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What happened?

Author: John S. LaTour (Jawn138) from Somerset, MA
8 October 2001

I'm not quite sure what happened to poor ol' Pinhead, but his character sure got an overhaul for this misfire of a film. He is transformed from his more mysterious visage into a gimmicky Freddy Krueger-type mass-murderer.

Once upon a time in the series, you had to open a puzzlebox searching for the secrets of pain and pleasure to be attacked by the Cenobites. But no more. Hell, all you have to do now is go to a nightclub and you're on the victims list. Sillyness abounds as the DJ becomes a CD throwing cenobite and a cameraman launches missiles (yes, missiles) from the lens buried in his head. Stupid.

Way off base when compared with the rest of the series, and not worth your time.

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Ya know...

Author: Kenn Reul (Skyfish) from Gainesville, FL
27 January 2004

Being a slasher horror fan during it's rising in the late 70's early 80's I watched the first 2 HellRaiser films and when I saw part 3 I was disapointed. But watching it again (HBO 01/27/04) I gotta say I was impressed with the story in general.

I Really got into the last bit where the PinHead chracter confronts it's "good self" Very good plot twist written in the classic feel for the character.

If you were a fan of the first and second HellRaiser films rewatch 3 with an open mind... time heals all wounds.

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Hellraiser falls by the wayside

Author: Tophee from Morrisville, PA
11 January 1999

Watching this film as part of a four movie Hellraiserthon, I was full of expectation after the brilliance of the first two films. This third venture was a total disappointment, replacing the plot and tension of the earlier films with pretty girls and lots of mindless violence. The only saving grace was the excellent performance by Doug Bradley as a very confident and menacing Pinhead. Personally, I'd watch the first two films many times again, but skip this vacation from quality.

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The Worst of the First Three

Author: spacelord from United States
4 November 2000

I have yet to see Bloodline or Inferno, but Hell on Earth is the worst of the first three Hellraiser movies. It lacks both the wit and the sheer terror of the first two films. What's more, it breaks the rules established in the previous Hellraiser films (that is, Cenobites cannot harm the truly innocent, the Cenobites can be summoned or banished by the box, and so on). And while Pinhead actually spoke very little in the first two films, in Hell on Earth he is downright talky. Unfortunately, only a few of his lines are very memorable. It is unfortunate that Clive Barker did not have more to do with this movie (he wrote and directed the first and wrote the story for the second), as it might have turned out much better.

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Good, but the beginning of the series' downfall

Author: sgtking from United States
13 October 2007

The films 'Hellraiser' and 'Hellbound: Hellraiser II,' weren't like anything ever seen before. They were doors into new worlds. The end of II was an open ending, so it seemed only natural that more sequels come, and 4 years later we got one. But something had changed, and not necessarily for the better. It was decided that Pinhead, otherwise known as the Lead Cenobite, would be the villain and given more to do this time around. On top of that a big studio, in this case Paramount, would be the new distributor and we all know what can happen sometimes when a big studio gets involved. If I'm making it sound like I hate 'Hellraiser III,' I don't, but like other fans I feel this is where the series began to lose it.

Pros: Pace moves right along. Good performances, the standout being Paula Marshall. The urban setting is a nice change of scenery. An OK score that mixes some classic 'Hellraiser' themes with some new stuff. Some really good special and visual effects. The war scenes are well done. Some excellent set pieces, my personal fave being the one in the club. Some pretty neat new Cenobites.

Cons: No real surprises or much we haven't already seen. Though Doug Bradley does a good job as both Pinhead and Captain Elliot Spencer, the fact that Pinhead is made the villain and given more screen time does make him a bit less scary and mysterious. The final confrontation is kind of disappointing.

Final thoughts: Though not at all a bad film, this second sequel to Clive Barker's ground breaking film is a step down from it's predecessors. As I said there's not much here fans haven't already seen and both Pinhead and the film are pretty much on the same level as other movie monsters of the time, which was never the idea. But still it's fun, has some style, and is far more interesting than some of the other sequels.

