Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992) Poster

Plot Keywords

pinhead hell
reporter blood
puzzle box chain
slow motion lifting female in air
manhattan new york city hole in the head
father daughter relationship office building
wet cement trick
manipulation field
construction site burnt hand
stabbed in the hand altar
crucifix priest
stabbed in the face church
police officer killed policewoman killing
shotgun chase
fire breathing exploding car
stabbed in the forehead self mutilation
exploding building car set on fire
explosion fire hydrant
car crash dismemberment
candle severed head
hanged man rain
hook through hand stabbed in the chest
massacre slaughter
double impalement eye gouging
finger cut off severed finger
falling from height pool table
evil transformation
flashback captain
apartment portal
radio stabbed in the head
punched in the face zippo lighter
soldier trench
shot in the back rifle
ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship tv station
vcr character repeating someone else's dialogue
pistol skin torn off
skinned alive tied to a bed
premarital sex topless female nudity
nightclub owner rose
bartender drawing
painting rat
bitten hand matchbook
shot in the stomach nightgown
corpse shot to death
shot in the chest battle
bare chested male bus
gash in the face dripping blood
blood spatter hospital
tv cameraman news report
art gallery cigarette smoking
new york city blasphemy
world trade center manhattan new york city videotape
vietnam war male rear nudity
casual sex anti christianity
slasher flick occult
lifting someone into the air hung by one's wrists
bound and gagged alter ego
violence good versus evil
heavy metal band stabbed in the mouth
skinning impalement
exploding head decapitation
brooklyn bridge third part
cult film gore
heart in hand ghost
statue sequel
brass knuckles desire
helicopter desert eagle
war aftermath demon
dream spiral staircase

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