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The scene where the cop says that the missing piece of the dead man is in the bird bath is the only thing in the entire movie that was in Stephen King's short story.
Early versions of the film claimed that they were related to a Stephen King work. King did write a short story called "The Lawnmower Man", but it was completely different to the movie. King sued the film makers, and had his name removed from the film.
The eight minutes of computer generated special effects took seven people eight months to complete on a budget of $500,000.
Dr Angelo's line "I've decided to take my work back underground..." was used as a sample in the intro track for the Music For The Jilted Generation album by The Prodigy
When Dr. Angelo stimulates Jobe's brain using virtual reality, the symbols that fly at Jobe, at close inspection, are Kabbalistic mystical symbols with ancient Hebrew writing around them.
A remote-controlled lawnmower was specifically built for the movie.
The group that runs the experiment, called The Shop, is from another Stephen King book titled Firestarter.
Jobe's hair was initially going to be red, but was changed to bleached-blond because red hair didn't look realistic on Jeff Fahey.
The first scene shot was one of the meetings between Pierce Brosnan's character and government executives.
Last feature of Jeremy Slate.
New Line Cinema released The Lawnmower Man (1992), and the producers had a script called Cyber God. They combined the two, using Stephen King's original title. King was furious at this abuse of his name and he sued the studio to have his name and title removed from the film and promotion. They refused until the studio was ordered to pay $10,000 and full profits.
During the scene where Dr. Angelo first brings Jobe to VSI. A sample was used by Phace in the song Brainwave.
Jenny Wright did only the close-ups in the VR strobe scene because the strobe light made her sick. Her wide-angle shots were done using a double, and the close-ups to her face were done with a blue screen so that she didn't have to move.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The shot of Dr. Angelo (Pierce Brosnan) releasing Jobe with a badly damaged head from the strobe was realized using a mannequin with a plaster head.

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