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Lots of Fun, and Tuneful Too!
kalel68685 December 2002
Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 1990's, when Jeffrey Katzenberg was still a top exec at Disney, he had one of his less successful ideas -- to bring back the break-into-song musical. So, as the story goes, he selected three scripts that were about to go into production and gave them to Disney Music Maestro Alan Menken and asked him which of the scripts could be turned into a musical.

And that's how NEWSIES was born.

It's a great story, too, being a fictionalized account of the newsboy strike in New York at the turn of the century. It follows the exploits of a ragtag band of teenage boys, including Cowboy (Christian Bale), who dreams of becoming a ranch hand in Santa Fe, and David & Les (David Moscow & Luke Edwards), brothers who take up selling newspapers when their father is injured on the job.

Conflict arises when Joseph Pulitzer (Robert Duval) gets greedy and raises the price of his newspapers to the newsboys, but not to the public. The outraged "newsies" decide to go on strike, which eventually galvanizes all the working children in the city to stand up for themselves.

It's a fun film, with Duval playing his villain to the hilt, but Ann-Margret is wasted in her role as a showgirl (both of her musical numbers are badly edited down to just snippets of song). Bale is the real wonder here, though, singing and dancing with surprising aplomb. The songs overall are quite good, but a couple of them are hard to distinguish from each other. My favorites are the opening number, "Carrying the Banner," and the rousing "The World Will Know." It seems odd, though, that Duval doesn't get a musical number of his own, considering in Disney's animated musicals the villains usually get the best songs ("Poor Unfortunate Souls" or "Be Prepared" anyone?).

It's a shame that the film didn't do better financially, since as a result of its dismal box office Disney declined to ever make another like it. First time director Kenny Ortega, who also choreographed (he was known for his choreography of DIRTY DANCING), directed one more feature after this, the underrated Bette Midler flick HOCUS POCUS; since that film also failed to find an audience, he hasn't directed a movie since. And that's a shame; he has a very distinctive kinetic style that served both films well.

Seek out a copy of NEWSIES, and go for the widescreen version. You won't be disappointed!
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Movie that never gets old!
fearfalls27 March 2005
When I first watched this movie, I was just 3 years old.. My mom tells me that my little brother and I used to dance and jump off couches and try to spin around on the ceiling fan, and sing, when we watched this movie...

Recently, it was being mentioned to me for suggestions for our school chorus.. I began to look things up about the movie, and all of a sudden, had an urge to go out and buy it the next day. I've had the movie for a week, and have already watched it 6 times.

