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Invasion of the Seed Spawners

Author: (Vomitron_G) from the Doomed Megalopolis of Blasphemous Technoids
3 August 2011

Full Moon's "Seedpeople" (1992) dates back to the time producer Charles Band still had comfortable little budgets to play with. The largely derivative story takes place in the small town of Comet Valley, where the citizens are being taken over by the seeds of an alien plant-like lifeform. Special effects designer John Carl Buechler and his team amp up the material with enjoyable creature designs and director Peter Manoogian maintains a decent pace to the events. Young Canadian actress Andrea Roth ("The Club", 1994) manages to stand out between the cast. Needles to say things get more than a little silly, but at least this is a Full Moon quickie that remains a fun watch for not too demanding sci-fi/horror lovers.

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seed people........

Author: sketchy ( from pembroke, massachusetts.
11 March 2003

This is a hokey monster movie that is so laughable, you got to love it. It provides perfect entertainment, despite obvious low-grade production values. The story has been used to death and the acting is bad. But, hey, I love bad movies, so why not watch it for a few laughs?

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The Root Of All Silliness

Author: Cardcaptor_Jim from Ohio, United States
9 December 2009

A geologist returns to his home town of Comet Valley to search for a meteorite that landed several years ago. He stays at a bed and breakfast run by his former girlfriend (who looks ten years younger than he does). It turns out that giant alien seeds have landed and transformed the locals into emotionless, mind reading zombies. Our hero teams up with the local scientist / drunk to stop these "Seedpeople" from taking over.

If the plot sounds familiar, you may have seen one of several versions INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. The plot is hardly original, the acting is very poor (everyone has a moment where they shame their acting coaches) and the special effects are not so special. Yet, I love this movie! Why? Because Hollywood horror movies these days are all filled with CGI, obnoxious characters, loud music and explosions in place of an actual story. Hollywood is obsessed with remaking classic movies that insult the intelligence of fans of the original films or making endless amounts of torture porn sequels instead of coming up with an original idea. SEEDPEOPLE has very little in the way of digital effects, choosing to use physical effects instead, doesn't try to hide its low budget and offers likable characters and low key music. Yeah, it's an unofficial remake, but it doesn't insult me like current remakes.

I'm not sure why no composer is listed in the opening credits, but can someone explain why Holly Fields is said to be 21-years-old in the "Videozone" (making of) segment, when her birthday is listed as 1976? That would make her 16 in 1992. Also, the narrator of "Videozone" says Peter Manoogian directed DANGEROUS TOYS (actually DEMONIC TOYS). This didn't take away from my enjoyment of "Videozone". But why isn't there a trailer on the region free DVD?

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Seedpeople is cool

Author: coolwes2120 from United States
27 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seedpeople is singlehandedly the greatest piece of cinema in the known world. Without Seedpeople my life would be a sad and dull place. YAY SEEDPEOPLE! The best quote from the movie is "What in the ding-dong-heck-a-ma doodle-hell is going on here?" Wow seedpeople is really cool, so cool that i can totally write ten lines about it. Seedpeople is so cool that Bubba watches it every day, with Amy. Seedpeople is their movie and they watch it every time they want to. Seedpeople is so great that i suggest everyone run out write now and buy it. Even if you hate the plot, you'll love the awesome special effects and the comedy that ensues when Bubba becomes a seedpeople

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At least the cover was cool, right?

Author: willywants
17 October 2004

The sleepy little town of Comet Valley has been invaded by plants from outer space. Intent on taking over the Earth, the space plants have found a way to pollinate humans, thus turning them into walking seed carriers. Can the resourceful residents fight off the alien invaders, or is the planet doomed to become an alien garden? pretty lame sci-fi film. This was around the time that full moon films started to get cheap and it shows. The story is weak. The acting is passable at best. The production values are as mundane as the screenplay is. The creatures look goofy. "Seed people" is destined to collect dust on the shelves of bargain basement video stores. Unless, of course, people who drool over direct-to-video fodder, such as myself, prowl such places, once in a while finding a real hidden gem among other direct-to-video cheeseballs. "Seed people" is, unfortunately, just that: A direct-to-video cheeseball. Not a terrible one, just an average one. watchable at least. But not really recommended. 3.5/10.

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Harmless time killer.

Author: Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) from Canada
3 March 2017

For a little movie that shamelessly imitates "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", the Full Moon production "Seedpeople" manages to entertain to a mild degree. It stars Sam Hennings ("Pawn Shop Chronicles", 'Memphis Beat') as Tom Baines, a geologist who returns to his rural home town of Comet Valley. He's there for work purposes, to check out local meteorite activity and give a lecture. He finds that these so-called "meteorites" are actually alien seeds. And these seeds have already begun to take over the area residents. Tom has to team up with local eccentric Doc Roller (Bernard Kates) to save the day.

