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Bilal: A New Breed of Hero Trailer Explores Heroism

Synopsis: 1,400 years ago, Bilal, a seven-year-old boy, with a dream of becoming a great warrior, is abducted into slavery with his sister and taken to a land far away from his home and thrown into a world where corruption and injustice rule all. Throughout his life he undergoes many hardships, through which he discovers an inner strength he did not realize he possessed. Through these experiences, Bilal comes to realize that if he is brave enough to raise his voice and choose his own path – everything becomes possible. It is through his courage, that he frees himself and ultimately his community; it is through the power of his voice and faith that his lifelong dream of freedom comes true. Bilal grows into a man who will inspire the world.

Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero – Main Trailer

Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero

Power Of One

The story “Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero
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Stephen Dorff joins Mahershala Ali and Carmen Ejogo in True Detective season 3

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Author: Zehra Phelan

More casting news has trickled through for the third season of True Detective with Stephen Dorff landing a co-lead role opposite previously revealed names Mahershala Ali and Carmen Ejogo.

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Dorff will play the role of the Arkansas State Investigator Roland West, the partner of Ali’s Wayne Hays who is a Northwest Arkansas state police detective. Ejogo will play Amelia Reardon, a school teacher with a connection to two missing children in 1980.

The third season of the anticipated series will tell the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods.

Dorff has had a long and varied career both on the big and small screens from Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, John G. Avildsen’s The Power of One, Tarsem Singh’s Immortals, and comic book adaptation “Blade.
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Stephen Dorff Joins Mahershala Ali In ‘True Detective’ Season 3

Stephen Dorff has been cast in True Detective season three, joining the already cast Mehershala Ali. The series will kick off shooting very soon after being greenlit by HBO last year. More on the Stephen Dorff True Detective news below.

Stephen Dorff True Detective news. The actor will join season three

According to Variety, who broke the news of the Stephen Dorff True Detective season three casting, the actor will play Roland West, an Arkansas State Investigator who, along with his partner, has his life and career influenced over three decades by a baffling crime.

Moonlight Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali will play the lead role of Wayne Hays, a state police detective from Northwest Arkansas. Ejogo will play Amelia Reardon, an Arkansas schoolteacher with a connection to two missing children in 1980, so reports the trade.

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Dorff was most recently seen in the TV series Star, and previously in
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Remembering Glenne Headly, Stephen Furst, John G. Avildsen and More Reel-Important People We Lost in June

Reel-Important People is a monthly column that highlights those individuals in or related to the movies that have left us in recent weeks. Below you'll find names big and small and from all areas of the industry, though each was significant to the movies in his or her own way. John G. Avildsen (1935-2017) - Director, Cinematographer and Editor. He won an Oscar for directing Rocky (see below) and was nominated for his short documentary film Traveling Hopefully. His other movies include The Karate Kid and its first two sequels, all of which he also edited, Rocky VLean on MeThe Power of One, Joe, 8 Seconds, For Keeps? and Neighbors. He also worked on Black Like Me as an assistant to Carl Lerner. He...

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Jay-z Pushes for Projects That Demand Social Justice: "This Is Our Power" (Guest Column)


The power of one voice is strong, but when it comes to social justice, the power of our collective voices is unstoppable. Now is the time to recognize that through our voices we really can effect change. Some of us will do the important work locally at the micro level to awaken our neighbors. Some of us will work for progress regionally. And a few of us will be like Kalief Browder, a modern-day prophet whose death two years ago started a discussion that continues today about how poor, black juveniles are treated in the criminal justice system.

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John G. Avildsen: The Underdog’s Champion

Author: Cai Ross

By the time he came to worldwide prominence in 1976, John G. Avildsen had already done what some of Hollywood’s greatest ever directors had failed to do: win Jack Lemmon a Best Actor Oscar. It was an an acknowledged truth, at that time, Lemmon was one of the great masters, yet where George Cukor and even Billy Wilder failed (as he rarely did) Avildsen succeeded with Save The Tiger, the seventh in in a little-noted career of well-received, little-seen small-budget movies.