Around 12 or 13 years later, the movie still has me wanting to dance and sing along... This is a movie that never gets old, no matter what your age.
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i absolutely love this movei!!
Funnibone3116 September 2002
apart from being a wonderful musical (which i've grown up watching so i can tell a good from a bad) it also has a wonderful story-line. the plot is so well thought of, it isn't every day when they make a musical about a strike that happened in 1899. i fell in love with this movie the first time i watched it. it's classical, and when you see it, you can't help but liking it. the dancing, acting, and singing is great. i don't know many teenagers who can dance and sing like that! evenn thought this movie was made 10 years ago and i don't remember it, it's starting to come back. my mom's friend called one day saying that her daughter loves this movie called newsies, and i said that i love it! i thought nobody knew about it, but i was wrong. how could you forget a great movie like this? if you haven't seen it, i gaurentee you 100% that you will probably end up liking it as much as i do.
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Excellent Movie
vampireslayer277-15 August 2004
This is a fantastic movie for people of all ages. It has historical information presented in a fun, and exciting way that keeps viewers entertained throughout. It is a brilliant musical filled with catchy tunes by Academy Award Winner Alan Menken, that wrote songs for The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, that keep you humming and singing even after the movie is over. Great dialogue between characters and fantastic dance sequences. The Newsies is filled with a incredibly talented cast, including Christian Bale, Robert Duvall, Gabriel Damon, Max Casella, Aaron Lohr, Ann-Margaret, David Moscow, and much more. Overall, a very entertaining movie, highly recommended for everyone!!!
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Carry the banner!
BRiTbOhO8324 November 2002
I'm 19 years old in college. I sing the music from this movie on my way to class. And people stop me and say "that's from 'Newsies!' I love that movie!" How many times do you get that kind of response? This movie was exciting, well-choreographed, and funny. It has the best ingredients a musical could have. The best can find this stuff in the history books (well, maybe not dancing newsboys and Robert Duvall playing Joseph Pulitzer...but nobody's perfect...except Christian Bale). See it, love it, brings the kids. They'll want to carry the banner after the movie's long over.
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A Thousand Fans. One Great Film.
JennieB3 January 2000
"Newsies" is one of the few Disney films that can be classified as 'great'. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that, although it's a Disney movie and based on actual events, it actually stays very close to what actually happened. (Who would've thought?) The movie has a very good script, great acting, and music that make even the biggest musical-hater tapping his/her feet. Add into this mix show-stopping choreography, humor, and some of the best actors and actresses you can find anywhere, and you will see why this movie has generated more fans than any other movie in history.
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An energetic,family friendly film.
Mytowngirl30 November 2004
It is so hard to find something that the whole family can watch but this one of the few. Christian Bale does it again bringing laughter and tears to his portrayal of Jack Kelly. Jack is a Newsie(a young boy who sells newspapers) that helps lead a stike against the newspaper owners of NYC in the late 1800's. With the help of his friends, Jack overcomes and wins his rights as a working boy of NYC. Along the way he wins the heart of the girl he loves,confronts his past, and sings and dances his way into the hearts of everyone how watches this film. The music and dance routines are fun and energetic,making everyone want to join in the fun. Includes apreances by:Bill Pulman and Ann-Margret. Music by: Alan Menkin
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This is a movie that you can STAND UP AND CHEER about!
scoobyg696 January 2000
In 1992, Hollywood has all but lost the fine art of movie-musicals, then along came this film & PRESTO, Disney breathed NEW LIFE into the forgotten art. NEWSIES entertains on ALL levels. The songs are singable and catchy, the dancing is lively, the charactors are lovable, and the story is PURELY INSPIRATIONAL!!! This movie works so well on the screen, and could VERY EASILY work as a Broadway Stage Production, that's the feeling it carries. This movie is So MUCH FUN, and I don't feel ashamed for announcing that. This is a movie that you could STAND UP and CHEER about! Christian Bale delivers a powerful performance in acting, singing, AND dancing, and the rest of the boys are equally as talanted. Headlines don't sell papes, NEWSIES sell papes, and they SOLD ME on this film. NEWSIES DELIVERS!!!!
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Uplifting and fun, takes me back to younger years
Casey Dillard29 February 2012
Very important movie from my childhood. It has it's obvious flaws, too long, a few unnecessary musical numbers, not very true to historical events, but for me the positives outweigh it.

Some of the joy felt while watching comes from the fact that the entire cast seemed to be so joyous and fun while filming. They throw themselves into the songs, dances and silly New Yawk accents with relish and delight. Christian Bale was revealed to be a powerhouse performer even back then. The songs are fantastic even today, transportive and beautiful and the choreography allows the skilled dancers to shine.

It always manages to be a fun one to come back to.
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what's not to love? wonderful music and great dancing...
zalieofszann6 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Newsies is my most favorite movie in the whole world! And that's really saying a lot, because I'm seventeen and my other much loved movies include The Sixth Sense and Batman Begins. Oh yeah...Christian Bale is in both Batman AND Newsies. And for an eighteen year old (he was that old in Newsies), his performance is amazing.

Newsies is based on the true story of the 1899 newsboys strike in New York City. Robert Duvall plays Joseph Pullitzer, the real life newspaper tycoon who runs much of the city (newspaper rival Hurst and Teddy Roosevelt himself also appear in the movie). When Pullitzer makes a ten percent cut on the sales of newspapers for the newsboys (mostly teenage boys who smoke and pull off believable New York accents), the boys get mad and go on strike. They are led by Jack "Cowboy" Kelly, a boy on his own who "improves the truth" about himself. He is followed by his partner, the good boy David Jacobs, and his cute little brother Les, and the rest of the grungy street rat boys in their crusade against Pullitzer.

This movie has something for everyone. Really. For the older generation, Duvall's performance is really funny (he is the most entertaining character), and then there's Ann-Margaret (who I don't know, but my parents do, although I thought she was the most annoying part in the movie. Whatever). And for the boys, of all ages, there is the rude, crude behavior of the newsboys, who use a lot of 1890s slang and slurs, and who smoke and fight anybody they don't like. There are at least three fight scenes. And then for all the girls out there, like me, there are the dancing sequences, and the typical love story thrown in. What is better than watching a lot of teenage guys (especially when they're good looking...Christian Bale...) dance and sing in tight clothing? Hmmm? And there is the lone girl among the boys, Sarah Jacobs, David and Les' sister, who is the love interest for Jack.

