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Not bad, but feels like a TV movie

Author: Neil Welch from United Kingdom
11 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hunk Charles (Brian (Charmed) Krause), and his Mum Mary, (Alice (Borg Queen) Krige), move to a small town and Charles falls for local cutie Tanya. Unfortunately, Charles and Mary aren't so much people as cat-vampire thingies with appetites which don't go down too well with the locals. Mayhem ensues.

This was the first Stephen King property written exclusively for the screen, I think, and it is not without merit. The story is a bit formulaic, but our monstery protagonists are moderately off the beaten track. There are multiple guest cameos to spot, some decent action, early (and effective) use of CGI morphing, and Alice Krige is as compelling as usual.

Less pleasingly, Mick Garris' direction is as pedestrian as usual, and the whole thing has a TV movie feel to it which, what with it being a theatrical presentation, isn't really what one wants to see.

It's not a bad King movie, but it certainly isn't one of the good ones.

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The Best Thing I Liked About this movie were the cats

Author: david-sarkies from Australia
5 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a pretty cool movie about a pair of monsters known as sleepwalkers, who move to a town in Idaho so as to hunt for prey so that they might survive. The prey that is necessary for them to survive are virgin women, which in my opinion is quite a cliché from ancient times. Still, Sleepwakers is a good movie and explores the idea of living on the fringes of society, never being able to mix with real people.

The sleepwalkers are not really portrayed as being evil, rather just intelligent predators that need to survive. Unfortunately, this does not come out as much as the sleepwalkers roam around killing everybody they come across. Some of the one liners are reasonable: "Cop Kebab," while others are downright corny "If you don't eat your vegetables you don't get any desert," right after the mother sticks a corn cob into a cops back.

What gives this movie flair is its use of cats. The thing about sleepwalkers is that cats hate them and they hate cats. The reason is that cats can see through their disguises and their claws can injure them. What I found really beautiful was how the cat Clovis climbed up onto the body of a dead cop and cried.

This movie could have been much better if the nature of the creatures had been explored more. It is about survival, not sadistic murder, and that is what comes out with the sleepwalkers' one liners. A creature that must do this to survive would be much less comical and jovial, and in some ways suffer much more pain, especially how every time he makes an acquaintance with a young woman, he knows that he must kill her or he will die himself.

Still, I like this movie and will watch it again, namely for the nature of the creatures and its reasonable story line.

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Not near as bad as it could be

Author: minamurray from Finland
23 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Monstrous mother-son-duo (Alice Krige and Brian Krause) sucks life-force of virgins, and their newest target is pretty but lonely Tanya (Madchen Amick). However, these monsters are allergic to cat's scratches... I have never been fan of sleazy, overrated bestsellerists like King, Koontz or Barker, but this B-movie, written by Mr Dung himself, is actually not near as bad than it could be. Yes, it is sometimes jaw-droppingly atrocious, but there is actually some surprisingly impressive touches: good old-fashioned graveyard, eerie soundtrack and candlelit-Gothic-house-scene, mirror showing the monstrous form of the villains, etc. Of course, the film is polluted by Mr Dung's potty-mouthed dialogue and all-tactics-of-toilet-seat obsession to vilify fat people, leading to totally pointless subplot of rapist teacher, but there is roses among manure.

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Author: donaldricco from United States
18 May 2017

If you like cats, you may like this movie. If you like movies, you'll hate it.

It seems impossible to me that Stephen King wrote this. It seems even more impossible that someone filmed it. This disc should be shred, the pieces burned, the ashes buried at sea, and the sea set on fire.

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I can't believe king wrote the script

Author: anthony_mifsud-939-682778 from United States
26 April 2011

I'm a big fan of Stephen King but when it comes to Sleepwalkers, it's a little too awkward and feels like a movie made for SyFY. The premise is a little too strange to accept. It deals with a mother and son who are sleepwalkers, weird cat people who feed off of a virgin female. So the son moves to another city and starts going to school acting like he's a normal kid named Charles Brady from Ohio. So then he decides that he's going to get a girl named Tanya Roberson and ask her out then when it was time he was going to feed her to his staving mother. The acting is pretty good but the dialog can't make up for any great acting.The dialog feels too awkward and just doesn't make up for some of the good acting. The Sleepwalkers also have some powers like turning invisible or showing there cat form. They also have a weakness cats. Wait why cats isn't that what they are. Why would Mr.King choose cats if that's pretty much what they are.There is a funny scene where a cop's cat attacks Charles Brady. And the thing that I can't get over is the scene where the son and mother make love.All I could say after this is I can't believe king wrote the script.The reason I gave this a 5 is because it's so entertaining and fun. It's one of those movies that's actually pretty hard to hate because it's so much fun. I probably would have given this a 3 or even a 2 , if it wasn't so entertaining . So that's the good of sleepwalkers. Overall If you happen to find this film , it's worth checking out. But don't expect to much or you won't be in luck.


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Not as bad a critics say!

Author: LavigneLove from United Kingdom
7 July 2005

This film has its fun moments. It IS silly, but if you take the whole thing as a bit of fun then it will give you some enjoyment. It is probably best watched when drunk with some friends. Madchen Amick is the best thing in it, being adorable and so good to look at (just her face alone) that you may feel the need to cry yourself to sleep at the mere thought of her. Stephen King said that he had a blast writing the script for this, but it is obvious that he didn't spend much time on it. The music in this film is pretty good (it was originally by Enya, but has since been sampled on a couple of popular records by bands such as the Fugees). Just watch it for Madchen's wonderful face if nothing else.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:


Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
4 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's a legion of Mick Garris haters out there who feel he couldn't direct a horror film of quality if he had to. And, SLEEPWALKERS(..screenplay written by Stephen King)is often used as an example of this. I like SLEEPWALKERS, though I fully am aware that Garris just says F#ck it and lets all hell break loose about fifteen or so minutes into the movie. Forget character or plot development, who needs them anyway. It's about violent mayhem and bloody carnage as a mother and son pair of "sleepwalkers"(..feline-human shapeshifting creatures who suck the lifeforce from virginal female innocents, moving from town to town, living a nomadic existence, truly powerful)set their sights on a teenager who doesn't surrender without a fight. Before all is said and done, many will be slaughtered as a mother shan't tolerate the possible death of her beloved son.

