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Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
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Not as Bad as I Expected

Author: patrick_bateman_77401 from California
3 February 2003

I first viewed Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth after I saw Hellraiser: Bloodline in a theater (the most underrated Pinhead flick of all). I was going to rent the original, but they were all out, so I rented the Unrated version of this. And I didn't think it was that bad after what I had been hearing.

Pinhead is pretty much himself in this as he was in the other two. He's just shown killing more than when we just saw him kill one victim. He still has smart things to say. And he still has all 128 pins embedded in his head.

The new Cenobites were interesting, but they weren't as creepy as the Chatterer, Female, or Butterball. The only two real intriguing Cenobites were the CD Cenobite and the Terri Cenobite.

The cast was good. We got to see Doug Bradley as Human and Pinhead. Terry Farrell, long before her role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is intriguing to watch as the young reporter who is given the task to stop Pinhead, as well as Paula Marshall and Kevin Bernhardt, who play an ally and foe to the reporter that become Cenobites in the end (I wonder if those were really the actors under all that makeup and leather).

And a big plus is that they use the original score instead of cooking up some cheesy score as most third sequels do. It's good to hear the original score, which mixes horror with eroticism.

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth is not a disappointment.

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Hey, it was decent! (SPOILERS in here)

Author: AndrewWalker747
18 November 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't know why this movie got a bad rap. I personally thought it was well-done. Some parts were actually pretty scary (ie. when Pinhead traps everyone in the nightclub and kills em with chains, and Pinheads demolition of New York. The whole idea of Pinhead's "good self" (capt. Elliot Spencer)was nicely drawn out and contrary to popular belief,was not corny at all. It made the movie more interesting. The new cenobites were actually kinda cool and funny (Joey's camera guy's funny line after he was turned into a cenobite-"Look what he did to me, you little bitch!") Anyway, I could go on and on about this but to keep it short this was a pretty good horror flick. It didnt have all the unnecessary gore like Hellraiser II did, and it still was scary and good to watch. 7/10

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what a trip

Author: Dockelektro from Portugal
25 July 2001

Really, and I thought "Moonwalker" was a treat. I had to turn my tv on in a dutch hotel and stumble into the last 30 minutes of this comedy. The things explode everywhere, a guy which is killed by a cd, another one which is killed by a augmenting lens, and I was laughing so hard my guts were aching. All the clichés were there, all the improbabilities, etc. If this movie has its last 30 minutes like this, I wonder how mediocre the rest will be. When the pinhead melts with the priest or the scientist or whatever it really had me laughing... even those Z movies deliberately made in an awful way aren't this good. For a trip like this I also recommend "The Exorcist 2" or "Showgirls"...

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While not the best of the series, it was certainly hilarious!

Author: Aussie Stud from Providence, Rhode Island
24 June 2001

The third installment in the Hellraiser series, we follow a female reporter, Joey, who stumbles upon the infamous 'Puzzlebox' and unleashes the terror within.

The opening scenes of the movie are quite amusing. We see a screaming male wheeled into an operating room on a gurney. He has the infamous metal hooks and chains hanging from his shredded flesh and we can immediately identify this to the joyous work of Pinhead and his cenobites. As the doctors calm the screaming male, a sadistic nurse lays out weird-shaped and rather deadly looking implements on the table behind him. This really has nothing to do with the story, but it gives you the sense that these people aren't really Doctors and nurses. Before they can operate on the male, the chains spring to life and rip his body apart and we are introduced to the central character of this story.

Joey is a struggling reporter who decides to cover this particular story. She talks to the victim's girlfriend, Terri, who explains that all of these things happened after he played around with a 'puzzlebox' that he stole from an antique collector. Terri gives the puzzlebox to a sleazy club owner who she once slept with and he unleashes Pinhead and his cenobites once again as he accidentally opens up the portal that connects Hell with Earth.