This movie is also interesting because it is based on a true story, even if loosely. In fact, two of the boys in the movie, Racetrack and Kid Blink (he's the one with the eye patch) were real leaders in the newsboys strike. That's impressive. And it is certainly refreshing to see a down-to-earth, real movie, unlike movies that are either fantasy, or simply don't look realistic at all. This was the way New York was, and this movie makes history a lot more entertaining.

And of course, there's the music. Okay, most people I know don't enjoy musicals, and most don't even know this movie exists. This is a Disney movie, which is why I can't understand why no one knows about it. (And surprisingly, the word "dumbass" is even used-by Jack). But I love the music in this movie. "Carrying the Banner" and "Kind of New York" are fun and two songs you just have to sing along to (my little brother sings "King of New York" all the time), and "The World Will Know" is a song that upholds justice and personal rights. And "Santa Fe" is heartbreaking. This song is sung by Jack (yes, it really is Christian Bale singing) as he expresses how he has no family and nowhere to go in life. This song gets me every time, because you feel exactly what Jack is feeling. And of course, each song is accompanied by amazing dance sequences, which is mind-blowing, taking into consideration that these are all normal teenage guys who normally wouldn't dance. The newsies leap and slide and roll and make everything look so easy, you have to smile.

And now, I must touch on why Christian Bale's performance boggles my mind. I first saw Newsies when I was very young, and last year, I was given the movie on DVD. When watching the special features, I learned that Bale is British, and I was floored. His performance as Jack is real and believable, and I still can't figure out how a British teen could pull off a New York accent without flaw, and sing in the accent on top of that.

It really is a shame that most people don't know about this movie, because it is truly a great story. It has great music, great acting, a true story, and dancing that will make you want to jump off the couch and start dancing too (at least I want to). I have yet to hear any bad word about this movie. It is a movie that I for one can watch over and over and never get sick of it. A must see for everyone.
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Fantastic Film!
ForeverRhapsodey24 December 2004
I loved this film! We had used a dance number from it for a musical I was in and we watched the film at out cast party. I had heard my friends talk about this film before but had never watched it. I love the story and everything about this film! The songs are so catchy, my personal favourites are Carrying The Banner, King of New York, and Seize the Day. My favourite characters are Mush, Jack, Les, Crutchy and David. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes musicals and good songs. Alan Menkin wrote most of the music and he was the one who wrote the music for The Little Mermaid so you know it has to be good! After watching this movie for the first time, I asked for it as a Christmas present. I also bought the soundtrack so that I could listen to the songs wherever I went. I love this musical and it will always be in my top 10 movies list. I don't see how anyone could not like this movie. I've never met anyone who hasn't liked it yet. Kind of like the same thing with the Princess Bride. I don't a single person who doesn't like this movie! I give it 10 stars!!!
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Newsies is a "Must See"
Clarita82-114 May 2006
This musical is perfect for little kids, or anyone for that matter, who want to watch something clean yet entertaining. Not only is it a great story, but it has awesome songs and choreography to go with it. And don't forget Christian Bale, Ann Margaret, and Robert Duvall. (Plus of course all of the Newsies) The story of Jack Kelly (Christian Bale) and his struggle to become something better than a poor, hard-working newspaper boy (newsie) takes place in New York City in 1899. Jack realizes all that he can be when he becomes leader, with a little help from his friend Davey (David Moscow), of the Newsies' strike against a new price increase on the "New York World"'s paper. Filled with humor, dances, and overall talent, "Newsies" will make you wish you were back in 1899.
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Amazing Movie
chonkachic24 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Newsies is an amazing movie. I watch it on a regular basis and have seen it over a hundred times and it doesn't get old, it only gets better, I mean I own it on VHS and DVD. I make all my friends and everyone I know watch it, and so far all of the people I've made watch it have really liked it. The music is awesome, I listen to the soundtrack all the time, and the dancing goes very well with the movie. The acting is superb, and the story is so wonderful. I don't have anything bad to say about the movie at all!! There is something for everyone in the movie, there's drama, fighting, a love story, and uplifting story of the strike and all the working children uniting together. I would recommend this movie to everyone and anyone. I give it two thumbs up!!! I'd really give it four or fives if I had that many thumbs!
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What a fine movie.
JupiterAmy5 May 2003
Having seen this movie in the theatres when it was released, at the age of eight, I have a real affection for it. I had the hugest crush on Spot Conlon. It's hard to find faults in a movie like that. How you feel about this movie will probably depend on how receptive you are to it. Chances are, you'll have one of two reactions while watching "Newsies". One: "I can't believe I'm watching a musical about newsboys." Two: "I freakin' *love* this movie."

