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Season 1

28 Nov. 1993
The King of the Road
The Wrigley's annual trip to the Hoover Dam turns into a competition with another family. Don, who wants to keep his title as "King Of The Road", tries to beat them there. But frequent bathroom breaks and lack of family spirit threatens to tear it apart.
5 Dec. 1993
Day of the Dot
When their school marching band is invited to the Regional Championship Ellen is picked to be the dot in the "i" of "Squid." Big Pete takes it upon himself to free the band and Ellen from Mr. Markle's "full frontal mind meld." Meanwhile, Little Pete is stuck on an endless tour of Bus Driver Stu's shattered romance with Sally Knorp.
12 Dec. 1993
The Nightcrawlers
Believing that his early bedtime has resulted in countless hours of lost fun, Little Pete defies the International Adult Conspiracy by attempting to stay up 11 days in a row.
19 Dec. 1993
Big Pete has to work at his father's golf course for a summer job and also has to be the mascot the day of a golf tournament.
26 Dec. 1993
Tool and Die
Big Pete signs up for shop class thinking it to be a usual class. However, Mr. Slurm, the shop teacher, has it in for him and chooses Big Pete to build a "special project". Elsewhere, Little Pete sells insurance cards to other students.
2 Jan. 1994
Don't Tread on Pete
While Little Pete butts heads with an arrogant dodgeball coach, Big Pete finds he has eighteen minutes to cram for a history test.
9 Jan. 1994
When Petes Collide
Grandfather Wrigley pays a visit and along with him is his most prized possession, Don's lucky bowling ball. The two of them plan to pass it down to either the two Petes. From then on, the brothers and their relationship spirals out of control.
16 Jan. 1994
Hard Day's Pete
Little Pete controls underground radio station WART along with Artie. Little Pete then decides to start his own band. However, the neighbors aren't too tickled about the racket every day and night as they rehearse.
9 Feb. 1991
Valentine's Day Massacre
Big Pete accidentally kills the school mascot, the Squid, and only the Pete's and Ellen know of the secret. But when a hooligan named, Open Face, wants some dirt on Big Pete, he decides to get cozy with Ellen for some vital information.
8 Sep. 1991
What We Did on Our Summer Vacation
As summer comes to an end, Pete, Pete and Ellen try to become friend with the ice cream man named Mr. Tastee. But they soon learn that being an ice cream man is suppose to be a lonely job.
Apocalypse Pete
Little Pete and his dad never understood each other until they both joined forces to annihilate a neighborhood nemesis, Phil Hickle, after 16 years of feuding. Little Pete and Don become best friends through revenge. Forced to choose sides Big Pete has to avoid his all-time best friend Ellen Hickle. This along with the hardships of war combine to break down each family.
17 May 2005
New Year's Pete
On New Year's Eve night Little Pete looks back on his failed attempt at a resolution to change the world. As he sees it the only thing he needed was the Riley Retro-Fire Jetpack to fix countless problems worldwide. With the failures of seasons past he becomes more and more desperate for the $456.98 needed to buy the jet-pack. In this episode Little Pete enlists the help of Big Pete, Artie, and even Frank the crossing guard.

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