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Plot Summary

  • Sherlock Holmes agrees to investigate suspected murders in a village whose ancestors had killed a prominent family a century ago that they thought were vampires. These deaths appear to be linked to a descendant of that family, a man who seems to have something malevolently supernatural about him, much like a vampire itself.

    - Written by Kenneth Chisholm <kchishol@execulink.com>
  • The Reverend Merridew entreats Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to come and bring reason to his simple village. A century earlier the inhabitants killed a prominent family thought to be vampires. John Stockton, a descendant of that family, has recently returned, and the people fear supernatural retribution. When a blacksmith dies while under an intense gaze from the man, followed shortly by the death of an infant whom he merely touched the night before, Holmes heeds the call - not to solve a murder but to prevent one before unreasoning fear takes hold and the town becomes a lynch mob once again.

    - Written by statmanjeff
  • Sherlock Holmes is recruited by the Reverend Augustus Merridew to investigate the recent death of a young child. Merridew is concerned that with rumors going about his village, violence may erupt at any time. The dead child, a mere baby, belonged to an old school mate of Dr. Watson, Rob Ferguson and his new wife, the South American born Carlotta. The problem lies with a recent arrival in the village, Mr. John Sinclair Stockton, whose family had been run out of the village over a hundred years ago. The rumor sweeping the village is that Stockton, like his ancestors, is a vampire and that it was he who caused the baby's death. Holmes and Watson travel to the village and search for a more rational explanation to a series of bizarre events that is haunting everyone.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Sherlock Holmes investigates strange and tragic happenings in a village that appear linked to a man who seems to be like a vampire.

    - Written by Kenneth Chisholm


In 1782, in the small Sussex village of Lamberley, the St Claire family was deemed vampires. So certain were the villagers that they burned the home of the St Claires and buried them outside of the church cemetery. It is now one hundred years later...

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