Yep, I'm with the latter group. My interest in Newsies was revived when I picked up the soundtrack lately. The music is well written, and infectiously engaging. If you don't like musicals, you're not going to like this film. If you do like musical, I defy you to not like it.

Some parts, yes, are a bit hokey. It's a Disney flick, and by definition, is kid friendly. (A lyrics sampling: "And we'll kick their rear!" "They gave their word, but it ain't worth beans.") But the characters are great (and I'm not just talkin' 'bout Spot). The dynamic between Jack and Davey is great. And even though the cussin' is bland, it's still a story of young kids living in an adult world, facing adult problems with teen angst. That's good stuff. Plus, Robert Duvall's in it. Come on.

"Newsies" kind of got pushed aside after release. As an afterthought, it's interesting to wonder, with the new interest in musicals thanks to "Chicago", if the reception would be different if it were released today. No matter. As evidenced by the comments here, people enjoy it. Darn tootin'.
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Anyone can make a difference
mkz119014 January 2005
Anyone can make a difference, if they believe in the cause … even the "Newsies." You've probably never heard of them, but in the cities, "Newsies are what sell the news." With their "expansion of the truth" these guys can sell anything. They may seem energetic and jolly, but their lives are a little different. Residents of the slums of New York, they strive just to fill their plates each day. While living in shelters, these orphans live their lives by their own rules. With no one but their newspaper distributor caring for them, they have formed their own family. But on their terms it's not all that bad. Living life with no rules … every kid's dream. But their futures are what may worry some.

This musical has everything from villains to the group hero. This typical Walt Disney Production is everything you image it would be: The same old story, an average "slum" like group and their attempt to change old ways of life. The "Newsies" are the rebels against the "Big-Guys" of the New York News Industry. Every rebel group has its leader, like the great, Susan B. Anthony, with her fight for women's rights. For the "Newsies" the handsome flirt, Jack Kelly was their Susan B. Anthony. This story isn't just on the fight for rights, it's like life...with love, laughter, and everyday problems. Also just like in life people lie, Jack Kelly lied of his future in the West. The reason for this was Realpolitik (there is no right or wrong when it comes to doing for your group/ country.) He wanted to be a strong leader for the others, but when it came down to possibly having a future Kelly, rethought his determination. In the end he got back on track and had more determination than ever before.

Ladies, if you would like to see young, handsome men dancing in "tight" newspaper guy costumes, then this is just the musical for you. But, for a 1992 production this musical has some "off the wall music", and the guys sure know how to "drop it like its hot", if you know what I mean. City slums, orphans forming their own family, a fight for change, young love and new friendships, you'll see what it would be like if you went into the real world a "little bit" early. You're never alone in the city of New York … Not even Jack Kelly! As a leader of the pack, he was never really alone. He always had his followers with him.
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Movie Review
Gail (gioia345)6 January 2005
'"Newsies" keeps itself from an educational documentary by holding the Pulitzer and Hearst conflict, Theodore Roosevelt and effectiveness of strikes in the periphery. Indeed, it forces historical accuracy out of the periphery and into the trashcan to provide a feel good ending for the film.

Newsboys did indeed strike in 1899 as a result of Pulitzer's decision to raise the price the newsies paid in order to cover the cost of foreign correspondence. However, the newsie's union did not achieve its goal. Joseph Pulitzer did not return the price of the papers to its former level. The newsies only won the right to redeem unsold papers for money.

But that's not much of a victory, is it? Not compared to the voices of thousands of children raised in protest, calling for rights while gathered in the square beneath the offices of newspaper tycoon Joseph Pulitzer.

Machiavelli would have been full of pride (and taking notes) as Robert Duvall's Pulitzer extorted a few extra cents from his 'distribution apparatus'.

James Rogers, author of the 'Dictionary of Clichés', would have instantly revised his book to include characters Racetrack (a character who just might have been lifted from a Damon Runyon novel: a snappy dresser who bets and smokes cigars), Frances Sullivan/Jack Kelly (charismatic leader), Crutchy (crippled kid looked after by his friends), David Jacobs (the brains behind the leader) and Brian Denton (idealistic journalist looking for a great angle), among others.

