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A movie with a SIMPLE MESSAGE
oneT-side27 October 2006
In Puerto Escondido there isn't a great cast ,or better not an American great cast but the movie is really good. Also if the story is not too complicated you won't succeed in detaching the look from the screen because you'll be transported from a place to another, from a reality to another one. As it already happens in the others Salvatores' work from the beginning you start picking a message and only at the end you have a clear picture of Salvatores' program. Escape from the problems doesn't mean resolve them because the problems will follow you but the escape can become positive if during the travel you succeeds in finding a so very important truth to change your life. It's not a top movie but with no doubt it makes you reflect.
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Good film, much better book
paoloemanuele27 April 2013
Salvatores has been directing movies for more than twenty years, and most of them are very watchable with great ones every now and then. This title, although I enjoyed it a lot, is to me a bit of a hit and miss. The casting is good (the usual Abatantuono, Bisio, Bentivoglio etc.), the film flows quite alright and some of the points it makes are spot on. Yet years later I decided to read the book and I found out the story was just much better, and could have made a greater film, or even a short series, if budget wasn't a problem (in Italy often is). The comedic turn Salvatores decided to make doesn't convince me thoroughly, and although it is funny, it's not as good as other films he made (Mediterraneo, Marrakech Express). To all the Italian readers (because I don't know if it has been translated in any other languages) I can only advise to read Pino Cacucci's book, if you like travels and serious storytelling, it's the right book for you. Ah, and be careful because you'll become obsessed about going to Mexico!
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