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Absurd but fun

Author: Watuma from Toronto, Canada
22 May 2002

From the team that brought us the outrageous prison drama STORY OF RICKY comes an equally bizarre science-fiction movie. It isn't ashamed to "borrow" ideas from sources as diverse as CALTIKI, THE TERMINATOR, THE BLOB and THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT. The result is certainly lively and - if you're in the right frame of mind - quite entertaining.

The story concerns three visitors from another solar system whose mission on earth is to destroy "the star-killer", an amorphous Lovecraftian creature that absorbs and can re-animate its human victims. The trio is seeking two relics displayed in terrestrial museums. When joined together, the relics create an amplification device for a ray beamed from their home planet. Bathed in the amplified ray, one of the visitors - a black cat called The General - will be powerful enough to vanquish the monster.

The film's main attractions are its comely female cast members and some over-the-top action sequences. These include a junk yard battle between The General and a huge black mastiff that must be seen to be believed. There are also some quite graphic horror scenes, but the poor quality of the make-up effects mutes their impact.

Although it never attains the quality of the films it emulates, THE CAT is sufficiently fast-paced to hold our attention even while we laugh at its absurdities.

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That's one tough pussy.

Author: ElijahCSkuggs from Happy Land, who lives in a Gumdrop House on Lolly Pop Lane
17 January 2009

I've had The Cat on my to-see list for some time now, and I finally sat my fat ass down to watch it. Story revolves around the spacemen (dude, chick and a cat) who left their planet because of, I think they said, "Evil Influence". Well, they're now here on Earth and that evil has followed them. And it's their goal to destroy this evil or what they call it, "The Enemy". Do the spacemen stop the Enemy? Does the Cat save the day? Or does it run out of lives? Find out in The Cat.

When the picture has anything related to the enemy going on or if the Cat is on screen the movie does well for itself. Because you know some crazy creature effects and gore will happen, some funny cat antics or just some cute, snuggly and cozy shots of our beloved feline are on the screen. But with a pretty lackluster side-story involving a writer and his girlfriend trying to solve the mystery of The Cat, the movie drags. So with a mix of the two the movie is kind of a mixed bag. But with such crazy scenes involving the Cat and the enemy, the movie makes you forget about any other lulls.

I've got to mention that the special effects which are very Asian in a 80's slimy, neon glow type way, are awesome. They're just simply very fun. And with the Enemy being just a weird take on The Blob, it's just a total joy to watch whenever it's on screen. And if there are any regular character or standins in the same scene you know some nice deaths are gonna happen.

And lastly I do have to mention that the Dog vs. Cat fight scene is probably the best in all of cinematic history. Ever see a cat set up a dog so it runs into an electrified shed? Oh? In a cartoon? Eh, well it's just as awesome in this movie. Maybe even more awesome.

So, if you're like me and enjoy whacko-Asian-weirdo-beardo type movies you should definitely enjoy at least enough of this movie to make it seem my review is worth something. Phew! Like magic cats? Like evil villains? Enjoy the cheese? Then the Cat's for you.

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Insane and amazing

Author: polysicsarebest from IN
23 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From the creator of gorefest classic "Riki-Oh", comes the completely insane and ridiculous "The Cat". This actually might be more insane and better than "Riki-Oh" is, though, if you can believe that: Cats and dogs having epic battles (one of the best and most absurd things I've ever seen in a film, honestly), people exploding, electrified yogurt monsters, whole schools filled with blobs, monsters exploding into glitter, and some cop who becomes the Terminator halfway through the movie for no apparent reason.

Just completely entertaining and rewatchable in every way. Obviously not something to be taken seriously at all, but a total classic in every regard.

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Wisely is back!

Author: Laserdome-AMH
12 October 2003

Writer and adventurer Wisely gets involved when a cat from outer space wreaks havoc. But the cat and it's human friends, a young girl and an old man, are really on earth to chase a killer from space! This "star killer" possesses people and finally turns itself into a giant slimy monster. Now it's up to Wisely and the strange cat to save earth from mortal danger...

Hong Kong's popular character Wisely returns for another movie adventure. He was played by such popular actors as Yun-Fat Chow in "The Seventh Curse" or Samuel Hui Koon-Kit in "The Legend of the Golden Pearl", however this time it's the turn of Waisee Lee Chi-Hung. It's weirdness everywhere with slimy and gory special effects and a bloody fight between the cat and a dog! One of only very few attempts by the film industry of Hong Kong at science-fiction, this is a must-have for fans of strange movies.