At any rate, it's a David and Goliath story. Had the Philistines, the Israelites' opposition at the biblical battle where a shepherd slew a giant, made a cameo appearance, they most likely would not have been able to keep up with the newsboys' dance moves. The choreography blends together well, but still holds the right tone for the characters, working kids living as they please.

All in all, it's a fairly enjoyable movie, if you forget history and refrain from analyzing characters and plot. Its idealistic ending is a crowd pleaser, and the song 'King of New York', will stick in your head
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An AMAZING musical for all ages!
elizalded2 October 2016
Twirls, Leaps, and Tap Dancing Boys? Such a miraculous sight can be watched in the movie Newsies (directed by Kenny Ortega) released by Disney in 1992. The movie centers in 1899 New York, when kids (the Newsies) would sell newspapers to make a living. The story follows Jack Kelly (Christian Bale), and his closest comrade, David Jacobs (David Moscow), who lead the Newsies in a strike against Joseph Pulitzer (Robert Duvall) who had raised the cost of newspapers.

Throughout the movie, scenes filled with amazing choreography and catchy songs get stuck in you head all day. Although this musical has been entertaining, it also contains some historical accuracy. In the movie, Jack Kelly plays the leader of the Newsies. In reality, the leader of the Newsies was named Kid Blink because the boy would wear an eye-patch. This character is seen sporadically thought the movie, maintaining the real life person of Kid Blink involved in the strike.

Theatre is always looking for drama to add, and displaying Pulitzer as the "mean, selfish and prideful" man conveyed the audience to be interested in the overall plot of Newsies. In real life, Pulitzer started off as this character, but later sided with unions during many strikes, and compromised with the Newsies.

Overall, this movie was highly entertaining and hilarious to watch. The actors with all the dancing and singing gave us the intricate show of the Newsies.
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jallen-4312 July 2006
I had nerve heard of Newsies until my sister introduced it to me when I was in forth grade. The first time I watched it I Could barely sit through it, then I fell in love. Newsies became a very odd obsession, I watched it daily, bought the soundtrack, and did research on the movie. While it's effect on me has worn off, I would still agree that Newsies was an Amazing movie, for people of any age, a masterpiece, that could get corny but was still one of my favorites. In Conclusion Newsies had to be one of the best movies I ever saw, and I definitely recommend it to future movie viewers. Except for those few people who hate musicals, this one might cross a line for you guys!
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Carry The Banner!
FairyGirl200328 June 2006
One of the best movies of my child. The music is fantastic, written by Alan Menken. The movie follows the true story of the newsboys, or Newsies, of New York City as they fight for their rights and for the pay they need to survive. Christian Bale plays Jack Kelly, leader of the group and reluctant hero at first. Bale really shines and is a talent in acting and in singing as he preforms the beautiful ballet "Santa Fe". David Moscow and Robert Duval are excellent supporting character's to Bale's Jack. Moscow plays the quiet-to-brave character Dave, Jack's right hand man and Duval as Joesph Pulitzer. If you haven't seen this and love musicals, it's a must see!
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Great Movie
jblack-1412 June 2006
I love the movie Newsies! This is a great movie for the entire family, based on a historical event from the late 1800's. If you love musicals, the dance and singing numbers will definitely pull you in to this movie. My favourite songs are Carrying the Banner, Seize the Day & Santa Fe. But if you don't like musicals, this is an interesting history film too! It illustrates (in a Disneyfied way) something of what it was like to live in New York city over 100 years ago... you get some feel of how hard it was for the poor working class to survive. The topics of child labor & the treatment of orphans are touched on. My niece actually studied this musical in school! It's a good discussion starter. If you don't like history or musicals, you still might like this movie because it is also a story of a poor underdog fighting against the rich oppressor. I find SOME parts of the film slightly boring (the bits with Mr. Pulitzer drag a little), but on the whole, the movie is great. Try this movie!
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Santa Fe
the_tigger_movie15 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this movie immensely and wish that I owned it. However, my older sister does and I get to watch it often. It's one of my favorite movies ever! My favorite song is "Santa Fe" where Jack is discussing the idea of a family, and then of his dream to move to Santa Fe. We all know he wants to move to Santa Fe? However does he ever make it there? No he does not. At the end, he is given a ride to the train station to take a train to Santa Fe and he doesn't go - but he comes back! I love musicals and this movie was a really good example of a good musical. My favorite character is Crutchy. I always thought he was cool, but kind of sweet and innocent at the same time. Long live the Newsies!
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Newsies: And the World will know
alllittlesecrets3 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
For being made over a decade ago, Newsies is still a fantastic movie. I've only applauded at two movies in my life, and this was one of them.