My rating: 3.5/5

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The "waste" of a perfectly good franchise

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
15 October 2003

first of all, Hellraiser III isn't a BAD film. In fact, it's quite good if it would stand on its own. And it certainly is one of the more decent efforts in the overall disappointing decade of the 90's. Compared to the first two Hellraisers, however, it's a bit of a failure. Hellraiser ('87) and Hellbound ('88) were horrorfilms in the purest possible form and my two all-time favorites. There were 4 indicators in those movies that brought them close to being the definition of horror.

1. Creating a unique and utterly morbid atmosphere (through settings, music etc...)

2. Building up an unbearable tension ( the occasional twists etc..)

3. Showing nasty and very bloody sequences in a beautiful way

4. The presence of a true horror icon !! ( in this case...PINHEAD )

Hellraiser III fails to at least 3 of these points...The dark and macabre settings from Hell and the mental institution are replaced by a bar which plays horrible rock music, there's almost no tension to detect and it's a very predictable story. The gore however is still present, but the quality of it doesn't come near the originals. The Boiler Room massacre puts Clive Barker to shame, I think. The whole story know turns around the character of Pinhead. He's more than ever the star of this movie and that almost goes wrong. He talks too much and he even starts to become funny. That certainly isn't good for a horror icon. ( Look at what a joke Fred Krueger became ). Director Anthony Hickox obviously is a big fan of Pinhead and he wanted the movie to be especially about him. Every now and then Hickox tries to link this film to the original story but it clearly isn't his biggest concern. The tapes about Kirsty in the Chanard institute and the dream-sequences where Joey meets Elliot Spencer are too fake and forced. The movie does explain where Pinhead comes from but it certainly isn't stressed enough...

Hellraiser III goes very much over the top near the end and I almost lost my love towards Pinhead after the church scene ! I'm trying to forget that particular part. It really is a shame that this movie is part of the series. If this would have been a new film ( with a new demon ) it would have been an enjoyable, well-made change. But as part of a great series it fails to deliver and you're left behind with a disappointment. This movie was followed by episode 4: Bloodline and a few others after that. The fourth is a surprisingly good attempt to bring back the spirit of the original ones and should be watched directly after the first two. Everything that came after part 4 should be skipped unless you're a die-hard Pinhead fan.

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Fun sequel, that lacks what the first two had

Author: btrocksyoursocks from New York
7 May 2005


starring: Terry Farrell, Doug Bradley, Paula Marshall, Kevin Bernhardt, Ashley Laurence, Ken Carpenter.

plot: Reporter Joey (Terry Farrell), troubled teenager Terri (Paula Marshall) and playboy club owner J.P. (Kevin Bernhardt) are in danger from Pinhead (Doug Bradley) after he is resurrected from his purgatory. Meanwhile, Elliot Spencer's ghost contacts Joey in order to save him from his purgatory, and Pinhead sets out to create 'hell on earth' by creating new cenobites.

the good: The thing that kept me engaged the most was the characters. Joey and Terri had great chemistry and make a good example of true friendship, Doug Bradley is great as the evil Pinhead and the good Elliot Spencer, I loved to hate the selfish and cocky J.P. and Ashley Laurence has a cute cameo as Kirsty.

It also had some fun action and great visuals from director Anthony Hickox.

the bad: Even though Doug Bradley was great as Pinhead, here he is missing what the other films have. The emphasis on how Pinhead is not evil. He does not run hell, he just works at it. He does what has to be done. Here he is just an unstoppable killing machine.

I also hated Ken Carpenter as Doc, he is a horrible actor!

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Passable Sequel In the Long Running Series

Author: Nancy_Grease from Canada
16 October 2014

Hellraiser: Hell on Earth stars Terry Farrell as a young television reporter investigating a horrific murder where the victim appears to have been torn apart by hooks and chains somehow connected to a strange puzzle box discovered near the body. The clues lead to a prostitute and a sleazy nightclub owner who's latest art installation is a remnant of the cenobite dimension left behind on our world which contains the blackened soul of Pinhead. Hellraiser II director Tony Randel co-wrote the screenplay for Hell on Earth and he tries to pack a bit too much into the film. The climactic chase through the city streets with pyrotechnics and special effects exploding all around feels forced, like much of the action here. It's dictated by the unwieldly script rather than flowing natuaraly. If you like the first two Hellraiser films you'll want to see Hell on Earth and you may even enjoy it.

