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Neca’s 8-bit Godzilla Takes Over Sdcc

Neca’s 8-Bit Godzilla arrived in the office just before Comic-Con and boy did he make an entrance. He came packaged in an 8-bit video game themed box. I was obsessed immediately.

Another addition to Neca’s classic video game tribute line, Godzilla’s appearance is based off the 1988 8-bit Nes game Monster Of Monsters. The game is playable as both Godzilla and Mothra as you battle your way across Planet X fighting enemies like Hedorah, Baragon, Ghidorah, and more! So let’s take a closer look and see just how successful Neca was at bringing this pixelated kaiju to life.

In my initial comparison, the sculpt looks great. It looks as though they used their 1985 Godzilla figure as a starting point and worked from there. His head is fairly symmetrical, save for a slightly raised right eyebrow and some mismatched teeth. But even still, he looks mega ferocious!

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Skylanders Giants Gold Flameslinger Amazon Exclusive In Stock

Online retailer was given an exclusive Skylanders Giants repainted figure as part of the sequel's big launch this holiday season. That figure is now in stock and ready to be purchased.

The Amazon exclusive Skylanders Giants figure is called Gold Flameslinger. As the name he has been painted all gold from head to toe. The paint job makes sense considering the character shoots flaming arrows from his bow. He's a Series 2 figure and compatible with both the original Skylanders and Giants on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, as well as Nintendo Wii, Wii U and 3Ds.

Amazon is selling Gold Flameslinger at the time of this post for $9.99. However, he could go out of stock any moment and then will only be available via the secondary market. There's no telling right now how many of these Toys for Bob made, or whether they will be restocked again.

If you're looking to
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'Ultimate green car' up for sale

'Ultimate green car' up for sale
The "ultimate green car" has gone up for sale. The 1998 Mitsubishi Magna earned its title as the bodywork is completely covered with astro turf. The owner of the vehicle, Tim, put the car up for sale on the auction site eBay at the starting price of just one Australian dollar. It has since gained a number of bids, but as of earlier this week the price still only stood at Aus$$51. Tim says that he gave the car a make-over about six months ago, using 20 square metres of AstroTurf to cover the bad paint job. He said: "The paint job was botchy and we needed something to cover it and someone suggested AstroTurf. "It (more)
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Product Review: 'Halloween II Michael Myers' mask by Trick or Treat Studios (2012)

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By Jason Lees

First off, I have absolutely nothing to do with the artists at Trick or Treat Studios. MoreHorror is running a contest giving away one of these masks, but it's sponsored by a retailer (enter the Halloween II Michael Myers Mask give away here), and not the studio, so I feel free and clear to ramble on about my absolute love for this mask. Just look at it (pictured on the left).

My history with the shape mask goes back to when I was eleven and found a five dollar version at the mall. Yea, it was garbage and didn't last until I got home that night, but I loved it with all my black little heart. Years later I found a decent Don Post version, one of the earlier ones, and kept it on my shelf for years until my ex stored it in the garage one
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‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Eleventh Hour”

This is what I feel. Steven Moffat took another completely ordinary thing -- like a kid saying “Are you my mommy?” and cemetery statuary and shadows -- and turned it into something else I have to be afraid of: cracks in the wall. I live in an 80-year-old building. The paint job in my apartment is eight years old. It’s all cracks. Oh, and an extra secret scary room in my apartment -- something else I have to worry about now. (I’ve heard that this is a common dream scenario for New Yorkers, we who live in tiny places: we dream that our apartments are bigger or weirder than they are. I’ve certainly had dreams/nightmares like that, about staircases that don’t exist in reality or nonexistent crawlspaces leading to rooms I’ve never seen before yet somehow always knew were there. And now those nightmares are gonna be worse.
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