin and Sadira riding to the sultan's palace for their official engagement, her heart catches flame for her true love again. They are all thrown in the dungeons on Sadira's orders, but escape before ...
3 Oct. 1994
Lost and Founded
Iago hoped for a commercial bonanza on Agrabah's Founder's Day, but during the sultan's celebration speech in memory of his Bedouin ancestor Hamed, the city's founder, a witch uses a magical hourglass to open a time portal, trough which Abis Mal jumps without his faithful Haroud to change the city's history, putting his bloodline on the throne. So Aladdin and his gang jump after him, hoping to cross the 'Abysmal' plan then as they always manage here and now. Jasmine motivates her ancestor Hamed, still a mere caravan merchant, but Abis his, camel-driver Abnor. Abis Mal...
4 Oct. 1994
Moonlight Madness
Aladdin feels guilty he never manages to give Jasmne the romantic evening she craves, and angry at Abu, Iago and Genie, who all too often mess it up for the lovers, everywhere. Still, when a bones-reader predicts Aladdin can find a treasure at full moon on an island, just the evening he promised to take Jasmine 'just us two', he's happy to take Iago's excuse: an island is a romantic retreat. Genie and carpet secretly tag along, searching while he keeps Jasmine -not quite- amused, but soon she notices and allows the gang to continue treasure-hunting. Only when the ...
5 Oct. 1994
The Flawed Couple
Abis Mal wants to eliminate Aladdin's gang by using contagious mood stones, Mechanicles by another series of mechanical insects, rivaling each-other the 'privilege', but after robber leader Akbar knocks some sense in them they join forces and set a trap in a cave to imprison Aladdin's party, then release tiny flying bugs to infect each of them -turning Jago into a womanizer, Jasmine envious, Abu into a ridiculer, Aladin fearful, Genie stuck-up- and a giant mechanical preying mantis to devour them all...
6 Oct. 1994
Rain of Terror
Iago seduces the magical rain-bird Thundra, pretending he's the sultan's indispensable minister but made time for her. After her claim she can't be missed at all, he first questions how hard her job is, then insists to stand in so she can have a holiday. Het gets the book and amulet, which are meanly tested on Genie and Abu. It soon gets out of control, so Malcho, the evil jungle dragon, from whom Thundra once took them, can steal them back. the whole gang is mobilized while Thundra returns in panic.
7 Oct. 1994
Dune Quixote
In another absurd attempt to seduce Aladdin, Sadira has enchanted him to forget about Jasmine and concentrate solely on fighting monsters. The princess finds out and gets Genie to use counter-magic. The result for Aladdin is utterly confused, hence most unsafe on such missions as dragon-slaying, but he may not find out what embarrassment he has been put trough.
10 Oct. 1994
The Day the Bird Stood Still
Iago shamelessly bathed in the sultans balms, but thus inadvertently fell into a trap Abis Mal and Haroun set to blackmail his majesty: it will petrify him by evening unless he exchanges the antidote for all Aghraba. No last luxury can console Iago, even Aladdin's promise to save him. Genie suggested that it must have been the effect of a stone ivrite (winged monster)'s poison, but isn't believed. Iago resolves to do a deal with the crook, but at the last minute can't go trough with it. Meanwhile Aladdin and Genie have learned from the hag who sold the monster that ...
11 Oct. 1994
Of Ice and Men
While in the Frozen North everyone is having fun in the snow when Iago sees the palace of the Ice Efreet and pleads with the others to explore and look for treasure. He is certain the palace is abandoned but that is not the case and they wake up the the Efreet named Frajhid. he is an ice wizard who is not quite as intimidating as he first appears to be. He journeys with Aladdin back to Agrabah and impresses everyone with his ice tricks. But before long he is turning Agrabah into a frozen ice city.
12 Oct. 1994
Opposites Detract
While the gang acts as tiny caravan to the Far East, Aladdin helps Chinaman Zhin Lao, who is attacked in the mountains by a pack of wolves, then takes him with them as he's unconscious with sunstroke. When Zhin wakes up in the city Pelin they thought he headed for too, he panics: it's the city of evil, in the form of a Chinese dragon. In fact Zhin himself is the one who gets magically transformed into one. Aladdin is rewarded for capturing the monster with a load of silk, but it escapes. Zhin reappears, as well as his evil-maker, who to the Arabs looks identical and ...
