Malcolm X (1992) Poster


Plot Keywords

jail gangster
islam epic
nation of islam ku klux klan
african american assassination
religion cia
fbi blaxploitation
crusade controversy
black independent film ex con
death of protagonist tragic hero
solitary confinement death threat
shot multiple times two word title
african american protagonist written and directed by cast member
resentment main character shot
main character dies tough guy
death of title character usa flag
man with glasses brooklyn new york city
manhattan new york city harlem manhattan new york city
michael jordan directed by co star
politics flashback
rodney king incident flag burning
nelson mandela violence
tears sadness
rage racist
racial violence racial tension
racial segregation racial prejudice
racial intolerance racial injustice
racial identity racial discrimination
love kennedy assassination
john f kennedy intolerance
husband wife relationship human rights
hatred hate
glasses crying
civil rights black white relations
black radicalism black power
black history black filmmaker
black director black boy
black american black activist
anti racism affection
political activist self discovery
rise to power religious conversion
redemption race relations
new york city murder
inner city fight the system
criminal conspiracy
confrontation compassion
civil rights movement assassin
anger shotgun
shot to death shot in the leg
shot in the chest shot in the arm
pistol loss of husband
death blood
beating bedford stuyvesant brooklyn new york city
cult film black militant
train racism
hustler penitentiary
prison 1950s
police surveillance
racial slur 1930s
police brutality convertible
beach based on autobiography
1960s multiple time frames
urban decay 1940s
interracial relationship 1920s
streetcar based on true story
independent film title spoken by character
character name in title

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