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8 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

An Okay 3rd Installment

Author: Gafke from United States
22 January 2006

Where Hellraiser 1 and 2 were both very dark and very British, Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth is very Hollywood.

J. P. Monroe is the scumbag, soulless owner of The Boiler Room, a somewhat gothy dance club decorated with morbid art. In his search for more profane objects to add to his collection, J. P. comes across, and subsequently purchases, an odd pillar in an art gallery, which fans of the first two films will have no trouble recognizing. Enter Joey Summerskill, a frustrated reporter who comes across a bizarre death in a hospital emergency room. As she watches, a young man is torn to pieces by hooks and chains that appear out of midair. Eager to discover the story behind the gruesome, supernatural death, and with only one clue to follow, Joey arrives at the Boiler Room and befriends the insecure and abused Terri, J. P.'s ex girlfriend. Together, they discover the history of the Lament Configuration, the bizarre happenings at the Channard Institute and the story of Kirsty Cotton. But it doesn't end there. Joey begins having dreams about a man named Elliot Spencer, a World War One soldier who warns her that evil has been unleashed in the form of his own evil alter ego, the Cenobite Pinhead. Indeed, Pinhead soon breaks free and turns The Boiler Room into a slaughterhouse. Now he wants Joey. But can Elliot Spencer stop Pinhead before Joey is taken to Hell?

This isn't a terrible sequel, really. It's not great, but it's nowhere near as bad as some of the others that followed. There's some nice bloody gore and naked girls, and Pinhead, as always, seems to be enjoying himself immensely, seducing his victims with a smile and making his offer of an eternity of pain seem quite irresistible. His scene with a priest is particularly nasty and blasphemous...and wickedly funny. The storyline doesn't always make sense, there's a lot of unintentionally laughable moments and some of the acting borders on the ridiculous, but all in all, Hellraiser 3 is pretty good cinematic junk food. If nothing else, Doug Bradley alone always makes these films watchable with his flawless portrayal of Pinhead.

6 out of 10.

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12 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Pinewood to Hollywood - A Step Too Far

Author: Mark Hale ( from United Kingdom
28 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Hellraiser III" significantly ups the bar in production values compared to the 2 previous films. Actually filmed in America this time (the other 2 were shot in Britain although they were set in America), everything about "Hellraiser III" is bigger, grander and more spectacular than its predecessors.

Apart from the story, that is. Although Clive Barker is an executive producer, his hand is noticeably absent from the screenplay. Bolted together by Peter Atkins and a hack who went on to work with the Power Rangers, the story loses a lot of its emotional appeal. The film focuses more on gore and spectacle than the original tale of obsession, love and loss, and is weaker as a result. Attempts are made to provide the heroine with an emotional back-story, but they descend into cliché by using that tired old "I lost my father/brother/son/hamster in Vietnam" plot device.

I could tell that I wasn't engaging with the story when I noted the use of an old-fashioned wireless set as a way of initially communicating with the Pinhead Cenobite's original human persona. Captain Spencer is meant to have been a British army officer from WWI (1914-1918), but public radio broadcasting didn't start in Britain until 1922. Being able to nitpick like this when you've paid to watch something on the big screen is not the sign of a particularly good film.

The idea of a Cenobite without any moral compass reduces Pinhead (A horror creation on a par with Dracula, in my opinion) to the same level as every other stereotypical celluloid purveyor of pointless cruelty and ultra-violence.

Adding insult to injury, the closing credits are accompanied by some amorphous Goth-rock band belting out a track called "Hellraiser". How imaginative. All the ambiguity, magic and mystery of the original films has been well and truly bled out by "Hellraiser III". Avoid.

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