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Lovely Job

Author: The Reverend Eli Jenkins
28 September 2001

This was a really cool movie. It just goes to prove that you don't need silly litle things like continuity and scripts to make a movie. It traverses continents in seconds, people get shot and nothing happens to them, swords set on fire, samuari fight on sinking galleons, David Essex is the epitome of slimey villainy and John Rhys Davies is just the dude. I enjoyed this movie but I like s**t movies, this is the perfect example of a very s**t movie that just KICKS ASS. If you like Battlefield Earth you'll love this film, its swashbuckling, its fast, its silly, its samuaraitastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It also looks as if it was made in 1972

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It ain't perfect but...

Author: Veles24 from Finland
25 November 2006

It tries to be the epic adventure of the century. And with a cast like Shô Kasugi, Christopher Lee and John-Rhys Davies it really is the perfect B-adventure of all time. It's actually is a pretty fun, swashbuckling adventure that, even with it's flaws, captures your interest. It must have felt as the biggest movie ever for the people who made it. Even if it's made in the 90s, it doesn't have a modern feel. It more has the same feeling that a old Errol Flynn movie had. Big adventure movie are again the big thing in Hollywood but I'm afraid that the feeling in them will never be the same as these old movies had. This on the other hand, just has the real feeling. You just can't hate it. I think it's an okay adventure movie. And I really love the soundtrack. Damn, I want the theme song.

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Nothing you haven't seen before, but at least it looks good

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
18 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A muddled but amiable international adventure yarn, taking in Japan, Spain, and Morocco along the way, never the sum of its parts. The problem with this movie is that it literally tries to throw in elements of all genres - there's romantic intrigue, action and adventure, war, historical drama, and plenty more besides. The film is episodic in feel, sometimes contrived, and the story never feels anything less than shallow. But despite all this, the cast of familiar faces is nice - despite the fact that all actors merely go through the motions, aside from David Essex - the action sequences are well-staged and exciting, and the characters interesting.

The budget is used to the film's advantage, with some fine locations and backdrops for the plot to play out on. The action ranges from cool ship battles to one-on-one sword fights to scenes of war, with a definite feel of Indiana Jones to them. There are some nice stunts but things never get too bloody, this being a PG-13 film and all, so there's an element of unrealism there. There are about three climaxes in the film, each more exciting than the last, even if all are predictable sword-fighting stuff. Gordon Hessler's direction is capable but never fantastic, and there's always a distance between the audience and actors.

Sho Kosugi re-teams with son Kane after BLACK EAGLE and the pair are pretty good as the Shogun warriors, whose pride comes before everything. Be sure to check out the supporting cast, which includes Norman Lloyd as a crooked man of the cloth; David Essex (who overacts completely) as a wicked Spanish Duke; Christopher Lee (in what amounts to a cameo appearance) as the King of Spain; John Rhys-Davies as the crooked El Zaiden, of Morocco; Ronald Pickup as a pirate; Toshiro Mifune (another cameo) as a Japanese warlord, and finally the lovely Polly Walker as Cecilia, the film's romantic interest. SHOGUN WARRIOR is a watchable, entertaining movie, nothing you won't have seen before, but at least it looks good.

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Nothing special… just that subject of 'what would happen if a Spanish swordsman fight a samurai?'

Author: swedzin from Deadwood
25 May 2016

The movie is quite mediocre. Nothing special happens, the plot itself is not that much epic, the characters are two dimensional and too much ordinary. The story is about shogun warrior Mayeda who is also a personal bodyguard to emperor's son. After the tragic death of his family, his emperor sends him to Spain to do trading. On the way and in the Spain, the trouble follows, so Mayeda has to protect emperor's sun and to show Spanish king his worth and trust. First of all script and directing are boring and too much predictable, obvious and simple. Simple, not in a good way. Now, we have actors… This is one of the 90s appearances of Sho Kosugi in foreign films. But, here, I'll be honest, he tries hard to do some serious acting. He really does, and his character of Mayeda his one tough guy. Honorable and brave, the kind of character that you really enjoy. His son Kane Kosugi appears as emperor's sun Yorimune and I think he was not that bad and I think the character is pretty well written. A young and brash prince, who also holds high respect for Spanish king and bravery. Although, he is bonded by Japanese tradition… when it comes to the women, for example. The leading lady is Cecillia, played by Polly Walker. Polly was young and still has to learn about acting. Cecillia was nothing special, you could easily see that she was there only to fell in love with Mayeda. The leading villain is Don Pedro, played by David Essex. Pedro was funny and typical (spoiled and easily insulted) villain, full of boring pride. While David Essex didn't even try to act here. I was just not that convinced that he was Spanish. Now, for the serious stuff when it comes to the actors. We have John Rhys-Davies here. Yep, as a supporting Turkish villain. This is one of those times, when John started (perhaps) to appear in these low budget movies. We also have Toshiro Mifune, who plays Japanese emperor. He was OK… Mifune hardly fails in his performance. And we also have Christopher Lee as a Spanish king. What an excellent choice for the role, and to give a high ruling position in contrast to Mifune's Japanese emperor. That was just great. Lee was good, also hardly to fail. Although he looked kind of disinterested in his part. Other things as music, editing… well nothing special, as I said before… The movie also has a pretty interesting subplot about an evil plot that christians have with secret samurai clan to kill young prince. I could easily say, (maybe I am wrong) that this movie shows some evil Christian influence on high royals from that time. I don't necessarily recommend this film. But, if you are a fan of sword fighting, especially in this kind of film where Spanish swordsman fights a samurai… but who will win? For that, you need to see the movie.

