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Williamson and Busey: the next Crockett and Tubbs?
crewcut624 August 1999
"South Beach" is a film noir film about two ex-football players turned private eyes: Fred Williamson plays Mack Derringer, a smooth yet sloppy guy who likes to use a big gun to take out the trash; and Gary Busey is Lenny, Derringer's partner who likes to walk on the wild side. Together, when not solving cases in Miami, they play golf on the sunny Florida countryside. Well, that's basically one half of the film. But the other half is a very confusing mystery that involves the sultry Vanity who hires our heroes on a case for her. They wind up battling guys like Sam Jones and Henry Silva. This is a messy film, with not a lot of character development. One part of the movie, Peter Fonda shows up, for unknown reasons, to help Busey and Williamson. No, this is not a "Miami Vice" clone, because "M.V." has more logic and sense, and more organized characterization. Avoid this film if you're in the mood for an intelligent film. I don't know why I watched "South Beach". I was flipping through TV one night and I ran into this flick on TNT. I decided to watch it, and this show gave me a headache. What an idiot I am!
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A horrible movie
atf_81928 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this for Gary Busey and Fred Williamson thinking they were buddy cops. They are but Busey is in the opening scene then doesn't show up again until like 40 minutes into the movie. Though every scene he's in is awesome. Especially when he disguises himself as a blind hobo.

What's incredible about this movie is the plot. In the movie Fred Williamson is trying to find out who stalking and killing phone sex operators. At one point I think thats its Busey. But it turns out I'm only partly right. Busey is not the killer, but he is calling up and harassing the women over the phone. Why? I don't know. In no way is he connected to the killer, he just does it for kicks I guess.
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You might enjoy the film if you catch it by accident
kuciak6 March 2008
If your flipping through your TV one night, this is not all that bad. Plot is incoherent. For example Williamson characters behavior at the end of the film is inconceivable, (I won't give anything away). It is just a goofy movie, where everyone concerned looks like they were having a good time. Robert Forster is really good, He adds some real acting in the film, no wonder Quentin Tarrentino picked him for Jackie Brown. Kudos to Fred Williamson, for letting Gary Busey get the better of him in a fight. Also Williamson is unintentionally hilarious in this film, walking around with a cigar in his mouth, thinking we are supposed to think that is cool. Maybe one day, you will start watching this movie,enjoy it for what it is worth, and remember that some guy on the IMDb data base wrote about it. Just don't go looking for this movie, your better off catching it by accident.
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A Complete Bomb
whpratt14 October 2007
This film deals with two ex-football players who are Fred Williamson, (Mack Derringer) and Gary Busey, (Lenny) who work as private eyes and meet all kinds of ladies and men with some bad backgrounds. Mack Derringer is approached by his ex-wife Vanity (Jennifer Derringer) who works at having sex talk over the telephone. Jennifer is being threatened by one caller who wants to do horrible things to her and she asks for his help along with several other ladies. Mack & Lenny have more time on their hands and often go to Miami, Fl. golf courses or hang out in a Sports Bar where all kinds of city things go on. There is lots of punches, killings and plenty of double meaning words that bring this film completely down to a big ZERO. Don't waste your time, this film cost me only 50 cents and that was too much.
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dajemitchell8 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
one of the worst films i have seen to date. Pathetic action scene and really bad acting also do not help. The only good point is Gary busey's parts but this does not lift the film very much. it lives up to its B film ranking and passes the test with flying colours. A waste of my money although i found entertaining to begin with its gets annoying after a few watches. i do not recommend this film unless you watch it for free or its a gift. ( a gift you can ask for the receipt and send back for a complete refund).

Really BAd.

