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Alternate Versions

This Jackie Chan vehicle has been re-released in the USA in 1996 after the success of _Rumble in the Bronx (1995)_ in a slightly altered version:
  • Running time is two minutes shorter than the original (now 91 minutes);

  • Picture has been dubbed in English instead of being subtitled;

  • There's a new title sequence and a different soundtrack, featuring a music score by Joel McNeely and some pop/rock tunes;

  • Jackie Chan's character name has been changed from Chen Chiachu to Kevin Chan;

  • Actress Michelle Yeaoh is billed as Michelle Khan in the new version.

The Criterion laserdisc has both the Cantonese and English-dubbed soundtracks, as well as the five scenes that were deleted from the American version.
Deleted scenes from the American version are reprised at the end of the Criterion laserdisc. These include a brief scene at the beginning between Hong Kong cops and the DEA; a scene in a marketplace where various endangered animals are for sale; several moments from the scene where Jackie's character meets Chaibat for the first time -- in which a girl gets a fatal shot of heroin from Panther's sidekick.
The Dimension version of Police Story 3 cut out 9 mins from the original Hong Kong version. The running time of the Hong Kong version is 100 mins. The running time of the Dimension version is 91 mins.

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