Reservoir Dogs (1992) Poster

Plot Keywords

police robbery
diamond flashback
undercover heist
blonde gang
gore undercover cop
blood shootout
no music score no background score
pass out from blood loss 1990s
broken windshield written and directed by cast member
written by director two word title
reference to john dillinger reference to the fantastic four
reference to don rickles reference to marlon brando
reference to doris day reference to j. p. morgan
reference to lee marvin reference to john holmes
the color pink the color orange
directed by co star the color brown
the color blue man with no name
tied to a chair blood on camera lens
actor director writer falling out among thieves
multiple perspectives death of protagonist
blood splatter shooting a woman
torture threat shot multiple times
self sacrifice self mutilation
remorse reference to madonna
pool of blood off screen murder
no ending n word
held captive held at gunpoint
f word ear cut off
duct tape over mouth covered in blood
color in character's name black suit
big kahuna carjacking
ensemble cast plan gone wrong
reference to charlie chan wound
controversy bathroom
heist gone wrong tragedy
all male cast animal in title
homage violence
ambiguous title long take
jerk immaturity
aftermath tip
gasoline cigarette smoking
cigar smoking cult
bleeding to death shot by the police
directorial debut machismo
wedding ring storytelling
smoking razor
radio dj hostage
german shepherd friendship
false identity code name
betrayal father son relationship
poetic justice organized crime
loyalty dying man
deception critically acclaimed
told in flashback shot in the stomach
shot in the head dark comedy
shot to death shot in the forehead
shot in the chest murder of a police officer
crime gone awry squalid apartment
black cop undercover agent
wilhelm scream cult movie cast
cult director botched crime
gay slur severed ear
gangster bloodbath
racial slur drugs
death hit and run
nonlinear timeline cop killer
murder dog
black comedy psychopath
multiple time frames siege
torture neo noir
diner chase
los angeles california classic rock music
cult film monologue
mexican standoff black suit clad killer
independent film surprise ending
plot twist

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