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Alternate Versions

The Chinese censors requested cuts to the scene where Tequila is graphically shooting thugs in the hospital when he is holding the baby.
This film was released in 2 different Laserdisc editions in Hong Kong. One was the film on 2 discs running over 121 min, the other one was a single disc version running approx. 117 minutes. Both versions are cut for violence.
The beating of the informer Little Ko has lost fives seconds of blows at the behest of the BBFC in all UK versions, with the cinema version missing three of those seconds. There are reports that this footage was accidentally included in the dubbed rental video version. DVD editions released after 2001 are completely uncut.
The German Video-Release, although rated FSK18, is heavily cut. The German TV version (rated FSK 16) is missing half an hour of footage - including almost all the bullet hits.
Released 19.3.2001 in the UK, first the first time, widescreen UNCUT subtitled version on DVD (from Tartan Video). Region 2 with restored print and sound.
Three uncut German DVDs were released. Two Versions in boxes with the second part "Hard Boiled II" and one version with only the first part.

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