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A stupendous smörgåsbord of crappy gore!

Author: Scott_from_Modesto ( from Bear, Delaware
20 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lai Choi Nam (The Seventh Curse, The Story of Ricky, Her Vengeance, Erotic Ghost Story) is a real money director if you like your cheesy horror and action flicks full of Hong Kong outrageousness. This crazy smattering of space creature lunacy, cheapo gross-out gore, wicked bad guns, and a hero straight out of That Darn Cat! is one of the director's most entertaining low-budget affairs that has come to my attention thus far.

Paranormal adventurer Wisely (a popular character for Hong Kong flicks) makes an appearance in the offbeat sci-fi/horror/action B-pic The Cat. Wisely is drawn into an intriguing web of strangeosity that involves two space people and their powerful and brave fighter cat, General (no, I'm not consing this movie with Cat's Eye). The space folks are searching out two artifacts, "octagons" if you will, which when combined create a weapon that they can use to destroy their enemy--a shapeshifting creature that takes visual and conceptual inspiration from both The Thing and The Blob. The alien creature first takes over the body of Philip Kwok (Hard Boiled), who proceeds to do a lot of damage and even makes a scared guy p iss his pants. Wisely tries to track down the mysterious space people and General as they are responsible for the theft of one of the "octagons" from a museum. And to this end we get to see a fantastically retarded and wonderfully exciting fight between the cat and a dog that's uglier than chopped ass. Rover ultimately gets hospitalized but General is in good enough shape to take down the baddie once and for all.

The effects in The Cat are about as technically inept but lovable as you could imagine if you've already seen The Story of Ricky--nothing less than a cheddary treat in that respect. And there is no shortage of implausible action sequences either; the final scene alone is chock full of heady explosions as large caliber armaments are fired off randomly and to thrilling effect. Insert Chinese fire drill joke here.

If your favorite flicks are usually of the ultra-low-budget "so bad it's good" variety, you could do a lot worse than this tasty morsel. If you enjoy either Bad Taste, Lady Terminator, or The Deadly Spawn, you will probably dig this one as it goes for the same demographic. Highly recommended.

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VERY Strange Hong Kong Weirdness...

Author: EVOL666 from St. John's Abortion Clinic
30 December 2005

THE CAT is a nearly indescribable exploration in to ultra-weird HK cinema. Made by the people who did THE STORY OF RICKY, THE CAT is a film that pretty much defies categorization - but I'll try to give the basic idea:

We start off with a writer who begins to tell the story of a friend's weird encounters with some neighbors. Turns out the neighbors are space-people who along with their trusty cat/leader, General, are on a mission to destroy some guy who's pretty much like a funny HK caricature of the Terminator. Throw in some convoluted mess about some "octagons" that are both weapons and the space-peoples transportation device, and some weird, poorly crafted monster effects somewhat reminiscent to THE BLOB or perhaps THE THING, and there ya have it...

This one was utterly ridiculous. I hope to God that THE CAT was meant to be a comedy or I really missed the point on this one. There are some truly great (if you consider completely asinine and pretty much retarded, "great"...)scenes, including a junkyard Kung-Fu battle between General (the cat) and a big dog. This scene alone is worth at least trying to find a copy of this film to borrow from somebody. The end "climax" sequence atop a rooftop is so strange and goes from mildly weird to just all-out bizarre, that I had convinced myself that I had somehow unknowingly ingested about 14 hits of primo window-pane. Not really my cup of tea as far as Asian film goes - but worth a look if you're into Sci-Fi/Kung-Fu/Horror/Comedy/Action-hybrids. And let's face it - who's not into that...well...honestly...I guess I'm not so much...A pretty generous 5/10 for Kung-Fu cat fights and tripped out weirdness.

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Author: movieman_kev from United States
8 October 2003

From the team who made "Ricky-O" comes...well i don't know what this is, to tell you the truth. The closest thing i can relate this film to is "the Hidden"... for cats!! If that sounds bizarre, that's because it IS. In the right frame of mind (ie. drunk), it's not half bad. The problem is, with the caliber of acting & special effects, it's not half good either.

My grade: C-

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