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Tim Burton was offered to direct this film, but turned it down to go make Batman Returns (1992).
At one point while switching channels inside the Hell TV world, the main character (played by John Ritter) ends up in set for Three's Company (1977).
When sending away for something from ACME as a cartoon mouse, the envelope Roy is mailing has a stamp featuring a likeness of cartoon legend Chuck Jones, who supervised the animation sequence in the film.
Based on a story that aired on Unsolved Mysteries (1987).
All the shows shown on HVTV the Knables either watched or were in:
  • Three Men and Rosemary's Baby

  • Sadistic Hidden Videos

  • You Can't Win

  • Underworld Wrestling League

  • Autopsies of the Rich and Famous

  • Max Hell (commercial)

  • Northern Overexposure

  • Thirty Something To Life

  • The Silencer of the Lambs (commercial. Silence of the Pets sold separately)

  • Meet The Mansons

  • Unnamed cartoon

  • Different Strokes

  • My Three Sons of Bitches

  • Saturday Nite Dead - Duane's World sketch

  • Roy Knable: Private Dick

  • The Exorcisist

  • Yogi Beer (commercial)

  • Home Shoplifting Channel

  • Off With His Head

  • Unnamed western themed show (both 3:10 to Yuma and Clint Eastwood's The Man With No Name are referenced)

  • HV ONE News

  • Star Trek - The Next Generation spoof

  • Unnamed car commercial featuring Roy as a crash test dummy

  • Hockey Game: Angels vs. Devils

  • Driving Over Miss Daisy

  • Three's Company spoof

  • Unnamed medieval period show

  • H:TV Start Me Up (Salt N Pepa music video)

  • Fall TV Lineup (shown during ending credits)

  • Beverly Hills 90666

  • I Love Lucifer

  • The Golden Ghouls

  • Murder She Likes

  • Facts of Life Support

  • Fresh Prince of Darkness

  • Unmarried With Children

  • David Dukes of Hazard

On the "nameboard" in the control room in Hell, there is an office message saying to remember that Tuesday is Saddam Hussein appreciation day.
Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were offered cameos as Duane and Garf on "Duane's Underworld". They passed because they were busy with production on Wayne's World (1992) at the time. In Wayne's World 2 Bobby calls Wayne Dwayne (Duane).
Eugene Levy had previously starred on a TV series called Stay Tuned (1976).

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