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The scene where Wayne's ex-girlfriend Stacy (Lara Flynn Boyle) tries to patch up their relationship by buying him a gun rack, is based on some truth. Mike Myers once dated a girl who apparently broke up with him due to his preoccupation with his comedy. A week later, after some thought, she tried to reconcile by buying Mike a gun-rack. To her, this was an absurd joke that she had hoped Mike would appreciate. He didn't, and the two remained apart. When the movie was released, and Mike's ex viewed the movie with her new steady boyfriend, she was mortified not only to learn that the gun-rack anecdote had been written into the film, but also she was shocked to see that the main characters referred to the Stacy character as a 'psycho hose-beast'. Some time later, Myers telephoned his former girl, attempting to apologize for including a very detracting version of her in the movie.
Dana Carvey did his own drum-playing for the music shop scene.
In the early '70s, some British music shops banned or fined patrons for playing "Stairway to Heaven" because it was played so often. Hence the sign: "No 'Stairway to Heaven'" when Wayne plays the guitar in the store.
The episode of The Twilight Zone that Garth describes to the audience doesn't exist.
When Wayne and Garth are on the hood of the car watching airplanes fly over, Garth asks Wayne if he ever thought Bugs Bunny was attractive in women's clothing. Mike Myers' laugh after that comment was genuine, but he was laughing at something completely different Dana Carvey said off camera.
Is the only Saturday Night Live (1975) spin-off movie to date (including The Blues Brothers (1980)) that has grossed over $100 million.
Alice Cooper came to the set under the impression that he would be performing musically for the film, with one line. Upon arrival, he was surprised to be handed an entire monologue to memorize and shoot with a small amount of time to do so.
The movie was shot in 34 days.
The "Stairway to Heaven" guitar riff was changed for the international, cable, and videotape releases to a generic riff because of disputes in obtaining rights to the first five notes of the song, which appear only in the US theatrical release.
Dana Carvey did not learn the lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody" prior to filming the scene where everyone is singing along to it, and was reportedly displeased with the take of that scene used in the film because he was obviously not singing, just moving his mouth in vague relation to the lyrics.
Mike Myers's feature film debut.
Mike Myers originally didn't want to share the limelight with Dana Carvey. Myers had originally developed the Wayne character as a solo character while performing with Second City. The character of Garth was added for Saturday Night Live (1975). At the time, Carvey was arguably the bigger star.
While filming the Bohemian Rhapsody sequence, both Mike Myers and Dana Carvey developed severe pain in their necks from all the head banging. There are scenes later in the movie where it becomes apparent they are trying to move their necks as little as possible.
Wayne Campbell lives with his parents. However, throughout the film's 95 minute running time, his parents are never seen.
According to Dana Carvey the robot that Garth is working on is being built to kill Benjamin (Rob Lowe). This is why the arm reaches for him when the two men discuss changes to the show.
Dana Carvey modeled Garth after his brother Brad.
Pictures of Wayne and Garth in Garth's bedroom are from earlier "Saturday Night Live" sketches.
During the "Terminator 2" parody scene that has Robert Patrick reprising his role as the evil T-1000 Terminator, the song "Time Machine" can be heard in the background. This song comes from the 1992 Black Sabbath album called "Dehumanizer" which featured a painted image of a Terminator Endoskeleton disguised in a grim reaper costume.
According to Penelope Spheeris, Mike Myers was difficult to work with. He reportedly once stormed off set when there wasn't any margarine for his bagel. She assigned her daughter to be his assistant. She told Entertainment Weekly: "He (Myers) was emotionally needy and got more difficult as the shoot went along. 'You should have heard him bitching when I was trying to do that 'Bohemian Rhapsody' scene: 'I can't move my neck like that! Why do we have to do this so many times? No one is going to laugh at that!' To this day, I have this image of my daughter sitting on this little cooler, looking at me, like, 'Mom, I f-ing hate you,"
Originally set in Ontario, Canada.
When the plane flies over Wayne and Garth, the plane is seen from underneath is actually a 4-foot-long model.
Although Wayne and Garth live in Aurora, IL, a western suburb approximately 35 miles west of Chicago, not a single frame of the movie was shot there.
