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Epitomizes the Genre
seltzer21 July 2000
This movie is proof that they must have had such a backlog of bad eighties teen sex comedies that they were still making them in the early nineties. If you are an afficionado of bad movies that show up on late night cable, then perhaps this movie is for you. Corey Feldman and Zach Galligan 'borrow' a Rolls Royce from the garage Corey works at when he is not performing as Boingo the Clown. They get mixed up with a suitcase of counterfeit drug money, an incompetent gangster played by Ray Sharkey, and a beauty pageant of models at a beachside resort. For a trashy, talentless movie, this is gold. Look for former Playboy model Julie McCullough as the girl next door with a heart of gold who wants to be a model. She is, of course, unnoticed by the guys early in the film because she wears, gasp, glasses! A true classic of cinema dreck.
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I really liked it
Keish-221 July 2000
I watched this movie on Comedy Central a few nights ago, and I really thought it was pretty good. I mean I'm a big fan of Corey Feldman, and I saw that a movie with him was coming on, so I decided to watch it, and it was a good choice. It's definitely funny, and if you like cute guys,you'll enjoy watching Corey and Zach Galligan portray funny guys.
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Seth Nelson10 June 2006
You know, as the tag line suggested about this fun flick, "Heaven really is that Hot," huh? And that is what makes this movie so terrific!!!!!

I mean, this movie is a great stroke of genius! Why on earth would anyone hate on a film like "Round Trip To Heaven"? I mean, once you put the tape of this movie in, you are heaven-bound and when the movie is over and you take the tape out, well, your "Round Trip To Heaven" has come to a complete stop!

What I like the most about "Round Trip To Heaven" is that this movie contains countless minutes of heaven: love and all! How on earth, or in this case, heaven, could no one stand this stuff? "Round Trip to Heaven" is a fantastic film that will endure the test of time! A ten star movie, and "two thumbs up," quoting Ebert and Roeper.
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Just plain bad
Zoooma5 March 2014
Bad. It's a gratuitous T&A fest 80's style carried over to the early 90's. Corey Feldman actually made two or three worthwhile movies in the 80's but his career went nowhere after that. This is not a round trip to heaven but nearly the opposite. Zach Galligan (Gremlins) is also in this and I'm wondering if he knew how to act. He was terrible. Just a stupid movie. I don't know why people put their money into making schlock like this. I also don't know why I watch such schlock. Giving everything a chance really has its drawbacks and this is a drawback! Hands down one of the worst movies I will see in 2013.

3.1 / 10

--Zoooma, a Kat Pirate Screener
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