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Woman writer deals with a screenplay and romantic conflicts
jkd601929 March 2001
I first saw this movie late one Sunday night when I was in college. I was looking for something to watch and thought it was the standard Cinemax Late Night fare, but it surprised me. It had a decent plot and character development. There is a well-done love triangle between the female writer--Jennifer Ruben, her producer friend--Lance Edwards, and her ex-husband and new boyfriend. The dialogue is above average and it doesn't rely on gratuitous sex scenes as crutch. There are a couple of sex scenes, but they fit the story. It is mostly about tension and attraction. If your looking for an above average movie, rent this one.
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Understated, complex film-making, February 21, 2000
Heather Lund2 October 2005
Reviewer: Heather Lund (U.S.A.) - See all my reviews

"A WOMAN, HER MEN, AND HER FUTON" is one of the most accomplished films one can find about sexual politics. Although it suffers occasionally from actress Jennifer Rubin's comatose performance, the film honestly and intelligently depicts characters we know. Its style and content are reminiscent of the French film maker Eric Rohmer's, with the same kind of deceptive simplicity and a similar emphasis on the ambiguity of psycho-sexual interaction. Director Sibay is highly skilled when it comes to actors and as a writer his dialogue is often compelling. If the subject matter is your cup of tea I highly recommend it.
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elegant, no-frills simplicity
cineaste200520 October 2006
The title of this film caught my attention one night when I was browsing Netflix. I thought it was a provocative enough title to add to my queue, expecting a cheap exploitative sex movie. Boy, was I surprised! It turned out to be quite a serious film, where the sex is never exploitative but an organic part of the story. The whole narrative is about sexual manipulation and anyone who has ever been in a heterosexual relationship would relate to the characters. And it's all done with elegance and simplicity that is almost European. And most charming of all, there's a story within a story, so while the two main characters who are screenwriters talk about the story they are writing, what they are really talking about is their own relationship. My only comment is that Jennifer Rubin's performance was uneven. At times she played the character like a teenager and it was hard to believe that she was a writer, and at other times she played it like an adult who was experienced enough to be a writer. But that's minor when I think of the overall impact the movie left on me. I guess it affected me because I once knew a girl like that...
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very boring
pcullen0209017 May 2001
I thought this movie had an interesting title, but that was about it. I found it excruciatingly boring and incredibly pretentious. This movie reflects, I think, Hollywood's disdain for the average moviegoer and shows just how out of touch Hollywood's writers and directors are. I lived in LA for many years, and I can truthfully say that I never met characters like those displayed in this movie.

On the positive side, I thought Jennifer Rubin was beautiful, although she played a total jerk and that Grant Show was good.
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