Dana Carvey stated in interviews to promote this film during its theatrical run, that he developed severe pain in his jaw due to Garth's overbite, and that he spent his nights after filming had wrapped for the day with bags of ice held to the sides of his face.
A teaser trailer for the film was released in November '91 preceding The Addams Family (1991), where Wayne and Garth sing the Addams Family theme song in the grave-yard set of that movie.
Wayne tells Cassandra that Crucial Taunt are "Double Live Gonzo!, Intensities in Ten Cities, Live at Budokan". The first two are Ted Nugent live albums and the third is a Cheap Trick live album.
When Wayne is interviewing the sponsor, played by Brian Doyle-Murray, he writes on the back of his index card, "This man has no penis". This may be an in-joke alluding to Ghostbusters (1984), when Bill Murray (brother of Brian Doyle-Murray) says "This man has no dick".
A special trailer was made, which was only shown in front of The Addams Family (1991).
"Stan Makita's Donuts", a fictional doughnut shop, is named after the famous Chicago Blackhawks hockey player. The scene's at Stan Makita's were shot at a Tim Horton's, which is in fact a real doughnut shop chain. Horton himself was a famous Canadian Hockey Player. The police officer in the shop is Officer Koharski. This could be a reference to the National Hockey League referee Don Koharski who was told by New Jersey Devils coach Jim Schoenfeld to "have another doughnut, you fat pig" after a playoff game.
Wayne Campbell's uniquely American slang proved a challenge for translators into foreign languages (Wayne's line "And monkeys might fly out of my butt!" was translated into Spanish for Latin American audiences as "When Judgment Day comes" [Cuándo llegue el día del juicio.])
Following the Alice Cooper scene, when Wayne and Garth are on the Wayne's World set, a Ouija board can be seen in the background on the set in one frame. Cooper was once rumored to have gotten his stage name from a Ouija board.
When Wayne and Garth are backstage with Alice Cooper, Garth is still wearing the electric belt used in a prior scene when he zaps a guy at a concert.
Two "No Stairway to Heaven" signs were made for the film. The one used in the movie spells out the whole phrase, while a second one, not used in the film, simply read "Stairway to Heaven" and had a "no cross" through it (similar to "no parking" signs). The one not used in the movie was featured on Pawn Stars, being sold by someone who had worked in the guitar shop used in the movie, along with some other Wayne's World memorabilia.
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There are subtitles when Wayne speaks Cantonese. However, at one point he stops talking, and the subtitles keep coming (This is a play on foreign films where long streams of speech are accompanied by ridiculously minute, concise subtitles.)
Alan and Neil both appear in plenty of scenes during the course of the movie, but never actually have their names spoken or referred to at any point within the film.
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Chris Farley's big screen debut. Farley has a cameo as the security guard at the Alice Cooper concert. Farley would also appear in Wayne's World 2 (1993), playing a different character.
The building used for Cassandra's loft is directly across the street from the building used as the exterior of Gasworks.
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The scene where Wayne asks a random passenger of a Rolls-Royce for Grey Poupon, is based off of an actual Grey Poupon commercial from the 1980's.
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The 1st ending in the film, which Wayne's house is set on fire and Wayne carries Garth in his arms is called "The Apocalyptic Ending".
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Dana Strum from the hair metal group Slaughter is often falsely credited as the guitar store clerk in the "No Stairway" scene.
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When Wayne is laying in bed with Cassandra, he asks her if she'll still love him during his "Hanging with Ravi Shankar" phase. And his "Bloated, purple, dead on a toilet" phase. The "Ravi Shankar" phase refers to Beatles member George Harrison, who met the famed Indian sitar player in the mid-1960's and became good friends with the artist, eventually bringing an Indian influence into the Beatles albums "Rubber Soul", "Revolver", and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". The "dead on a toilet phase" refers to Elvis Presley, who died of a heart attack from too many pills while sitting on the toilet.
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When Rob Lowe is pitching the arcade sponsorship to Wayne and Garth in the restaurant, he says "literally" very drawn out, which is foreshadowing his catchphrase "LIT-tralee" on the TV show "Parks and Recreation" (2010-14).
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Phil, Davy, Dreamwoman, Stacey and Officer Koharski did not return for "Wayne's World 2".
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Director Cameo 

Penelope Spheeris:  In the booth for the shooting of the first episode.
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