Lemmon played a small-time businessman going nowhere in ’70s America. Despite Lemmon’s oft-delayed Oscar, the movie was too downbeat to set the tills ringing. In America’s Bicentennial year however, Avildsen took on another no-hoper, going nowhere, but this time he added a happy ending. Moved by the fact that Hollywood-nobody Sylvester Stallone, with absolutely nothing whatsoever to back it up, had insisted on playing
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John G. Avildsen, Rocky and Karate Kid Director, Passes Away at 81

John G. Avildsen, Rocky and Karate Kid Director, Passes Away at 81
John G. Avildsen, who won an Oscar for directing the iconic Rocky and also helmed all three Karate Kid movies, has passed away at 81. While no cause of death was revealed, the director's representative confirmed his death in Los Angeles today. The filmmaker leaves behind a lasting legacy of telling some of the best underdog stories ever put on film.

Variety confirmed the director's death with his rep earlier today, although no further details were given. It hasn't been revealed yet if there will be any sort of public memorial service for the filmmaker. The man was born December 21 1935, in Oak Park, Illinois, USA, graduating from the prestigious Hotchkiss School and Nyu. He got his start in the movie business by serving as assistant director on movies helmed by Arthur Penn and Otto Preminger.

The late filmmaker made his feature directorial debut in 1969 with Turn To Love, which he also served as the cinematographer on.
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Stephen Dorff Sued for Allegedly Breaching Credit Agreement, Owes More than $800,000

Stephen Dorff Sued for Allegedly Breaching Credit Agreement, Owes More than $800,000
Actor Stephen Dorff is allegedly in financial hot water.

The Backbeat star, his production company La Costa Productions and Fredonick, LLC are being sued by City National Bank, a commercial bank that operates in Los Angeles, for allegedly breaching a personal line of credit agreement, according to legal documents obtained by People.

According to the documents, as of Feb. 28, $805,963.23 is due and owed, which consists of the principal balance, along with interest and late charges. Dorff had entered into his first Personal Line of Credit Agreement (Plca) “on or about Oct. 1, 2015,” according to papers. The papers also allege Dorff entered
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‘Wheeler’ Exclusive Clip: Stephen Dorff Takes on Nashville Disguised as an Aspiring Musician

‘Wheeler’ Exclusive Clip: Stephen Dorff Takes on Nashville Disguised as an Aspiring Musician
The new docudrama “Wheeler” follows an aspiring musician from Kaufman, Texas who travels to Nashville with dreams of becoming an outlaw country music star. Here’s the catch: Wheeler isn’t a real person, but rather actor Stephen Dorff under heavy prosthetic make up who successfully infiltrated the Music City to embark on the authentic singer-songwriter journey. In the film, the Wheeler character converses with real people in real locations and performs every musical number live, eventually interacting with real musicians like Travis Meadows, Audrey Spillman and the legendary Kris Kristofferson, Wheeler’s hero. Watch an exclusive clip from the film below.

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Dorff is best known for playing vampire overlord Deacon Frost opposite Wesley Snipes in the first “Blade” film, as well as the existentially lost actor Johnny Marco in Sofia Coppola’s 2010 film “Somewhere.” He also
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A Cinema Retro Report: Daniel Craig Talks James Bond, Othello, "Blade Runner" And "Star Wars"

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This Story Has Been Updated With Craig's Comments About The Bourne Films. 

By Lee Pfeiffer

Last evening Daniel Craig took to the stage for a  90 minute interview as part of the New Yorker Festival, sponsored by the legendary magazine. The interview took place at New York's School Visual Arts. Craig, who is not known to be enamored of engaging in interviews, was clearly in a feisty and humorous mood and attributed his presence at the event as a sign of his long-standing respect for the New Yorker magazine. The wide-ranging discussion covered a multitude of topics with the predominant subject unsurprisingly being James Bond.  Craig was sporting a bleached blonde crew cut for a forthcoming role that made him bare a resemblance to the legendary Bond villain Red Grant, played memorably by Robert Shaw in "From Russia With Love". He was dressed casually in jeans, sneakers and a leather jacket
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Blu-ray Review – Matinee (1993)

Matinee, 1993.