Although it's not a particularly good movie, "Seedpeople" is a passable bit of schlock. It gets by due to some amusingly goofy looking monsters, a fair amount of gore and slime, and pretty tacky effects work. The location is fairly picturesque, and there's some decent atmosphere to go with it. One of the best touches is that there's only one way in and out of this town, over a bridge that's shut down for repairs during Toms' stay. The cast includes people like lovely lady Andrea Roth ("War", "The Collector", 'Rescue Me'), Dane Witherspoon ('Santa Barbara'), and Sonny Carl Davis ("The Whole Shootin' Match", "Last Night at the Alamo"), and many of them are sincere if also rather nondescript. If "Seedpeople" has an MVP, it would have to be the effectively nutty Kates, who does bring the exposition to life.

It's hard to completely resist the cheesy charms of something like this, if you're like this viewer and have a soft spot in your heart for such genre fare.

Some folks are sure to dig the ending.

Six out of 10.

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This movie is kind of the pits...

Author: Aaron1375 from Alabama
11 November 2014

This horror film was not entirely bad. As with most horror films crafted by Full Moon Studios back in the day, good or bad, it was very short. Meaning, that even if the experience is completely horrid, you at least have not invested a lot of time into watching it. Many of their films run under an hour and a half, many under an hour and twenty minutes. So, while you may be watching something that is not very good, chances are with Full Moon, you will not be watching it for very long. Another thing you get from time to time with Full Moon Studios is what is essentially a retelling of a better known story. With the film, Meridian, you basically had a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. With this film you get almost a remake of, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Not a particularly good remake of it either, but not completely horrible either. Just another in a long run of horror films, that have some good ideas, but a lack of execution prevents it from being really good, or in the case of this film good at all. This one is a bit boring and if you have seen a good deal of horror films you know exactly where it is going and how it is going to end. Though how the film played out made one think that there is no way that the film reached this outcome unless a lot of people dropped the ball in glorious fashion!

The story has a man in a hospital room rambling about something that needed to be checked on in his hometown. An FBI agent comes in and wants the man to recount his tale, so he does. We then flashback to when he first arrived at his hometown of Comet Valley. He wants to find pieces of a meteorite that is depicted in a drawing in a cave; however, something is not quite right in town. At the local bed and breakfast which is run by his ex, her niece seems to think the housekeeper is some sort of monster. Her father goes out to his farm and finds a strange growing pod like thing and is promptly covered in ooze that turns him into some strange creature. Soon, more and more people seem to be coming under something's control. An old man everyone refers to as Doc, but is thought of as the town crazy seems to know what is going on, but as the man who has come back to town and Doc try to stop the strange phenomenon it may already be too late.

The movie has some interesting qualities, but as I have said, you know where it is going. Every time they come back to the guy recounting his story to the FBI agent the agent always is like, "That is interesting, what about Doc…" Granted, when one sees how the guy came to the hospital and what led to him getting a concussion, one has to wonder how the heck did things come to that point. Also, one also has to wonder how he knew what had come of Doc. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers thing is very apparent throughout as you have your emotionless people, pods and a scene at the end where a truck has the pods and the guy runs after the truck. There are monsters in this one, but as much as I prefer monsters that are created rather than the computer generated ones of today, these look a bit goofy and at times roll around like the creatures in the Critter movies. Not a whole lot of bloodshed in this one and no nudity, which is not rare for a Full Moon film. Usually, they go all out or they hold it back to the point of being a bit dull which is the case in this one. Still, there are worse ways and worse films to spend your time on and at least you don't really spend much time on this one.

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Full Moon plants its seeds in the body snatchers formula.

Author: lost-in-limbo from the Mad Hatter's tea party.
22 August 2009

Full Moon's 'Seedpeople' is a little composed late-night b-grade feature in the blatant frame of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers', which does a lukewarm job with its by-the-numbers matter. It's beyond silly nonsense, but it has a likable charm and some spirit to it. Its starts off with a well-worn narrative of a survivor, geologist Tom Bains retelling the circumstances that led him to where he is now. In a small town known as Comet Valley, Bains comes in to investigate a possible meteorite from the past which had landed somewhere in the area. As soon as he gets there, people begin to act strangely and the town is soon under threat from outer space plants that arrived in the form of seeds. Their plans to pollinate humans can only be stopped by Bains and the town's crazy doc resident.

