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Mark Wahlberg: This Is Why I Said I Hope God Forgives Me for Boogie Nights

Mark Wahlberg: This Is Why I Said I Hope God Forgives Me for Boogie Nights
Mark Wahlberg doesn’t regret his role in Boogie Nights — but don’t ask him to take a raunchy role like that again.

The 46-year-old actor admitted to a few missteps in his film career during an interview with the Chicago Inc on Friday.

“I just always hope that God is a movie fan and also forgiving because I’ve made some poor choices in my past,” he said, adding that Boogie Nights was one film that came to mind.

Wahlberg portrayed porn star Dirk Diggler in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 classic. The actor shared a Screen Actors Guild best
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James Prideaux, Playwright Who Wrote Katharine Hepburn TV Movies, Dies at 88

James Prideaux, a prolific playwright and television writer, died on Wednesday, November 18, in West Hills, California, as a result of a major stroke. He was 88.

Early in his career, Prideaux became a member of off-off Broadway’s Barr-Wilder-Albee Playwrights Unit, where his first play, “Postcards,” had the rare distinction of going from off-off Broadway to Off Broadway and then to Broadway.

He earned his first television credits writing for soap opera “The Secret Storm,” and the adaptation of his play “Lemonade” for “Hollywood Television Theatre” before Katharine Hepburn brought him to Hollywood to work on a screenplay, a project that was abandoned when she agreed to appear in the musical “Coco.”

His play “The Last of Mrs. Lincoln” starred Julie Harris in one of her Tony Award-winning performances in 1973. He teamed again with Harris and Geraldine Page on Broadway in his “Mixed Couples.” His writing in later years brought Elizabeth Taylor
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Farewell to Hepburn Tomorrow

Don't cry just yet, Kate the Great fans. While it's true that there is only one wrap-up episode left Tomorrow in Anne Marie's mammoth undertaking "A Year with Kate"* in which she reviewed every performance in Katharine Hepburn's fascinating career, we have exciting news. We're making it into a book! Details are not yet concrete but if you would like to be included in updates about pre-order and other 'Don't Miss It' news, please fill out this form at our Facebook page!

Anne Marie's last episodes airs tomorrow Wednesday December 31st. But until then... take a peak at any you missed. Some chapters will be substantially rewritten for the book.

1930s: A Bill of DivorcementChristopher StrongMorning GloryLittle WomenSpitfireThe Little MinisterBreak of HeartsAlice AdamsSylvia ScarlettMary of ScotlandA Woman RebelsQuality StreetStage DoorBringing Up BabyHoliday,

1940s: Philadelphia Story,
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A Year with Kate: The Man Upstairs (1992)

Episode 49 of 52: In which Katharine Hepburn, octogenarian and Academy Award-winning legend, wrestles a convict and wins.

“You’re too old not to be interesting,” Ryan O’Neal tells Katharine Hepburn midway through The Man Upstairs. As the 1980s rolled into the 1990s, that certainly turned out to be the case for Kate. The formerly private star was now the subject of documentaries, interviews, and the 1990 Kennedy Centers Honors. When she released her autobiography Me: Stories of My Life in 1992, it would have been fair to say that Kate was the busiest recluse in the business.

By this time, there had been so many biographies, interviews, and fictionalizations of her life--of which The Man Upstairs would prove to be another example--so Katharine Hepburn’s autobiography was her chance to set her life in stone once and for all. Told in Hepburn’s typical forthright, conversational style, Me: Stories From My
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Ted 2 Moves Forward As Morgan Freeman Joins The Cast

Even God himself isn’t offended by the foul-mouthed antics of a stoner teddy bear. The man upstairs with his unmistakable booming voice, Morgan Freeman, will be sharing screentime with the pint-sized plushie for next summer’s Ted 2.

With shooting already underway on the sequel, Freeman will be heading out to Boston to join production. Returning cast members include Mark Wahlberg as Ted’s best buddy John; Mila Kunis in a brief cameo as John’s girlfriend, and Amanda Barth as Ted’s checkout girlfriend, Tami-Lynn.

Freeman won’t be the only new kid in class though, as Amanda Seyfried has taken the baton from Kunis and will take over as the female lead. According to Variety, Freeman will “play an iconic civil rights lawyer who comes into the picture when Ted needs to resolve some legal issues.” We can already sense a cuss-ridden verbal sparring between the pair.
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Rihanna Shows Pda With Katy Perry — Over Their Chris Brown Feud?

