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8 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Pretty dang good, for a slasher.

Author: Wayne Rossi from Tabernacle, NJ
21 April 2001

This is a slasher that plays it by the rules, so if I'm spoiling anything for you, it's because you've never seen a slasher movie before.

Prom Night IV gives us the gift of slashing in a film that is lit with decent effectiveness, not shot notably poorly, with sub-par to decent acting and some moderately suspenseful scenes. The prom thing is more or less done in the intro, where we get to see a couple slashed in a prom in 1957. Our mad killer here is a Catholic priest gone horribly wrong--he kills with a cross where the long end has a blade.

Our victims, two teenaged couples, are headed down to a retreat that used to be an old monastery for a weekend of debauchery. Meanwhile, a young priest newly charged with watching over the insane priest (who's been kept underground by the Church) is developed for a bit, but manages to slip in his duties. (Prom Night IV is very good at giving "bonus slashes" before it gets around to killing the teenagers.)

The highlight of Prom Night IV is Nicole de Boer, who you might remember from The Cube or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (she was Ezri Dax). Her acting, which is pretty good, manages to elevate the rest of the movie (since she is the film's heroine). The rest of the cast is pretty small-time, though, and doesn't live up to Nicole.

It does have the requisite T&A shots (and a really poor sex scene), to be certain, and it manages to fit 8 deaths into a film that only focuses on those 4 teens. All are pretty freaky and well done, too. Once the suspense starts, it's pretty good at not letting up, despite following the rules strongly. The extended scenes before the slasher starts on the teens build everything up quite well.

This is a slasher movie, and you will enjoy it only if you're in the mood for one. However, it does what it does well, and as such is worth picking up if you are.

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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

An underrated gem

Author: PoisonKeyblade from Long Island, New York
21 February 2007

Prom Night IV: Initiation is a surprisingly underrated horror gem that is a great find. This fourth installment in the Prom Night series is often overlooked because of just that; it's the fourth installment. No one ever expects much from the Prom Night films, but most of them, excluding the first, are excellent movies, and this installment is, just barely, the best of them all. Prom Night IV should be looked upon as a masterpiece of the genre; it had a few similarities to the original Black Christmas, but I actually liked this movie way more.

It's prom night in 1957, only this time, there's no Mary Lou. Father Jonas, molested by a priest as a child, has only one thing on his mind this prom night; ridding the world of sluts and sinners. After killing a young couple in their car at the prom, the other priests find out about Father Jonas's dastardly deeds and lock him up in the monastery for thirty-three years. Now, it's prom night in 1991. Four young students looking to have a good time consisting of sex and alcohol go away to a secluded house for the weekend, skipping the prom at their school and deciding to throw a party of their own. Father Jonas escapes in a series of unfortunate events, and happens upon the locale that the four students are staying at. Still desperate to stop sinners, Father Jonas lurks around the house and begins to kill the group off one by one in an increasingly disturbing fashion.

Prom Night IV is very creepy and atmospheric, and the soundtrack adds to the element immensely. The most interesting part is how both religious elements and slasher elements are combined for a perfect combination. This Prom Night is actually SCARY! Father Jonas is extremely frightening, and the way he kills each of the teens is both shocking and disturbing. The acting is great, probably the most believable in the entire series.

In terms of death and gore, this installment holds nothing back whatsoever. There's plenty of blood, and there's gross out scenes to boot. The "final girl" is interesting, and you're rooting for her the entire time. I actually liked most of the characters.

Prom Night IV was a perfect slasher film and one of the best in its genre. A horror/slasher film that is not to be missed!

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7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

fun for slasher flick fans

Author: jimmyplm from Chapel Hill, NC
21 March 1999

If the kind of movie that involves a group of partying sexually active teenagers getting killed off one by one appeals to you, then you will love this cliche-slasher movie. I personally enjoyed it. I think that the actresses were quite delicious, and that the idea of a murdering priest was kind of interesting. If you want a great horror film, rent "Psycho" (or even "Night of the Demons"), but if you want something to pass the time, rent this movie. It is worth watching for horror fans. Just don't expect to see Mary Lou from the 2nd and 3rd installments in the series.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

And we're back to playing it serious again...

Author: (Vomitron_G) from the Doomed Megalopolis of Blasphemous Technoids
8 August 2011

"Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil" is a serious (as in: no comedy touches) slasher that falls short in thrills & tension. Too bad, because it had a lot of potential. It's well-made, but severely dull in places. This time we have yet another stand-alone, unrelated sequel about a killer-priest (who is "evil beyond imagination") stalking & killing two couples in an isolated mansion. There are some supernatural undertones in the plot, but they are never explored. The budget on this production even seemed reasonably comfortable, as the cinematography isn't bad at all, often showing us some decent camera-movements on rails & even crane-shots. The acting is passable and the film opens really interesting. But then things fizzle quickly and the whole movie becomes uneventful. If they had simply amped up the body count & bloodshed, this sure could have turned into one of the unsung slasher gems from the early '90s. Now it just remains a curiosity for those interested in the "Prom Night" series. It's a strange franchise, to say the least, with this 4th installment presenting us yet again a different storyline. Interesting, but a failed effort altogether.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Strictly Average Slasher

Author: MetalGeek from New Jersey, USA
6 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

POSSIBLE SPOILERS? You be the judge.

