Sister Act (1992) Poster


Plot Keywords

choir singer
convent nun
murder police
mother superior church
lounge singer singing
police protection witness
chase bar
conversation through a mirror two word title
picture on time magazine magazine cover
character appears on magazine cover standing ovation
character says thank you shot in the arm
saved at the last second roulette
punched in the crotch tied to a chair
helicopter pilot jumping out of a moving car
gun held to one's back eating ice cream
eating ice cream from the container offering to resign
irish accent a show of hands
piano reference to las vegas nevada
reference to mary magdalene character appears on tv
news report eavesdropping
eavesdropping at a door applause
choir rehearsal choir practice
sunday mass jukebox
montage with pop song reference to the pope
female singer bad singing
spitting out food reference to quasimodo
posing as nun disguised as a nun
disguise nun's habit
police lieutenant reverend mother
monsignor murder witness
mink coat girl group
blackboard scene before opening credits
year 1968 reference to george harrison
reference to ringo starr reference to john lennon
reference to paul mccartney reference to the beatles
reno nevada female protagonist
first part reference to diana ross
singing nun priest
dancing nun catholic priest
catholic mass catholic church
bishop altar boy
on the run fish out of water
detective assumed identity
witness protection casino
blockbuster hit in the crotch
organized crime religion
gangster san francisco california

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