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  • Classic teahouses in Hong Kong offer a place where the city's older populace can escape their tiny apartments, drink tea, eat dim sum and let their pet birds socialize. The teahouse in the film was located on Wyndham Street in Central, and while it's now unfortunately defunct, a few others of its type still exist on the fringes of the city.

  • Besides the theatrical version there is another, about 6 minutes longer Taiwanese version, like a 'first cut'. Mostly, this runtime difference results from additional material at the beginning or end of many takes (but not only action scenes). Sometimes, there are completely new or alternative takes. In rare cases, something entirely new has been added.

  • The suspension of disbelief is necessary here. Both guns he uses in the tea house gunfight are Norinco copies of the Russian Tokarev TT-33 which only had an 8-round magazine. We never see Tequila reload the pistols, however, firing "two-gun" style is a mainstay of many John Woo films & adds to the invincibility angle of the character, also a mainstay of many Woo films. So, yes, it's completely implausible but still fun to watch.

  • This Hong Kong actioner was slightly cut for the British cinemas. A scene of three seconds had to be removed. This scene was also missing in the VHS release by Tartan and in addition to that, they cut two further seconds. The LaserDisc is equal to the VHS, in terms of cuts; all DVD releases are uncut.


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