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Boston Globe
German director Roland Emmerich's action sequences are terrific and funny. [10 July 1992, p.37]
It may be standard-issue stuff, but it looks great and it almost makes you nostalgic for the days when stuntmen reigned supreme and mayhem and computers never knew how much they had in common.
USA Today
At least Van Damme parodies himself just enough to avoid an all-out battle of the blands . At least director Roland Emmerich slyly allows supermarket Muzak to play during Lundgren's one big emoting scene. [10 July 1992, p.5D]
The film is actually fairly well made, with a brisk tempo pace, a professional look and enough competently staged action.
San Francisco Chronicle
It's the kind of movie that crumbles into trash -- non-recyclable -- if you spend more than 10 minutes thinking about it. It's designed for dumb fun, and delivers some. [10 July 1992, p.D3]
I suppose there is a market for this sort of thing among bubblebrained adolescents of all ages, but it takes a good chase scene indeed to rouse me from the lethargy induced by dozens and dozens of essentially similar sequences.
Viewers primed for a postapocalyptic blowout will be disappointed to learn that Universal Soldier is set in the boring old present day, and that until the climactic clash the film is slow-moving and short on firepower.
As the robotic duo, Lundgren and Van Damme have found roles tailored to their acting abilities.
Miami Herald
Universal Soldier, for all its sound and fury, isn't much fun. [15 July 1992, p.E5]
The Hollywood Reporter
It's a bad memory trip through the wasteland of movies past, swamped with bonehead dialogue, stock parts, cookie-cutter romance and gunked to the gills with generic techno-drool. [8 July 1992]

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