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Works best as a celebration of Tweed's body.
gridoon11 September 2001
Shannon Tweed, who is of course incomparably better that Tanya Roberts (the star of the first "Night Eyes") in every possible way, spices up this erotic thriller that is a sequel only in the sense that Andrew Stevens plays the same character. Tweed has some really steamy workout scenes, and her sex scenes are very well-photographed, but eventually get a little boring through overlength. The plot is minimal, though the film tries to "pump up" the thriller aspect in the last 20 minutes, by including some unexpectedly brutal and raw violence. (**)
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Another good erotica movie with the sexy Shannon Tweed.
Brian-2727 June 2001
Night Eyes II is another one of those movies filled with erotica that I like many others will watch many times to view the sexy and hot Shannon Tweed. This is one of the early works of Tweed and one of her sexy movies of all-time. Shannon stars as the unhappy wife of a wealthy diplomat who starts up a hot and passionate love affair with a security expert (Andrew Stevens) who's hired to protect her. Andrew is a lucky man. I hope most of you all know that Shannon Tweed is the fantasy of every man! It's proven by watching Night Eyes II watch and see for yourself.
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Not bad, as these kind of things go
dj_bassett3 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Andrew Stevens is a security expert hired to put in a surveillance system for Shannon Tweed and her husband, a foreign dignitary who's recently been attacked. The relationship between Mrs. and Mr. Tweed is strained, Stevens starts eyeballin' her, and, well, one thing leads to another. I don't especially find Tweed attractive, but she's not a bad actress, and is relatively believable as a fragile, unloved woman. The plot makes sense, more or less, rare for this genre -- there's some slow spaces but there's actually a couple of good fights at the end.

The love scenes are pretty silly. Although a bit with a bowl of raspberries (a takeoff of 9 1/2 WEEKS?) was funny.

Not bad, as far as these things go. Which for this genre is a big thumbs up.
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An inferior step-down from the first, as with most sequels!
movies-825 December 1998
Well, I said it all. Pretty much what's in the one-line summary. And, no, I don't think Shannon Tweed helped.

Will Griffith (Andrew Stevens), star of Night Eyes I, has found a new job: protecting Marilyn Mejenes (Shannon Tweed), an American-born woman, and her husband, Hector. Hector is some kind of diplomat I think, and is running for President. Anyway, a mysterious attacker has been stalking over Marilyn's mansion. It isn't long before Will and Marilyn fall in love. And the usual trouble ensues...

I found this movie to be a RATHER inferior step-down from the first. It wasn't a complete waste, but the action (and I mean the violence, with guns), didn't help it. The sex scenes, I suppose, bring to us creative uses for gym equipment and how to use berries as an aphrodisiac. I LIKED the movie a little. This doesn't in any way, shape or form measure up to the first. Also, I thought the whole thing with Mejenes being some Spanish diplomat who has fallen from grace rather silly.

**Review based on R-version**


Nudity Sex Violence Profanity
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