The fun starts here once Pinhead gatecrashes a popular night club called "The Boiler Room". This is actually the highlight of the whole movie. As the patrons run towards the chained doors, each one is killed in a brutal yet hilarious fashion. One female patron has a spear of ice jutted into her open mouth. A male patron gets three snooker balls shoved down his mouth!! You basically see a lot of people getting hoisted into the air with chains and whatnot, but we get to see very elaborate killings.

When some of the unfortunate victims return as cenobites, Joey discovers that she's stumbled upon more than just a "hot scoop". Actually, the cenobites in this movie are the most creative out of the whole series. Joey's cameraman gets turned into a cenobite and he has his camera installed into his head! A disc jockey has the unfortunate experience of having CD's implanted into his head and further uses them like Ninja stars as he hurls them as weapons! A bartender concocts molotov cocktails as he 'shakes but not stirs' his 'special' drink as he throws them at police officers who fire pointlessly at them with their guns.

The most hilarious scene is when Terri (now a cenobite) walks around with a cigarette poking out of the flesh of her exposed throat and she burns Joey with it.

But all good things must come to an end once Joey sends them back to where they came from. Not much insight is given to Joey's character - but the viewer hasn't really come along for the ride to learn about someone we don't really care about. We all came to see Pinhead and his cenobites, and that's what we got! The only one real surprise about this installment was catching Kirsty in a cameo as an asylum lunatic trying to convince everyone that she has been to Hell and back. It is quite obvious she was placed in this scene as a special treat for all the Hellraiser fans out there as this scene was completely irrelevant to the storyline.

While not the most memorable of the Hellraiser series, it certainly provides enough laughs for an hour and a half of fun. It usually airs on the Sci-Fi Channel every few months. Keep your eyes out for it!


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Another good sequel. Almost exactly as good as part II.

Author: aaronzombie ( from Yucaipa, CA
12 February 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Once again we are drawn into the world of Pinhead and the Lament Configuration. However, if you think this film is like the first two, you are wrong. Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth is a different approach on the Hellraiser mythology, and a good one at that.

!!!POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!We open up in a city Hospital where a reporter named Joey witnessess the death of someone who opened the infamous puzzle box. She tracks down the person who witnessed the man opening the box and together the two search for some answers. However, a nightclub owner has found the soul pillar where Pinhead has been imprisoned since Hellbound and accidentilly releases him. Joey learns that in Hellbound Kirsty had split both the good and bad sides of Pinhead and with the help of the good half must destroy Pinhead before it's too late.

Good story, acting, and effects. *** out of *****. The last good Hellraiser(So far anyway).

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"The best of the lot!"

Author: John Sanders (dobbs-11) from Rotherham, England
24 November 1999

I really don't care what anyone says. This film is definately the best in the series. It's full of shocks, gore, excitement and tension. Just like a good horror movie should be. Although this time around some of the claustraphobia is lost through the streets of New York, rather than in an old house like the original 'Hellraiser'.

Ashley Lawrence doesn't really make an 'official' appearence which I think, is a good thing as her character couldn't really be improved, they'd just be dragging out a perfectly good charatcer.

There's also a good back story in this film, explaining how Pinhead came to life. But it's more of an action/horror film, rather than just pure horror. Fans of the series don't miss this, but be wary of Bloodlines. It has nothing to do with its predecessors and is just plain stupid.

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pretty good for a "hip" sequel