13 Oct. 1994
Caught by the Tale
When Genie finds two street urchins playing magical lamp, he can't resist telling them about the real thing and his share in Aladdin's adventures, soon rivaled by versions from Iago and, once both are gone, the villain in their versions, Abis Mal, who anonymously presents himself as the greater hero, and lures the kids into helping him to get the golden helmet of Scorpo the Indomitable, from a subterranean hiding place where the children are left behind with scorpions. Iago ad Abu attempt a rescue on their own, but as Iago breaks his wing can only stand by till ...
14 Oct. 1994
Elemental My Dear Jasmine
The gang laughs when Princess Jasmine is swept over by a wave, but the next one drags her into a vortex, down to a magically sealed sea section, the domain of mermaid-witch Saleen. It takes a while until even Genie works out she's using magic against them, desiring Aladdin for herself. Then the gang must save Jasmine.
17 Oct. 1994
Smolder and Wiser
Abis Mal threatens Agrabah with a fire elemental who causes destruction. The elemental, Magma, is a relentless beast who has no limits. Even if Genie and Aladdin can manage a way to defeat him, they'll still have to beat Abis Mal to save Agrabah.
18 Oct. 1994
The Game
Genie presents anachronistic games such as croquet and baseball but keeps loosing from carpet. Dwarf sorcerer Demir takes to Genie's unsuspecting word he'll give anything to win: he and his jealous female partner take the whole gang to their Arctic home as living toys for endless games like bobsled and mountain-climbing, till they die, with added dangers like a polar bear and lava, no helping allowed...
19 Oct. 1994
Snowman Is an Island
On the way back from Stenchenia, Genie's 'semi-phenomenal sense of orientation' gets Aladdin, Iago and Abu utterly lost in snowy mountains, where they enter the castle of the snowman Yeti, who refuses them passage until Genie starts entertaining him magically. Iago convinces Aladdin to sneak trough to the greens side, happy with some peace and quiet till Genie catches up, but the Yeti captures him in a bottle, desperately performing for his life till Aladdin gets worried enough to turn back, climb into the castle and free Genie, but Yeti chases them outside, with a ...
20 Oct. 1994
The Animal Kingdom
Carpet flies the gang to a magical kingdom, with a dammed stream filled by precious stones. Aladdin breaks an arm jumping after a koala who tried to climb out, the talking animals debate whether to reward him or eliminate him as a danger to the valley's secret, compromising to incarcerate the hero. When Iago and Abu gather gems as 'pension fund' their breaking causes the dam to start leaking. When Genie is caught too, Carpet makes the animals part with their loot -Iago reluctantly- while freeing the others, but the water breaks trough...
21 Oct. 1994
Power to the Parrot
When a giant desert worm attacks Agrabh, attracted by the stench of cheese, Iago's bright idea to dispose of the lure works after Genie executes it. While Aladdin enjoys a holiday on carpet with the princess, the saviors dispute each-other the merit. To settle that, Genie accepts to transfer his semi-cosmic powers to the parrot for a day. Iago seems to make such clever use of them that genie fears he'll have to transfer them for good. But too much wealth and rain also proves dangerous for a desert city.
24 Oct. 1994
The Sands of Fate
Aladdin enjoyed a quiet spot in the desert, the others called it tame. Then suddenly they see the Riders of Ramont, brave but arrogant mounted knights escorting a treasure, attacked by masked, also mounted robbers. Aladdin tries to help, but by the time Carpet brings him near them, both groups suddenly disappear. At a campfire, the blind seer Fasir explains it's a great mystery how they were all doomed by the Riders' magical crystal, which is the treasure, to repeat the episode over and over again. Aladdin insists to try to help them, but is ignored then at the next ...
25 Oct. 1994
The Citadel
Agraba is plagued by a flying dragon and a serpent named Xerxes, but those are only meant as a test, which indicates Aladdin as the hero required for the purpose of their master, the sinister sorcerer Mozenrath, who forces him to come to his magical kingdom in the black sands, where he has overpowered the previous king, whom even mighty Jafar feared, and reduced him to one of his mamluks (undead skeleton slave-soldiers). Aladdin must help Mozenrath by putting a magical collar on the neck of a tirbac, a magical monster which swallows all magical beings, and therefore ...