The "Prom Night" series took a brief detour into "Nightmare on Elm Street"-wannabe territory in the previous two films (thanks to the undead prom queen, Mary Lou Maloney) but 1992's PROM NIGHT IV: DELIVER US FROM EVIL returned the series to its slasher-film origins, for better or for worse. This film has no connection to any of the prior "P.N." entries other than the title (and its setting around the unluckiest high school in film history, Hamilton High). Our story begins in 1957, where a deranged Catholic priest, Father Jonas, is shown in prayer, squeezing his rosary till his hands bleed and swearing to the Lord that he will do God's work and deliver "sluts and whores" to Him. It just so happens that Hamilton High's prom is going on that night; when an unlucky couple sneaks out to their car for a romantic interlude, the crazed clergyman slits their throats with a sharpened cross and sets the car on fire. Rather than turn Jonas over to the proper authorities, as any sane people would do, his fellow priests choose simply to sedate him and lock him away in the Church basement, claiming him to be "possessed" and "beyond saving." Oooo-kay, sure. That MIGHT happen. We then flash forward to present times, where a new, young priest is assigned to watching over Jonas and administering regular injections of sedative. Naturally, the new guy falters in his duties (making an ill-advised decision to "try and reach him") and the killer Priest awakens from his three-decade slumber (still looking surprisingly youthful and athletic after all that time in lockdown!) and escapes. It is at this point where we meet our teenage cannon fodder, a foursome of high school students headed by the virginal Megan (who has not succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh yet, though she really really kinda sorta wants to), her slutty friend Laura, and their idiot boyfriends. Prom season is here again but this group of friends decide to bypass the prom entirely and instead heads to Megan's boyfriend's family Summer home for a weekend getaway. This summer house just happens to be the same building as Jonas' old monastery. Do I have to draw you a picture of what happens next? Jonas returns to his old stomping grounds, finds our teenage fornicators deep in the middle of a post-Prom party and shows them the error of their ways thanks to that handy-dandy razor-sharp cross. With only four potential victims in the house, the body count is obviously not going to be especially huge, so it takes for-EVER before the Jonas character starts doing his dirty work, making the midsection of the film rather slow and boring after the slam-bang opening sequence. Things pick up in the last fifteen or twenty minutes as Megan and her boyfriend struggle to survive the attack of Jonas, and there's a decent enough fiery finale, but for most of its length we groan at the stupidity of these characters (when Megan's boyfriend finally finds his Dad's gun, why does he choose to climb up to the ROOF of the house, rather than barricade himself and Megan in a room to make a Last Stand? Because he's a character in a slasher film, of course!) and we don't feel much sympathy for them as they meet their fates. The ending seems to be an attempt at setting up a fifth installment, which thankfully never came to fruition. PROM NIGHT IV: DELIVER US FROM EVIL has some unique ideas (I like the idea of the Priest as a killer), some nice T&A moments (as when Megan tries on the new lingerie her boyfriend bought for her -- yowsa!) and a few scenes that make you sit up and take notice (as when Jonas crucifies, then burns, the bodies of Laura and her boyfriend outside the house) but despite those few flashes of originality, it ends as just another nothing' special slasher film. Not essential, but worth a look if you just can't get enough of mad killers stalking teenagers.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Excellent film!

Author: bfan83 ( from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
19 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a fan of the Prom Night series and have been for quite a while. So it was no surprise to me that I found this flick enjoyable. And like everyone is saying, this film really has no relation to the other Prom Night films. I loved the first one, the second was great fun, too, but the third one was pretty terrible. It went more towards the erotic horror genre. Which I hate. Anyway, POSSIBLE SPOILERS HERE!, the film is about a crazed monk who kills two teens making love in the backseat of a car. He is caught by the rest of the monks and the administer some kind of injection that puts him into a coma for nearly 40 years.

Then, a new priest takes over after the old one dies but the idiot doesn't administer the injection. So, Father Jonas, who is creepy as hell, I might add awakens and kills the Priest. He then returns to the old monastary from the beginning of the film and sets his sights on four teenagers that are having their own private prom celebration.

So from here, it's scare city. The music is downright scary and haunting, the acting very good. Especially that of Nikki De Boer, the guy who played Father Jonas scared the living crap out of me. So I give this film a 10! Great, scary popcorn fun! Check it out!

