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In the film Woody Harrelson's character makes a reference to suspected John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. In real life Harrelson's own father had also been targeted as a possible accomplice in the killing.
When Woody Harrelson was making this movie, the producers hired Bob Lanier, the retired Detroit Pistons' center, as a basketball coach. Harrelson, who had played some basketball in college, was bragging to Lanier about what a great player he was. Lanier invited Harrelson to play a little one-on-one. Harrelson later described it as "the most embarrassing 15 minutes of my life".
When Woody Harrelson dunked, it was not on a 10 foot hoop, but actually a nine and a half foot hoop. He couldn't quite dunk on a 10 foot hoop.
According to their basketball instructors, Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson reached the skill level to be able to start for an NCAA Division III team.
Woody Harrelson was significantly better at basketball than Wesley Snipes, however, in the movie they are depicted as equals, though Harrelson's character famously cannot dunk.
Charlie Sheen was the first choice for the role of Billy Hoyle.
Ron Shelton successfully sued 20th Century Fox for $10 million in profits. He has never worked for the film studio again.
When Gloria and Billy are about to leave to see Sidney about the money he swindled from them, Gloria goes to the closet to put on a jacket. In the closet on the top shelf is the board game for Jeopardy, based on the same game show that Gloria is continuously attempting to get on to.
Phil Morris auditioned for the role of Sidney.
David Duchovny was considered for the role of Billy Hoyle.
In the movie, Billy drives a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible.

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