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AKA Night Caller (1992) don't bother answering this call
disdressed121 December 2007
i don't know what they were they,i mean anybody even remotely connected to this disaster.i've seen so bad movies,i've seen so really bad movies,and then there's this.but i will say one thing.whoever wrote the script has manged to put what could possibly the most inane dialogue over written,onto the screen.there is nothing good about this movie,either from a technical standpoint or any other standpoint.whoever allowed it to be made and then released should have been fired immediately.there are a few fairly well known names in this movie.actually i hesitate to use the word's more like a collection of random scenes that have no relation to another and make less than 0 sense.anyway,i fail to see why anyone with any dignity would appear in this.i got it really cheap,and i still got ripped of.even if i had gotten this movie for free,i would still have been ripped off.this is an absoluter 0/10
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South Beach is kind of a weird outing for Fred.
Comeuppance Reviews13 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Mack Derringer (Fred) has an awesome name and used to play football. His partner Lenny is also an ex-pro player and now they're private eyes in South Beach, Florida. And that, if the movie's tagline is to be believed, is "the world's deadliest strip of sand". Mack's latest adventure involves his ex-wife, Maxine (Vanity), who now runs "Maxine's Services", which seems to be some sort of phone sex operation. When a mysterious voice on the phone who calls himself "Billy" starts making threats, Mack snaps into action. As if his partner Lenny wasn't enough, Mack calls on the services of Jake (Fonda) to help him find his way through the South Beach underworld. But Det. Coleman (Forster) doesn't trust Mack and seems to be following his every move. But at least Mack's mother, Mama (Sanford) is proud of him and doesn't hesitate to tell anyone who will listen. After getting a tip from a rapper named Too Kool (Ross), Mack gets to the real heavies such as Santiago (Silva) and a man named Billy (Jones) - but is it the same Billy that's been harassing Maxine? Mack Derringer will have to use all the power of his name to get to the truth behind this web of crime and deception. Can he do it? If the above plot description sounds like a confusing mishmash, that's because that's pretty much what South Beach is. Fred is able to get amazing casts for his movies, and in finding a place for everyone, sometimes forgets about coherency. South Beach also has somewhat of a sillier tone than a lot of other Freds we've seen, and the end result, while not bad, is likely to not really satisfy anyone except die-hard fans of anyone involved with the production, and only viewers familiar with Fred's style of filmmaking will be able to glean anything from this movie.

Fred's array of great jackets is noteworthy, as is he and Busey's round of what can only be described as "Zany Golf" at the beginning of the film. As in the later Night Vision (1997), Robert Forster plays a cop who yells at Fred. It's basically the same thing here. There was very minimal Henry Silva - by the time his part in the movie rolled around, he was squeezed out by all the other actors in this broth. And after we were finished pondering why Peter Fonda, as well as his ponytail/mustache combination, were involved in the first place, we got to the rapper Too Kool, not to be confused with Too Short, and another brief Sam Jones appearance. But at least with Jones, there's a fight, instead of him standing around awkwardly as he does in fellow Fred film Down 'n Dirty (2001). But all the names in the cast distract from the amazing goons in this movie. We don't know their names, but we all should. They outshine most of the cast, and they do it in their own lovable way: simply by being humble men, overweight men squeezed into tweed jackets, with mullets and Vuarnet sunglasses. God bless the goons, the unsung heroes of the crime movie world.

As for the DVD we viewed, it's one of those cheapo gas station jobs and is of very low quality. It's actually blurry, and we were told in the late 90's DVD's would never be blurry. The VHS is of far better quality. However, this particular disc is a double feature with the Mario Van Peebles film South Bronx Heroes (1985), and clearly this DVD company was catering to movie fans just clamoring to complete their "South" movie collections. But, in direct contradiction to that, according to the menu screen, the movie is called "Sonth Bronx Heroes". You read that right. SONTH. How you screw up the title of the movie on the menu screen of your own DVD, we'll never know, especially such an easy word like "South". Either that, or the movie is referring to the heroes of an area of New York City that we've never heard of before.

South Beach is kind of a weird outing for Fred, yet also oddly typical of some of his other work. As Survivor once sang when they were surely referring to this movie, "It's the paradox that drives us all".

For more action insanity, drop by:
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