26 Oct. 1994
Poor Iago
Iago's greed gets him to make Genie pierce a palace ceiling so gold dust pours down from the sultan's treasury. Once covered in gold, he runs off, openly posing as greed incarnated, but is too heavy to fly and everybody wants to pluck his golden feathers. When Abis Mal and Haroud see Iago, they think it's the legendary bird whose trail leads to a treasure. When found and washed by the gang, Iago agrees greed makes unhappy, vows poverty and gives all their precious souvenirs away, preaching everyone must do the same and salesman Akbar becomes his disciple, yet even ...
27 Oct. 1994
The Secret of Dagger Rock
On excursion at Dagger Rock, Aladdin is trapped into a black kind of quicksand which swallows him into the power of Mozenrath, who orders the princess to bring him Genie as ransom, behind the sultan's back. First they take the place of two of Rasul's soldiers, who suddenly must fight an army of undead mamluks, no match for Genie and carpet as Xerxes reports, even Mozenrath's giant fists of rock fail to crush them literally. While untying Aladdin, Genie entangles himself in the black stuff, gets out, but then Mozenrath uses a magic-trapping crystal, Aladdin tries to ...
28 Oct. 1994
In the Heat of the Fright
While mapping a river area on a float for the sultan, Aladdin and the gang come across a peasant village put in flames by magical fireballs, brought from her flying Egyptian temple by the 'fire cats' of the sorceress Mirage which nobody knew. Next morning they find they are back where they started, after an unnoticed nightly intervention from Mirage, who appears as Jasmine, and then shows them they're actually in Morphia, her magical make believe-realm. Her target is Genie, whose powers she can steal while he's afraid...
31 Oct. 1994
The Seven Faces of Genie
Genie is proud as a peacock when he and Aladdin are appointed Agrabah's honorary diplomats accompanying the Sultan on a state visit to fellow Sultan Pasta Al-Dente of Getzistan, but can't remember the diplomatic rules of conduct. Abis Mal and Haroud secretly followed to kidnap the sultan and seize power in Agrabah, armed with a bomb which shatters genies. However throwing it at Genie doesn't make him disappear, he is just split up in seven Genies embodying aspects of his boisterous personality. When everybody finds out what has happened, Genies are enlisted either pro...
1 Nov. 1994
The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath
Aladdin, Abu and Jasmine are on a secret mission to Mozenrath's cursed city, as the sultan's spies heard he's preparing a weapon to devastate Agraba. They deceive the mameluks and even Xerxes, drive the shipment back out of the citadel, but Iago is curious why Genie, Carpet and he were left alone, overhears the sultan where and concludes they must be after a treasure, Genie they probably need help- as Mozenrath has installed a magic-alert, their very arrival enables the sorcerer to capture everyone and go blackmail the sultan who command the 'army' of four guardsmen, ...
2 Nov. 1994
A Clockwork Hero
A street urchin is crazy enough to walk into the criminals club 'Dagger and Skull' and 'arrest' all the thieving or murderous members, barely rescued in time by his idolized 'role model' from the same gutter, Aladdin. Still determined to become a hero himself, the boy sneaks into Mechanikles' workshop, hiding inside the head of the latest addition to his mechanical army, not a bug but 'Junior', a giant metal copy of his master and thus finds himself in the right place to steer it by treading. Junior is meant and ordered to destroy Aladdin, but his new 'brain' rather ...
3 Nov. 1994
Mission: Imp Possible
Nefir finds his engineering dwarfs team unable to infiltrate the manifold magically protected tree-tower where they captivated the panacea-caterpillar whose golden silk cures everything, so he plans to get Aladin's Genie to do the job by poisoning Aladin. Indeed Genie must now beg Nefir, the only one who knows the site, for 'help' and brave with him and Iago the daunting dangers, some of which no mortal would survive. Once Genie has the silk ball un-twined to cut some off as medicine, Nefir tricks him into a bottle, but soon must release him begging for help, ...
4 Nov. 1994
Aladdin and the gang visit Odiferous, where stench is highly prized. Prince Uncouthma, once Aladdin's rival for princess Jasmin's, now invites them to his wedding with local yak-herd Brawnhilda. But the bride considers 'weak puppy' Aladdin so much more desirable that she leaves the prince at the altar. His foreign grand vizier pushes for a duel, hoping to switch the weapons for lethal ones so he can usurp the smelly throne.