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An unexpected surprise

Author: Mr_Ectoplasma from New York, NY
29 January 2017

"Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil" was the last installment in the hodgepodge "Prom Night" series. This film shifts gears considerably, moving to the story of a psychotic priest who was sexually abused by clergy during his youth. As a result, he has a preoccupation with punishing unruly and oversexed teenagers (and is potentially possessed). When he escapes from the church's basement, where he's secretly been kept sedated for years, he returns to a former monastery-turned-house where teenagers have planned a prom-night rendezvous.

While this slasher is in some ways as "by the book" as they come, it distinguishes itself rather nicely with a macabre religious angle and a kind of neo-Gothic atmosphere that is both effective and at times even somewhat creepy. The film cuts ties with the plot line from the former two sequels, though it does make reference to the Mary Lou Maloney story line, as well as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the first film's star, Jamie Lee Curtis.

The killer in the film spins some hokey one-liners throughout which dampens the fear factor, but moody cinematography and some well-staged appearances manage to give the villain a bit of an edge. Once the teenagers get to the remote monastery-turned-private home, the real fun begins. Clever plot set-ups and a great final chase scene help lift the film even a bit further. The performances are mixed, but Nicole de Boer makes a formidable final girl.

Overall, "Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil" caught me off guard, in a good way. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does spin it with style, and is also closer to the 1980 film in spirit than the former two sequels—and possibly better in some ways. For an early-nineties slasher entry, this one is wildly amusing and at times even effectively moody. 7/10.

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Deliver is from Father Jones wrath

Author: Realrockerhalloween from United States
5 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The finale installment ends on a bang in deliver is from evil about a demonically possessed priest who wants to punish sinners for their immorality keeping it fresh instead of deluding the villain beyond recognition. Father Jonas is locked up by his church after the murder of a young couple for thirty years until its Prom Night again. I got a chuckle out of the sequence since he never seems to she or has changed much since his coma. It was a nice surprise to see Brock Simpson yet again playing a new character and makes me ponder how well some other key members from the other sequels could fit in here.

The caste seemed like they had a blast and has great chemistry together. The kills were yet again different from any I've seen and enjoy seeing what that's rig next. The costumes were elegant, the music sounded like a life time movie soundtrack and the atmosphere was haunting. Yet I could help thinking it was an unintentional comedy by only showing a flash of the school, prom in the winter and Joy Tanner was a hoot by her delivering.

Nicole Boer was a fine finale girl, her chase scene reminiscent of Helen's from I know what you did and I rooted for her until the very end.

While the cliff hanger ending left me pondering how it could be resolved, I have to say Prom Night knows how to create great flashers that draw you in and never let go.

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The horror...the horror....

Author: rushlimborg from United States
17 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is actually quite good--hitting the right marks, at the right time. Chilling, suspenseful, and scary. The heroine (played by the always-superb Nicole de Boer) is very likable--and it's easy to care for her, worry about her, and root for her to survive.

Each of the four youngsters is a "type"--but they are all portrayed vividly, with varying degrees of likability. Needless to say, Miss de Boer gives the best performance of all.

The villain--a possessed priest whose insanity (and crucifixion wounds) terrify the other priests--is locked up and sedated for forty years...and oddly enough, doesn't age a day. (As to the question of why they didn't just report him to the cops--well...I'm PRETTY sure they got the impression that the cops couldn't handle him.) When a young priest is re-assigned to look after him--a simple, tragic act of compassion costs him his life--and the monster is unleashed once again.

From the moment of the "obscene phone call", a connection is created between the murderer and Meagan (Miss de Boer's character)--Fate has effectively chosen her to be his nemesis. Thus, the stage is set for a final confrontation--the innocent, lovable Meagan having to face the monstrous Father Jonas alone.

The final sequence is very ambiguous--but it plays to the idea of their connection. The implications are open to interpretation--I prefer to think that she simply senses his presence, as in the climax, not that she is his "heir", or something. (Interesting note: for some reason, I can't watch that scene and not be reminded of Marlon Brando's famous dramatic death in Apocalypse Now: looking upward, gazing in wonder, "The horror...the horror....")

This is a good film for its genre, overall. I recommend it.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Stand alone movie

Author: atinder from United Kingdom
25 January 2013

So second time in series, this movies to new story, this as got nothing to with any of the ones before.

However the opening scene is might to be the same night Mary Lou died by the fire in part 2, However as that happen out side a crazy priest killed two of teens who were having sex,

Few years later Prince is back and start the killing spear off again and kills anyone is having any Sex.

This movie got to bit more serious then the last two movies in the series

I thought the story was little weak for this series, I didn't fact the series went from comedy to serious again,

I Thought the movie was very slow and I didn't think the movie that creepy or scary and the movie wasn't that fun to watch.

the acting was really good from the whole cast

Not sure what to rate at the moment!

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