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  • Marie has two appetites, sex and blood. Her career as a vampire is going along fine until two problems come up, she is interrupted while feeding on Sal (the shark) Macelli and she begins to develope a relationship with the policeman who has been trying to put Sal away. Sal wakes up in the morgue very confused and very thirsty. He goes back to his old haunts and begins to create an organized crime family of vampires while Marie and her policeman lover hunt him.

    - Written by John Vogel <jlvogel@comcast.net>
  • A modern day vampire tale about a very beautiful French vampire named Marie. Marie is a vampire, unlike any other as she only feeds on bad people who do bad things. Sex and blood are her main course, and one night she goes for Italian. When she feeds on a ruthless crime boss named Sal "The Shark" Macelli, she is discovered by an undercover cop, and does not finish him off in order to prevent him from turning. Unfortunately, Macelli wakes up very confused and extremely thirsty...for blood. Now, Marie and her newfound lover must stop Macelli and his gang of vampires.

    - Written by Emphinix
  • Marie, a female vampire with a conscience, decides to restrict her feeding requirements to the violent Pittsburgh gangsters who are at large in the city. Marie's victims become vampires themselves if she fails to permanently immobilise them, so when this happens, the gangsters become a serious problem which she has to fix.

    - Written by Rob Hartill
  • Marie is a vampire with a thirst for bad guys. When she fails to properly dispose of one of her victims, a violent mob boss, she bites off more than she can chew and faces a new, immortal danger.

    - Written by AJ


The camera pans along the nighttime skyline of Pittsburgh, as a romantic song plays in the background...

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