7 Nov. 1994
Shadow of a Doubt
Even Aladdin thought the sultan's visitor, a sultana showing interest in his toy collection, might be a suitable match, but she turns out to be nobody else then evil sorceress Mirage. Worse, she brought Agrabah a black magical 'gift': a giant black obelisk, the shadow of which makes everything it touches disappear, and nothing Genie tries can break or move it. Then Mirage tells Aladdin the only remedy is the mirror which reflects the truth behind the appearance, to be found on the roof of the world. The gang minus Genie fly till they find the ice cage full of mirrors,...
8 Nov. 1994
Smells Like Trouble
Aladdin and the gang (without Jasmine) are not exactly pleased to learn the surprise they were asked to hurry to Stenchenia for is an annual festival devoted to the horribly reeking cheese. It's actually even worse, for a peddler brought along an egg from a lizard species which has a breath that chemically combines with the cheese stench to a dragon breath-mixture that flattens even the Stenchenians, so the giant men go down all green all over the place...
9 Nov. 1994
The Way We War
Agrabah and a neighboring city go to war, only to be edged on by a two-timing assistant who claims to be supporting Agrabah, but is also supporting the invaders, providing each of the warring sides with better weapons when he gets the other to pay up, for a pretty penny.
10 Nov. 1994
Night of the Living Mud
After removing a bunch of Al-muddi monsters from a desert area, seemingly monsters 'as usual', Aladdin is convinced he earned a romantic luxury night alone in the palace with Jasmine. Genie refuses to bother him, even after Iago discovers some mud caught in his plumage actually reassembles as a voracious, quick-growing Al-muddi again. All their efforts do deal with it without the hero ultimately result in multiplication out of control.
11 Nov. 1994
Egg-stra Protection
Abis Mal intends to seize the throne by making a magic potion to give him immense strength, but it requires the claw of a griffin. He and Haroud haven stolen a griffin egg, but Aladdin's gang manages to get it from them, even if it costs Aladdin some broken ribs, causing Jasmine and -worse- Genie to be determined to nurse and protect the bruised, indignant hero on the journey to return it to its mother in Getistan. There the word casino suffices to make Iago stick to the local ruler, sultan Pasta Al-Dente, and mother griffin is dangerously impatient, while the fiends ...
14 Nov. 1994
Heads, You Lose
Agrabah is thrilled and chilled by a first-ever visit from the caliph Kapoc, a reputed magician. Actually it's only his magically severed head, which whines his body is meanwhile terrorizing his people. Aladdin and the gang travel there to reunite them. Only while succeeding, they learn the head is the evil part, which scorns emotions and instantly turns on them. Aladdin's own head is also severed, with a similar effect.
15 Nov. 1994
The Love Bug
Iago is sure it must be Thundra the rain-controlling jungle princess longing for him when a tiny cloud enters Aladdin's house. Alas she was sending a distress signal ahead: her rain forest is disappearing, she can't stop it and risks running out of water. The gang finds even magically replanting doesn't help because the problem are termites, but not real ones: an army of mechanical bugs constructed by Mechanikles, so the gang tries to take him on and is instantly caught, but they came prepared too...
16 Nov. 1994
When Chaos Comes Calling
Morgana is initially startled but delighted when her feared visitor, Lord Chaos, an evil Cheshire cat who meddles with everything 'boringly' predictable, promises to help her to bring Agrabah to ruin. Chaos does a great job terrifying the palace inhabitants and their royal guests with his weird transformations, then takes a special interest in Genie ('a blue one, how interesting!'), who realizes to be hopelessly outclassed magically. Aladdin thinks he can disinterest Chaos by boasting how varied and unpredictable his many adventures are, but Genie blurts out 'except ...
17 Nov. 1994
Armored and Dangerous
When the apparently unstoppable Minotaur Dominus Tusk devastates Agrabah, the sultan himself uses the secret weapon which his father warned him only to risk as a last resort: armor which renders the wearer invulnerable and immensely strong. The sultan defeats the monster singlehandedly, but is also turned into an inflammable tyrant and warmonger, who not only plans to conquer the seven deserts and later the world but condemns Jasmine to death for resisting him. Aladdin and Jasmine discover the armor was cursed by Kilim, but getting the sultan out of it proves ...
18 Nov. 1994
Shark Treatment
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