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It could have worked, but ...!

Author: t_atzmueller from Germany
13 February 2010

I must admit that I have been a sucker for Samurai flicks since I can remember. I used to watch rather indiscriminate, be it "elitist" works like The Seven Samurai or the bloody comic-book variation like Lone Wolf and Cub. I also liked US-/Japanese "Crossovers" like The Bushido Blade. And of course everything containing Sonny Chiba and Hiroyuki Sanada. And I've virtually watched every Samurai at least twice. But not Kabuto.

In 1993 I first watched Kabuto on video, that even Samurai films can be boring. In the beginning I was looking forward to Mayeda reaching Europe and the confrontations that would come from that but by the time he actually reached Spain, I really didn't care so much for the movie anymore.

It wouldn't do the film justice to call it "bad". Technically it's a clean entry into the genre. But there is simply never quiet enough. Sho Kosugi has limited skills as both director and actor and has only a fraction of above mentioned Japanese actors charisma. And speaking of Sho Kosugis son Kane, who appears in almost all Sho Kosugi films as Shos son: he has inherited little-to-none of his fathers limited acting skills. Adding to the minus-points is the absence of the blood and gore that until then was a trademark of all Samurai film. This was obviously intended for a younger US- / European audience.

Lets just say that it's a so-so film for the average historic-action-adventure fan but a bore for hardened fans of Samurai cinema. Fans who are into the "Samurai meets …"-genre, should rather go and watch Red Sun (1971), featuring Charles Bronson as cowboy who has to team up with Samurai Toshiro Mifume to retrieve a samurai sword from bad-guy Alan Delon. It pretty much how to do it right and where Kabuto went wrong.

So, even though the film is a mere 100 minutes, it seems like a much longer film.

The reason I gave this a honourable 4/10 points instead of 3/10: First time I saw this film, I saw it in the German synchronized version. In this version, Kosugi can actually be understood. I must admit that his 'Engrish' is at times funny but gets tiresome after about 30 minutes.

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I'll have the cheese, with extra cheese, and a coke, served with cheese

Author: AwesomeWolf from Australia
11 January 2005

Oh my, I think this may be the single cheesiest movie I've ever seen. I'm serious, this is one of the ultimate b-movies. The first proof is that it isn't a $5 DVD. Oh no, that's too mainstream for this. I got this on VHS, from a bin full of ex-rental videos at my local video store.

If I may quote the blurb: "In 17th Century Japan, there lived a samurai who would set the standard for the ages. His name was Mayeda. He is sent on an epic journey across the world to acquire 5,000 muscats from the King of Spain. Whilst at sea a violent storm swallows their precious gold intended to buy the weapons and almost takes their lives. Mayeda must battle all odds to survive and the secure the fate of his beloved Japan." It then goes on to say "A multi million dollar action adventure epic set across three continents"

I must have seen a different movie. This was no epic, and it certainly wasn't a multi million dollar anything. No, 'Shogun Mayeda' is really just the crazy adventures of the Engrish-speaking Mayeda (Sho Kosugi). He isn't even a Shogun really, but thats not important. What is important, is that he does a really cool impression of John Cleese's repeated charging of the one castle in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', and his ability to go from serious scenes to showing off his samurai mind powers. Awesome.

The greatest thing about this movie is Sho Kosugi's Engrish accent. The movie may lack nearly everything that makes a good movie, but makes up for it with some of the cheesiest lines ever, delivered by the coolest Engrish accent ever. And honestly, do you really want anything else? You could fast forward 'Shogun Mayeda' to the end, and replay Kosugi's final line over and over. The tape will probably wear out before you get tired of that one line. Awesome.

2/10 - So very very cheesy.

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Shogun Mayeda - A Masterpiece

Author: James_Bond_007_218 from Wellington, New Zealand
8 September 2005

In 17th Century Japan, there lived a samurai who would set the standard for the ages. His name was Mayeda. He is sent on an epic journey across the world to acquire 5,000 muscats from the King of Spain. Whilst at sea a violent storm swallows their precious gold intended to buy the weapons and almost takes their lives. Mayeda must battle all odds to survive and the secure the fate of his beloved Japan. Shogun Mayeda is a multi million dollar action adventure epic set across three continents.

Starring cinema legends Sho Kosugi (Tenchu: Stealth Assassins), Christopher Lee (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Trilogy), John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Indiana Jones Trilogy) and Toshiro Milfune (The Seven Samurai, Throne of Blood), Shogun Mayeda (Kabuto) is a film masterpiece.

The Osaka winning stunt team bought to the screen by Bob Ivy bring exciting battle/action sequences such as the opening battle against the Eastern army, the attack on Mayeda's ship carrying priceless jewels and the final confrontation between Sho Kosugi and David Essex. A fine musical score by famed composer John Scott is also present. Director Sho Kusugi was not even nominated for an Oscar for this film which deals with the emotional strife such as the death of Mayedas family, the search for love and acceptance after grieving, all of which is dealt with extremely well. Highly recommended cinematic masterpiece.

Please note: All of the above is opposite for the film in question.

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