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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and sexuality, and for language

Sex & Nudity

  • 8/10
  • There are some sexual themes and references in this movie. The unrated version has more graphic details of nudity.
  • One sex scene on a bed. Both the guy and the girl are fully naked, and there is thrusting and moaning, however there is no graphic detail (the girls' bare breasts and the guy's bare buttocks are barely seen). The guy gropes her breasts for a long time. Afterwards we see the girl in her underwear and the guy in his briefs.
  • A man uses many girls for sex, and his ex-lovers are upset by his behaviour.
  • A homeless girl admits to sleeping with men to gain a place to sleep.
  • The club featured in this movie is very sexualized with a bondage theme and sexy dancers.
  • A girl wears alluring clothes (a top, mini-skirts, shorts) at times throughout the movie.
  • A woman is surrounded by demons who touch her in a sexual way while tormenting and hurting her.
  • A male demon remarks that pain is better than sex while his head is jammed by an object.
  • A woman is tied-up and duck-taped, and black leather is placed on her body, in a sadomasochistic appeal.

Violence & Gore

  • 10/10
  • Like in the whole Hellraiser series, there is a lot of violence and gore in this movie. The unrated version has more graphic details of violence. Despite the strong and graphic violence, it isn't as bad as the first two films.
  • In an intense club scene, lots of people are massacred; they are impaled, cut, amputated, and pierced with hooks attached to chains. A man gets his fingers cut. A woman gets a thick piece of ice in her mouth. The skin of a woman's face gets peeled off. A man has CDs embedded in his head and face, and barbed wire twists around his face. Flayed and drained bodies are then seen impaled and hanging in the club. The floor is literally covered by dead bodies. We see some decapitated heads. Various body parts and limbs are everywhere. A shocked woman walks among them. A TV reporter speaks about the fact. We see covered bodies being taken away.
  • A man's body and face are pierced by hooks, then his head explodes.
  • A woman's skin is torn off by hooks and she is absorbed by a statue. We see her bloody skinned body. This scene is graphic.
  • A girl pushes a man towards a statue; he is held by hooks, and has an object brutally embedded and jammed in his head. Graphic and bloody.
  • Two men get knotted and twisted together; we see their skin stretching and melting with each other's bodies.
  • A statue comes to life. Creepy monsters' faces are seen moving. Pieces of flesh fall to the ground together with blood and other liquids. This is rather disturbing and gross to watch.
  • We see a man being pierced by a hook; his body is then slashed and cut, his teeth and mouth are bloody, and we see pins being hammered in his head. We see his bloody head and face.
  • We see a man with a camera embedded in place of his eye. He fully stucks the lens in a man's head (we see the hole from his forehead to the back of the head).
  • A male demon has an object jammed and moving in his head. We see it coming out of the side of his head. He remarks that it feels better than sex.
  • A demon sends out CDs from his body, which get stuck in a man's head and kill him.
  • Another man gets a CD in his face and dies.
  • A man and a woman are set in flames and die.
  • A demon's bloody face is wrapped in barbed wire.
  • A female demon has a cigarette stuck in her throat. A piece of her skin is missing.
  • A woman is surrounded by demons who hit her and burn her with a cigarette.
  • A priest is attacked in a church. He has a silver cross melted into his hand and screams in pain. He also gets cut on the face.
  • A demon takes 2 pins out of his head (we see it in detail) and stucks them into his hands' palms (we see it in detail). Then he takes off a piece of his flesh and puts it inside a priest's mouth.
  • A woman stabs a blade in a demon's chest.
  • Some rather intense war sequences are seen. Lots of shootings and explosions. Soldiers die. We see a few men's bloody bodies/faces. Lots of dead bodies all around. A man is seen with a large bloody wound on his forehead.
  • We see a flashback of flesh pieces, skulls, skins, etc. attached to a block of wood.
  • A woman is tied-up and duck-taped in a sadomasochistic appeal; a gross creature comes out of the ground; a menacing machine with a blade in it comes out from the creature, and placs right in front of her face.
  • A man is bitten by a rat. Blood sprays around. We see his bloody hand. The blood is sucked up by a statue.
  • A woman is pierced by a hook.
  • A taxi drives crashes onto a street lamp. The car is on fire. The driver's face is bloody.
  • A girl punches a man.
  • A young man forcefully drags a struggling girl on the floor.
  • A woman risks to be killed by a demon.
  • A woman risks to get a shock.
  • A girl talks about demons in a tape.
  • A demon tells a woman that he will enjoy making her bleed.
  • A woman meets a ghost.
  • Lots of explosions, fires, and mayhem in one street sequence.


  • 9/10
  • Some strong language including several uses of Fuck and Shit. Other profanities heard are: Bitch, Bastard, Goddamn, Jesus Christ, Hell, Fool.
  • A scene depicting religious sacrilege will upset Christians. A demon sticks pins into his hands and assumes the pose of the crucified God, saying "I am the way". A priest tells him that he shall burn in hell for doing this. The demon then takes a piece of his flesh, saying "this is my body, this is my blood", and puts it inside the priest's mouth. This is the primary reason this is rated 9/10

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 8/10
  • A male character and a female character smoke very frequently.
  • A man smokes.
  • A female demon has a cigarette stuck in her throat.
  • Many people drink in a club.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 10/10
  • There are scenes of extreme violence, war, death caused by normally harmless objects, bondage and sadomasochism themes, and some sacrilege of the Christian religion in this film. The unrated version has more graphic details of violence and nudity.
  • The demon's appearances can be scary to some.
  • The club massacre scene is strong.
  • The war scenes can be intense but can be slightly random.
  • A woman wakes up screaming due to having a nightmare.
  • Christians will most likely find the 'I am the way' scene offensive as Pinhead invades a church and mocks the crucifixion of Christ before intimidating a priest in a frightening way.
  • Much more intense than the first two films
  • Rated R for: Graphic Bloody Violence, Terror, Language, Some Sexuality, Some Nudity.
  • This movie is absolutely not for children; it is suitable only for ages 18 and up.

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