Garris wastes little time setting up those to be executed, as a teacher(Glenn Shadix), suspecting handsome, All American charmer Charles Brady(Brian Krause)to be someone entirely different from who he claims, gets his hand ripped off and his neck torn into. Charles lures pretty virgins into his arms, drawing their energy, in turn "feeding" his hungry mama, Mary(Alice Krige). The fresh new target is Tanya Robertson(Mädchen Amick), and she seems to be easy pickens, but this will not be the case and when Charles is seriously injured in a struggle(..thanks to a deputy's cat, Clovis), Mary's vengeance will be reaped on all those who get her way. Mary, come hell or high water, will retrieve Tanya in the goal of "refreshing" her dying son.

Like many teenagers, I had a crush on certain actresses I watched in movies. Such as Amy Dolenz, I was smitten with Mädchen Amick. She's simply adorable in this movie and I love how she bites her lower lip displaying an obvious attraction towards Charles, unaware of his ulterior motives. I just knew that Mädchen Amick would be destined to be a scream queen, but this would never be the case. Too bad because I would've welcomed her in the genre with open arms.

Krige is yummy as the menacing, damn sexy, but vicious and mean bitch who wipes out an entire police force and poor Tanya's parents in one fail swoop, in less than ten or so minutes. She stabs one in the back with a corn cob! She bites the fingers off of poor Ron Perlman, before cracking his arm(..a bone protruding), knocking him unconscious with his own elbow! She tosses Tanya's mom through a window after breaking a rose vase over her father's face! A deputy is stabbed in his ear by Charles(Cop-kebab!), falling on the pencil for extra impact. Poor Tanya is dragged by her hair from her home by Mary, driven to the Brady home, and forced into an impromptu dance with the crippled monster! The sheriff is hurled onto a picket fence and we see how cats combat the sleepwalkers unlike humans. We see Mary and Charles' abilities to "dim" themselves and his car using a power of invisibility. Writer Stephen King even finds time to include himself and horror director buddies of his in a crime scene sequence with Clive Barker and Tobe Hooper as forensics officers, Joe Dante and John Landis as photograph experts.

The film is shot in a tongue-in-cheek, let-it-all-hang-out manner with music appropriately hammering this technique home. It's about the ultra-violence, simple as that, with some deranged behavior and jet black humor complimenting Garris' direction and King's screenplay. The incestuous angle of the sleepwalkers is a bit jarring and in-your-face. Without a lick of complexity, this is closer in vein to King's own demented MAXIMIMUM OVERDRIVE than his more serious works.

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I can buy into the craziest of ideas except one...

Author: John Williamson (pixelman-1) from United States
19 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is absolutely impossible for me to believe that a girl who looks like Madchen Amick could be a virgin! Sorry, can't do it.

The rest of the film however is decent enough I suppose, very inconsistent at times, but decent. I would have liked to find out more about the origin of the sleepwalker species though.

I'm a sucker for Madchen Amick, her impossibly gorgeous face just wins me over every time and i'll see anything with her in it. 'Charmed' star Brian Krause does a good job, although his shift from nice guy to evil jerk in the 'Homeland' scene is a bit jarring, very jarring actually. I guess in the end I was applying my own set of can someone/something be so mean to someone so sweet and innocent. Madchen's performance here is world's away from her role in 'Dream Lover' that's for damn sure.

The kills were inventive, i'll say that much, I don't think i've ever seen a guy get stabbed in the back with a corn-on-the-Cobb before and I don't expect I will again. The one character that I wish had lived was the cop, the owner of the cat 'Clovis', it sucked when he bought it.

Overall, if the video store has nothing A-list left and your stuck with what to rent, this one will do just fine.

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entertaining as hell

Author: callanvass
23 December 2003

i just watched this today it is very corny but entertaining as hell with some actually very good acting and some very bloody deaths by corn?????????? the humor worked very well in this and there are lots of genre cameos which was kinda cool the ending is a bit silly but at least it is fun silly see it and your in for one hell of a fun time ***1/2 out of 5

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

sucked, sucked, and sucked. Did I mention sucked?

Author: JamesMetal1 from North Hills, California
6 October 2002

Ok, I first saw this movie like at 9:00 on Cinemax a few weeks ago and thought it would be award winning, boy was I 180d on that. This movie bit the big one. I mean, the mother of the monsters shows her true form only at the end of the movie. I'm going " That's it? Why doesn't she show it briefly a little bit more earlier in the movie." The plot being the mother and son feast on the blood of young women. Wouldn't it be better if they just went on, you know, a killing spree killing like a couple of young women each, then having the sheriff or a cop find out about and get into the old find a way to kill the monsters,save the young woman/women, and have 1 or 2 more people killed in the process? I think it would be a hell of a lot better that way. It also sucks because the son is the main character and he gets killed first. Why not get rid of the mother first? Plus, how does she have that strength at the end of the movie when she starts killing people? She said it herself she was too weak. What the heck was wrong with Stephen this time? I can never, ever dis the acting on any movie by any actor, after all, they try their best. If it weren't for good acting, I'd have given this movie a 1/10. 3/10.

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