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Plot Keywords

high school scantily clad female
voice over narration title directed by female
camera shot of feet fatal attraction
copulation leg spreading
female removes her dress female removes her clothes
nipples visible through clothing bare breasts
cleavage white panties
black panties upskirt
girl in bra and panties breast fondling
bra less teen older man younger woman relationship
panties no panties
sociopath villainess played by lead actress
lesbian elevator
cynicism unfaithful husband
spurned woman obsessive love
desire adultery
love hate teenage crush
sexual desire sexual attraction
rebellious daughter mistress
jealousy jacket
feminist female bonding
exploitation emphysema
attraction sexploitation
promiscuity father daughter relationship
alcoholism female to male foot in crotch
lesbianism teen angst
female sociopath teenage girl
teenage boy dysfunctional marriage
female nudity psycho thriller
suicide attempt femme fatale
introvert nudity
male nudity social injustice
midlife crisis dysfunctional family
anger wine
tattoo sports car
red dress rain
piano mother daughter relationship
mini skirt maid
falling from height dead animal
boots automobile accident
anchorman tv station
sex scholarship
scam private school
pill orphan
melodrama loss of wife
loss of mother hypochondriac
friend frame up
dog betrayal
bed automobile
alcoholic bad influence
hospital lolita
deception manipulation
murder sex with a minor
may december romance lesbian kiss
seduction independent film
character name in title

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