Directed by Joe Dante.

Starring John Goodman, Cathy Moriarty, Simon Fenton, Robert Picardo, Dick Miller, Omri Katz, Lisa Jakub and John Sayles.


An enterprising film promoter capitalises on the hysteria during the Cuban missile crisis and introduces the idea of live props and special effects to a Florida town during a horror movie showing.

There is a theory that horror movies tend to thrive and become popular with mainstream audiences during times of social upheaval. Joe Dante’s Matinee is a comedy that has this idea at its core and, amongst other things, plays with the notions of horror movie making in a love letter to 1950s/1960s creature features and growing up during a time when everything seemed so much more innocent.

Set against the backdrop of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, Matinee stars John Goodman (Arachnophobia/10 Cloverfield Lane) as Lawrence Woolsey, a movie producer/promoter who
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Midnight Special | Review

The Power of One: Nichols’ Sci-Fi Studio Film a Wispy Homage

Indie director Jeff Nichols makes his first crossover to studio fare with Midnight Special, his auteur clout securing the film a competition slot in the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival just prior to a stateside release. Returning once more with his frequent collaborator, actor Michael Shannon, who has appeared in all three of his previous films, it is a particularly specific homage to popularized names like Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter, particularly from their early, celebrated period of genre infused event filmmaking in the early 1980s. But this highly uneven and distressingly cold narrative never manages to finds its stride, complete with a cast of anemic characters who never come to life behind the notable visage of well-known actors.

Roy Tomlin (Shannon) has abducted his biological son Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) from the religious cult he grew up in.
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'Pokemon' Super Bowl Commercial Celebrates 20th Anniversary

'Pokemon' Super Bowl Commercial Celebrates 20th Anniversary
The Pok&#233mon Company International today unveiled a new TV commercial that will air during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7. The ad, shot in Rio de Janeiro, explores ambition, drive, and training, concepts that every Pok&#233mon Trainer is familiar with. It celebrates the millions of Pokemon fans around the world who will enjoy identifying all of the hidden Pok&#233mon references in the ad. It ends with a call to action for all those who strive to achieve their dreams: Train On. A 30-second version of the ad will be aired at the beginning of the third quarter of Super Bowl 50, but you can check out the extended version below. Here's what J.C. Smith, senior director of Consumer Marketing at The Pokemon Company International, had to say in a statement.

"For 20 years, the Pok&#233mon world has inspired fans to train hard and have fun. This ad is reflective of that passion,
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True Detective season 3 adds Scoot McNairy

Kirsten Howard Rob Leane Jan 17, 2018

Godless star Scoot McNairy will be entering the Ozarks in True Detective season 3, it's been announced...

True Detective season 3 is officially a go at HBO. Creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto is set to be the sole writer on all of the new episodes, except part 4, which he has apparently written with Deadwood's David Milch. Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room, Blue Ruin) will be in the director's chair this time around.

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Scoot McNairy will be going from Godless country to the devil’s backyard. The actor has signed on for True Detective season 3, according to Deadline. The upcoming third season of HBO’s polarising hit is set in the Ozarks and revolves around a macabre crime that, like the first season, takes place over multiple time periods.

McNairy will play Tom,
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100 Essential Action Scenes: Rescues & Escapes

Sound on Sight undertook a massive project, compiling ranked lists of the most influential, unforgettable, and exciting action scenes in all of cinema. There were hundreds of nominees spread across ten different categories and a multi-week voting process from 11 of our writers. The results: 100 essential set pieces, sequences, and scenes from blockbusters to cult classics to arthouse obscurities.

