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Position of Griffin's tie while he's breaking up with Bonnie.
After the funeral, when Griffin and June have a conversation in the cemetery, the limo driver behind them disappears between shots.

Crew or equipment visible 

Crew member reflected in the windows of Griffin Mill's vehicle as Griffin pulls over and kills the snake.
When Griffin opens his door to get out and kill the snake, you can see the entire crew, camera, and lights reflected in the door.
Leg and sneaker visible reflecting in the grille of Griffin's Rolls Royce.
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In a tracking shot during the confrontation between Mill and the screenwriter, the camera and cameraman are reflected in the black paint of the SUV.
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Revealing mistakes 

David Kahane's head moves after Griffin Mill kills him.
Mud facial dries much too quickly for the few seconds we see it especially on Griffin's face.
When Mill reads the newspaper story about the murder, a closeup of article reveals that it is just the same few paragraphs printed over and over.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Plot holes 

The murder that triggers the plot occurs outside of a movie theater that has just closed for the night, suggesting the time of crime to be around midnight. Yet there's no indication that the body was immediately discovered. Even if it had, it's impossible for a morning newspaper to print such a detailed account of the crime - including police reports and victim's name, which is generally withheld until next of kin are notified - that had to be published within hours in order to reach subscribers by dawn.

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