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  • Kevin McCallister is back. But this time he's in New York City with enough cash and credit cards to turn the Big Apple into his very own playground. But Kevin won't be alone for long. The notorious Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv, still smarting from their last encounter with Kevin, are bound for New York too, plotting a huge holiday heist! Kevin's ready to welcome them with more battery of booby traps the bumbling bandits will never forget!

    - Written by Anthony Pereyra <hypersonic91@yahoo.com>
  • Once again, it is Christmas time, and the McCallister family is planning another vacation, only this time they are bound to vacate in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, Kevin does not agree with the rest of his family about this upcoming vacation and once again he got himself into trouble again, regarding with a fight with his brother Buzz. But as he and his family arrived at the airport they could miss their flight, this is where the chaos which is Chicago/O'Hare airport causes Kevin to unknowingly separate from the rest of his family, so instead of Miami, he is going to New York (much to Kevin's dismay). But what Kevin will soon realize that he will not only be alone in a big city, having a luxury suite at the Plaza, and visiting some of New York's biggest stores and seeing some sites as well, he will also reunite with his rivals the "Wet Bandits" Harry Lime and Marv Merchants, who escaped from prison and to New York and are planning to rob a toy store named "Duncan's Toy Chest" where the owner E.F. Duncan is planning to use the money to donate it to the children's hospital. Kevin plans to defeat the wet bandits once and for all by using his uncle Rob's renovating townhouse and the equipment inside as traps to defeat them and save Duncan's Toy Chest.

    - Written by John Wiggins
  • A year following the events of Home Alone, Kevin McCallister and his family are set to spend their Christmas vacation in Miami. However, at the airport, Kevin accidentally takes the wrong flight and finds himself in New York. With his father's bag and credit card, Kevin is able to book a suite and enjoy the city. However, Kevin's arch-enemies Harry and Marv have recently escaped from prison and find themselves in New York. After Kevin crosses paths with the duo, it's up to him to bring the duo back into custody.

    - Written by Sam
  • Kevin McAllister and his family are planning to go to Miami, Florida during the holiday season this time around. At the airport, Kevin becomes seperated from his family and ends up on an airplane to New York City. Kevin manages to stop a taxi cab and has the driver take him to the Plaza Hotel, and using his father Peter's credit card, Kevin rents out a suite. While in New York, Kevin befriends E. F. Duncan, a friendly toy store owner, and Kevin also befriends a homeless Pigeon Woman then Kevin runs into his old enemies Harry and Marv, who have escaped from prison. When Kevin discovers that Harry and Marv plan to rob Mr. Duncan's toy store on Christmas Eve, Kevin makes plans to stop them. Kevin's mother Kate, upon realizing that she and the family have become seperated from Kevin, frantically tries to find Kevin.

    - Written by Todd Baldridge
  • Kevin McCallister and his family are taking a vacation to Florida. At the airport Kevin loses his family and accidentally gets on a plane to New York City. After enjoying himself there for a while, he runs into his old enemies, Harry and Marv, who have escaped from prison. After finding out they are planning to shoplift in a toy store, he sets up a plan to put them behind bars once again. He sets up traps in an old house, and engulfs the duo with them. Afterwards, he is reunited by his family.

    - Written by gavin (gunmasterM@hotmail.com)
  • One year after Kevin was left home alone and had to defeat a pair of bumbling burglars, he accidentally finds himself in New York City, and the same criminals are not far behind.

    - Written by David Rush


The McCallister family is preparing for another family trip, this time to Florida. However, Kevin is not at all happy...

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