If you’re an action hero, pulling off daring rescues and badass escapes is just another day at the office. The rescue has been the prototypical action scene since humans have been able to put pen to paper. From Tarzan swinging in on a vine to Iron Man flying in on his jets, a hero isn’t a hero unless he can swoop in and save the damsel or the day. The only thing more exciting is if the clock is ticking on his escape. Whether it’s from a burning building,
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Stephen Dorff Signs With Paradigm

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Stephen Dorff Signs With Paradigm
Exclusive: Actor Stephen Dorff has signed with Paradigm. Last year he moved to Resolution from Gersh to return to longtime agent David Unger, but the agency folded in October. Dorff started his career with films like The Power Of One, Judgment Night, and Backbeat in the ’90s — around the time he famously had Alicia Silverstone cryin’ in an Aerosmith music video. He has appeared steadily onscreen since, with credits ranging from vampire actioner Blade to John WatersCecil B. DeMented, Lee DanielsShadowboxer, Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, Michael Mann’s Public Enemies, and Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center.

Dorff starred in recent indie Zaytoun and The Motel Life opposite Emile Hirsch and Dakota Fanning, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival and won the Audience Award for Best Film. Forthcoming films include the recently-wrapped American Hero opposite Eddie Griffin for director Nick Love, drama Oliver’s Deal from exec producer Christine Vachon,
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Twitter's 8th Birthday: Do You Remember These 8 Tweets?

Before March 2006, there were no limits on what web users could say - but then Twitter was born. On Friday, the social network celebrates eight years of keeping feelings under 140 characters. Since its creation, Twitter has attracted over 218 million active users who churn out billions of tweets each day. Among these tweetaholics are world leaders, celebrities, astrophysicists - and even inanimate objects - eager to share their thoughts with the world. Despite all these virtual voices and countless hashtags, select posts still manage to stand apart. Twitter shared some of the most memorable tweets from the past eight years with People.
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Thn’s PokéMovie Marathon Day 3.1: Pokémon 3: The Movie – Spell Of The Unown

“Whether it is right or wrong, I will do as she wishes.”

In 5 days the world will go mad in unison for the latest Pokémon games, Pokémon X & Y.The English language dub of the latest film is also set to premiere one week after that. Over the next 2 weeks join Thn as we take a look back over the entire series of Pokémon films.

Director: Kunihiko Yuyama

Cast: Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Madeleine Blaustein, Ikue Ootani, Ted Lewis, Tara Sands, Stuart Zagnit, Amy Birnbaum, Dan Green, Lisa Ortiz

Plot: A Pokémon professor goes missing while investigating the legendary Pokémon Unown. His young daughter, Molly, is left all alone, but when the Unown visit her she is able to create her own reality, which encases her home in crystal.

Guess who’s back! Back again. Brock is back. Tell a friend. Yes that’s right, our ever reliable
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Thn’s PokéMovie Marathon Day 2: Pokémon The Movie 2000 – The Power Of One

“Though the water’s Great Guardian shall arise to quell the fighting alone its song will fail. Thus the Earth shall turn to ash.”

In 6 vdays the world will go mad in unison for the latest Pokémon games, Pokémon X & Y.The English language dub of the latest film is also set to premiere one week after that. Over the next 2 weeks join Thn as we take a look back over the entire series of Pokémon films.

Director: Kunihiko Yuyama

Cast: Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Madeleine Blaustein, Ikue Ootani, Ted Lewis, Megan Hollingshead, Eric Rath, Nathan Price, Tara Sands, Stuart Zagnit, Neil Stewart

Plot: A collector of rare Pokémon has his sights set on the legendary birds Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. If he manages to capture them all and upset the balance of nature, the guardian of the ocean Lugia will arise, but even he may be too late to save the world.
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Why Sangeeth said no to Kyaa Kool Hain Hum and Apna Sapna Money Money sequels? : Trade News

He may have made some high-octane action films like Zor and Ek - The Power Of One but maximum recognition has come Sangeeth Sivan's way through films like Kyaa Kool Hain Hum and Apna Sapna Money Money, both comedies. Now that he is returning after a brief sabbatical with yet another comedy, Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, Sangeeth is mood to make quite a few revelations. Read More...
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