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Sex & Nudity

  • The film's plot features an international beauty contest. Almost all of these women take their tops off at some point during the movie.
  • Many women dance while partially nude over the course of the movie
  • The camera shows closeups of women's butts or crotches while in lacy underwear
  • A group of partially nude women form a conga-line and dance wildly
  • A man sees a naked woman taking a bubblebath in his tub, she climbs out to towel off
  • Many women wear skimpy or revealing bikinis over the course of the movie
  • Two men are seen hurriedly dressing and undressing several times

Violence & Gore

  • A couple of scenes feature a man slapping another man in the face
  • A thief is comically punched in the face several times, knocked unconscious
  • A lot of scenes feature suggestions of grevous bodily harm, but nothing graphic is ever shown. Among them:
  • A blind woman falls out of an airplane while in the air
  • A man offends a team of police officers who beat him severely
  • A man has dental surgery performed and smoke and blood emit from the offscreen mouth
  • A helicopter pilot and his passenger are killed after the pilot is struck in the head by a thrown bottle of dijon mustard
  • A bodybuilder slaps / spanks a man hard many times during sex
  • An old woman is shot to death in an elevator
  • Two men overhear a man being shot in a bathroom stall
  • High on laughing gas, several people jump out of an airplane to their deaths
  • A man is attacked by alligators
  • A woman grabs a man's genitals hard
  • A bodybuilder threatens to kill many people over the course of the movie
  • Many people are seen carrying hand guns, semi-automatic rifles, and machine guns throughout
  • An airplane passenger is knocked unconscious by the elbows of people just waking up
  • A man is slapped out of sleep by an angry woman


  • Not many scenes feature cursing, but a few have pretty explicit language not fit for children

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Cocaine is mentioned a few times but never seen
  • Several references are made to the main villain as a "drug lord"
  • A man smokes a cigarette and burns his foot on it in a fantasy sequence
  • A scene at an apartment features people holding bottles of alcohol
  • A couple order drinks while on a date
  • A scene at a strip bar shows a couple people getting drunk while talking
  • A man carries a bottle of champaign to his partner waiting for him

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scene in a helicopter is fun and kind of thrilling, but nothing in the film is likely to scare any viewers

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