Author: Anne Drogyness ( from Chicago Vatican
2 August 1999

In the past few years, there have been a lot of horror sequels that are really just "hip updates" of the originals. Carrie 2, Halloween H2O, and the Friday the 13th where Freddy goes into the Nintendo come to mind. Each of these sequels paled in comparison to the original, partly because they are dated in their "hipness" after five years. This is not the case with Hellraiser III. It is a pretty good story. As usual, we get the gore and cool costumes. There are more cenobites in this one than all of the others movies in the series (i DO miss the other original three, though). The "Pillar of Souls" is here (from the end of the second one), along with some brief recaps of the second movie (there is even a cameo from Kirsty!). The soundtrack is okay, but it should be pointed out that this soundtrack has music from actual "bands": KMFDM, Motorhead, etc. which is a first for the series. Anyway, the story is about a reporter, Joey (Terry Farrell), who wants to get a "Big story". She stumbles on a victim in a hospital who has hooks dangling from him- Hellraiser style. The victim had been brought to the hospital by a girl named Terri (Paula Marshall). Her investigation into the story through Terri leads her to a cool club called "The Boiler Room". Terri's ex-boyfriend owns the club, and happens to be an artist/art collector who recently acquired the Pillar of Souls. The story has some insight into Pinhead, too. One of the things I like about Hellraiser III is that it doesn't mess with the storyline. Pinhead's character is a real focus of the movie, all the way to the end. Don't worry, though- he still has his "profound" lines throughout the movie, but he also has a sense of humor now! My favorite scene in the movie in definitely the church scene... I should probably say now that the fourth movie is not as good as any of the others in the series and was a huge disappointment for me. But that is a different review...

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Hellraiser, A Trilogy (?)

Author: Ride-3 from Stockton, California
13 April 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hellraiser III:Hell On Earth is about a young nightclub owner named J. P. Monroe who buys a statue with Pinhead's face embedded in it. Pinhead makes J. P. bring him women who's skins will make him whole again. Meanwhile, a newsreporter named Joey Summerskill receives the puzzle box from a punkette, who is later turned, along with J. P., into cenobites. Joey has all this time been visited by the ghost of World War I Captain Elliot Spencer, who gives her hints about how to stop Pinhead. Even at the end of this second sequel, the ending is left wide open for yet another sequel, which finally appeared in 1996, called Hellraiser:Bloodline.

Hellraiser III:Hell On Earth is Unrated for extremely strong graphic gory horror violence, strong sexuality, nudity, and for strong language.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Why do people rate the Hellrasier movies so highly?

Author: Steven Smith from United Kingdom
22 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've never understood why these Hellrasier movies get so much accolades in the horror genre. Hellrasier is often called a "horror classic". I've never understood why. Putting Hellrasier in the same category as the Exorcist or Halloween is just laughable in my opinion.

This third instalment has plenty of gore and gruesome death scenes but suffers from the same problems I've always had with the other Hellrasier movies - the acting is just terrible, the dialogue is inane and the direction is amateurish and extremely dull. There is literally no attempt made to make any of the scenes suspenseful and intelligent. Everything is just thrown in your face and made obvious. Aside from the gore, Hellrasier has nothing going for it. I wish there was something positive I could say about it but I really can't. The only positive I can draw from this is it has some interesting death scenes. That's it.

The Cenobites in the other Hellrasier movies were actually pretty cool, in this movie though, the Cenobites just look ridiculous and silly. (You'll see what I mean when you watch it). There's also too many Cenobites on screen at once - Why couldn't the director just stick with the original four Cenobites we were already familiar with? Was it really necessary to have 5-6 Cenobites on screen at once?

"Pinhead" was also extremely annoying in this film; with his pretentious one liners and obvious attempts to try and come across as evil and spooky. (Cackling like a maniac etc..).

If you want to watch a movie with people getting killed brutally for no apparent reason, then you'll probably enjoy this film. But if you're looking for an intelligent, well directed horror movie I'd strongly recommend you watch something else. This film isn't for you.

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2 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Hellraiser III...enjoyable but not the best.

Author: netolopezsantos from Mexico
20 December 2009

I rented this movie last Friday , me and my girlfriend watched it.I think it is not that well made as the other two hellraiser movies, but the other movies are more original and this one pinhead is like a Freddy Krueger..Jason killer.But it is so well made and interesting i loved when Joey walked through the window and came to the other room...So magical and scary.The main character makes the movie believable and real.I loved the scary dreams she had about her father,the were so touching.Very gory and good.People will identify a lot with one of the characters named Terry because the girl is starting her life and she is kinda lost like all of us were.Some scenes that you will enjoy is when she is being chased by the cenobites across the street and when the good side of pinhead talked to joey through the radio or the TV.I truly recommend this movie...not the best but still a movie all hellraiser fans will love. rated R:STRONG VIOLENCE,SEXUALITY AND LANGUAGE.

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