Christian Bale brings the heart-rendering tale of wannabe "Cowboy" Jack Kelly to life. Kelly wants to go to Santa Fe, where "everything's bigger" and to be free of the city where he is forced to work as a Newsie to survive.

Newsies are what Newsboys were once called. They called out the headlines and sold papers for a "penny a pape". If the headlines weren't good, these boys would make up there own. (For example, one headline was about a baby born with two heads, yet it is called out the child has three.) David Moscow brings his character of David to life. Davey is a traditional big brother, trying to keep little Les out of trouble and to watch out for his family. He is unwittingly dragged into the Newsies life, and strike after Les decides Cowboy is his idol.

Throughout the movie, foot-tapping songs are matched with amazing dances. I still am amazed every time I see the DVD, because none of the boys had ever really sung or danced before. The songs are stuck in your head for days, and you love them anyway.

Kenny Ortega did a fantastic job with Newsies. I've seen the movie dozens of times, and still applaud when the striking children of NYC walk onto the set. I am very impressed with this movie, and urge everyone to watch it.
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Is it better than Annie? OH YEAH!
joestank1525 February 2006
The thing that made Annie is that it had a role that every little girl wanted to play. Jack Kelly is the role that every growing boy should want to play. However Disney has not given up the rights. Shame. What did poorly at the box office (perhaps because of the timing. Musicals in 1990s did not seem to be terribly popular) would probably do well on Broadway. Anywho, on with the review.

Newsies is a movie of rebellion. It stars Christian Bale and David Moscow. One of them got to be Batman, and the other got to be in Honey. Not a fair exchange, but hey. Bale's more talented. They turn in good performances, and the story and dialog are endearing. You will feel the power of "The World Will Know" and "Seize the Day (reprise)" I have seen this movie maybe 15 times (I do that with good films) and it rarely gets boring. Minus Ann-Margaret's stuff. I dislike "My Lovey Dovey Baby" (does she actually say the words "My coochy coo") so much. Other than that, the movie is pure gold and the story of rebellion at it's finest.

It's a story of boys and that's the main thing I think kept it from being a hit as Girls were supposedly the only people interested in musicals.
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Simply Great
swansongang17 February 2006
Tons of people have heard of certain musicals that can be called classics: "The Sound of Music," "The Wizard of Oz," "Oliver!" Yet when one of my friends decided that we would watch Newsies, my reaction was "Never heard of it. What's it about?" The Response: "You have to see." I looked at the box, and saw several big names that I recognized, such as Christian Bale and Robert Duvall. I was immediately thinking, "Seems like a nice movie; why haven't I heard of it?" I still can't answer that question.

It simply awed me. I am a long time musical fan, and I had never seen something quite like this. I enjoyed the songs from the beginning, had to admire the plot, felt an immediate bond with the characters. And the dances! I was frightened by the dances. I'd thought that several simple high-school stage dances were tough, but this was insane! I just amazed by how well they were pulled off. All the way to the end, I was watching in eager anticipation of what would happen next. No one disappointed me, the performances were excellent. I was rather intrigued by the fact that this boy longing for Santa Fe was Batman, although I could definitely see the similarities between Robert Duvall's Mr. Pulitzer and Duvall's role as Stalin.

The movie stayed with me. I loved it. I was amongst several (including the people I watched it with) who suggested we watch it in History, when learning of the yellow press and the labor unions. (There, parents, it's educational too.) So, *****/*****. If you haven't seen it, see it. You will not be disappointed.
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I love this movie!!
cobbness1231 January 2006
I remember watching this movie as a small child. I am now 20 and a college student and I think I love it more now then I did then. I have been asking for the movie for holidays for the past 3 years, and this year I FINALLY got it. I have watched it nonstop since. Something about Newsies just hooks you. Whether it's the catchy songs (all of which I know the words to and listen to on a daily basis), the fun dancing, or simply all of the great characters, I find it impossible that anyone could dislike this movie. Newsies takes you back to time where things were much different and it makes you feel a part of it. It's inspiring and a great movie for anyone. I wish that Disney movies today had the same great quality that they did when they made Newsies. NEWSIES IS A WONDERFUL MOVIE THAT I RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE!!!!
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