Harmless entertainment that doesn't waste much time, despite some stop and go passages involving minor side-dramas and stupid actions. Simple staples make their way into this slight premise (penned by Charles Band and Jackson Barr), as it's going for the light-weight paranoid creature features that filled the 1950s'. Sure the paranoia, suspense and attempts in cementing a gloomy air kind of falls flat with one of those endings, but it milks out a zippy attitude (due to Peter Manoogian's loose direction) and in the scheme of things uses the rural locations rather well. The goofy rubber special effects are a fair achievement, which are thrown around without a care to the world and the performances are nothing more than decent with the likes of Sam Hennnings, Bernard Kates, Andrea Roth and Dane Witherspoon. And hey there's no denying it contains some very convincing seed people acting… gee were they acting?

If you have an interest in Full Moon go ahead and if not, it won't make any difference. Acceptable low-scale fun by Full Moon.

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A guilty pleasure from my childhood

Author: Rodd_Munchright from United States
19 May 2013

You ever have that one horror movie when you were a kid that you thought was the scariest thing ever even when everyone thought it was dumb, and it probably wasn't until your teens that you realized why it was dumb? Well for me Seedpeople is that movie.

The movie itself despite claiming to be "based on an original idea" seems to copy from pretty much every evil plant from space movie from the 50's and 60's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Day of The Triffids, and It Counqured The World, as well as every "guy goes back to his old home town finds out ancient evil alien force landed there, and he has to stop it from taking over world" story, and just a dash of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Long story short a state geologist named Tom Baines goes to his old home town of Comet Valley so named because legend has it a comet landed there to do a study on how he believes the comet was actually a meteor, and it's still there with many of townsfolk believing they found pieces of the meteor.

Tom also stays at his ex girlfriend Heidi's bed and breakfast where he has to deal with her new boyfriend who's also the town sheriff, as well as Heidi's niece who's paranoid about the housekeeper, and later her father not being who or what they appear to be, and a crazy scientist named Doc Roller who's paranoid about everyone in town.

Little does Tom or anyone else know that the meteorites aren't meteorites but seeds to an evil alien plant that grows into these weird dandelion/tree hybrids that spray people with pollen causing them to come out as the film's titular multi eyed fanged plant creatures.

Not only that but humans who have been turned into alien plant creatures are digging up the rest of the alien seeds so that the alien plants can grow all over the world.

The thing about Seedpeople is that it has some interesting ideas, and the monsters themselves look pretty creepy, and it tries to take it's story seriously but at the same time the story moves at the pace of it's monsters which is slow, most of it's scariest moments happen early in the movie not to mention a gazillion plot holes.

For instance it's explained that the monster's weakness is UV radiation yet they move around in daytime even in monster form just fine, and it seems kind of strange for plant creatures to be hurt by sunlight since most plants need it to survive.

Also what happens to the extra mass of the people when they become Seedpeople since some are relatively thin people, and relatively fat as plant monsters but one of them is pretty fat as a human, and quite small as a plant monster.

Not to mention one of them has the ability to give people wet willies, and make them work for the aliens but it never explains if it turns them into plant monsters as well, and we just don't see their plant monster forms or if it just controls them.

It also get's to the point where the movie resorts to giving us these facts about plants to explain why evil plants from space would be scary.

I suspect that a lot of the film's problems stem (pardon the pun) from it's idea was bigger than it's budget, and that a similar movie or even a straight sequel or remake with a bigger budget might do better.

All in all if you'll pardon the pun there's the seed of good idea here but it never grows beyond other cheesy late 80's early 90's DTV horror movies.

Til then don't poke any strange plants you see.

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Invasion of the body snatchers rip-off

Author: trashgang from Midian
26 March 2013

Have seen the trailer for this low budget horror I thought that it could deliver some goodies but sadly it doesn't. If you want to watch this boring flick just watch the trailer and you will have seen the best.

The people from Comet Valley, what's in a name, are under attack of some seeds growing in the forest. The first attack of the eggs looked promising, it was slimy and looked good. the second attack was also rather good with things flying out of the eggs and were sticking on faces. But from there the story becomes rather cheesy and annoying. There's not that much going on from then except some creatures being shown. They didn't look that good and were a bit laughable when rolling around in the forest but after 50 minutes into Seedpeople there was a bell ringing. This is a pure rip-off of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956).

If you are into science-fictions from the fifties, sixties then this is your thing but people by know knew that that particular era is for me a not done. There's almost no blood to spot, and just have a look at a close-up of some teeth, pure rubber.

And for the geeks John Carl Buechler famous for his special effects did the second unit but under the name Doris Carloff and was also responsible for the creatures.

The further it goes the more it looks like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. And yes, it got an open ending...

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

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