Rihanna showed up to support the ‘Roar’ singer at her pre-album release party on August 12 in New York City, and it looks like the short-lived frenemies are already back on good terms after feuding over RiRi’s ex Chris. The ‘Stay’ singer made sure to join in on all of the fun at the festivities, even sitting on Katy’s lap!

It’s no secret that Katy Perry and Rihanna grew apart when Rihanna got back together with her ex Chris Brown – Katy even admitted in an interview with Elle UK magazine that she was done trying to save Rihanna. RiRi was mad at the time, but now she says she “adores” Katy and has no hard feelings whatsoever about her disparaging remarks. Read on for all the Exclusive details!

Rihanna Shows Pda With Katy Perry — Over Their Chris Brown Feud?

Rihanna is not one to hold a grudge, so
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Rihanna Reacts To Katy Perry Diss: I Don’t Need To Be Saved

  • HollywoodLife
Rihanna’s not happy about Katy Perry’s recent statement, claiming she can’t save the ‘Stay’ singer from her detrimental entourage. RiRi wants everyone to know that she doesn’t need to be saved and if she did, she wouldn’t call on Katy Perry, a source tells exclusively!

After Katy Perry talked about Rihanna in a recent interview, saying she’s done saving the “Stay” singer from the people she hangs out with, RiRi’s firing back!

Rihanna Reacts To Katy Perry Diss In Elle UK — I Don’t Need To Be Saved

“Rihanna doesn’t need to be saved by anyone,” a source close to the singer tells exclusively. “The man upstairs is to whom she owes everything. That’s who brought her here and that’s who she’s leaving with!”

Rihanna has become accustomed to people making judgements about her life,
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Meet The Cast: Hothouse Bruiser

Hothouse Bruiser is a retro-futuristic noir audio drama coming soon as an app available for all iPod and Android devices. The nine-part, 30-minute episode series follows the adventures of Jason Brusman, aka Bruiser, an ex-cop stuck behind the walls of a quarantined downtown Los Angeles.

Several members of the extensive cast for Hothouse Bruiser were on hand at a recent pre-release party attended by Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Film. Above we had our picture taken with Denise Crosby (Star Trek: The Next Generation) who provides the voice of Ginny Mills, a tequila brewer with a startling scientific secret. (Click on all pictures or actor names to embiggen.)

The bulk of the series is voiced by Paul Nobrega, pictured above, who stars as the Bruiser himself, an ex-lapd detective now working as a hired goon for SaegerTech, the shady corporation that has set itself up as the de facto
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Watch: New Trailer For 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Arrives And Spins A New Web

With "The Avengers" already in theaters and crushing the box office, and with Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" looking to deliver the epic finale everyone is hoping for, can Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man" make it three-for-three? Well, the newest (and, presumably, the last) trailer is here and it's pretty… blah. Sony is going to have to go into overdrive to convince people that it's worth sitting through another two hours of "how Peter Parker got his Spider-Man powers," because, really, this trailer isn't convincing anyone.

The clip features a lot of the same footage that we were shown back in February at the preview for fans/press, and we can't pinpoint anything new in this trailer that we didn't see back then. However, for those who couldn't make it, a lot of this will be brand new. We get glimpses of Rhys Ifans' Lizard villain, Emma Stone looking very adorable,
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Fox Buys Comedy Based On ‘This American Life’ Segment From ‘Horrible Bosses’ Writer

  • Deadline TV
Exclusive: A 2006 segment from Ira GlassThis American Life radio program is being turned into a comedy series. Fox has bought a multi-camera comedy pitch based on the “Deal of a Lifetime” segment of the documentary program, with Horrible Bosses co-writer Jonathan Goldstein writing and Dan Lin producing. Titled The Man Upstairs, the comedy centers on a young woman who buys a house that is advertised as a “deal of a lifetime,” but there’s one catch: the house comes along with the elderly man who owns it. The project will be produced by Warner Bros TV and Lin’s studio-based production company. Last month, Lin launched a TV division of his Lin Pictures, tapped Jennifer Gwartz to run it and signed an overall deal with Warner Bros TV. Goldstein, Lin and Gwartz will executive produce The Man Upstairs, with Glass and This American Life producer Alissa Shipp, who brought the idea to Lin,
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