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Alternate Versions

Available on video in both "R" and unrated versions.
The US unrated laserdisc release from Paramount is uncut and features brief extra footage of a topless girl dancing in The Boiler Room and two new scenes:
  • Immediately after Terri moves out from Joey, there is a scene inside the Boiler Room nightclub where a couple are seen buying some drugs from a drug dealer. Terri is in the Boiler Room, where she witnesses a couple in love, which makes her even more lonely. Next, she purchases some coffee, and looks up to see JP who says "Hey baby, glad you could make it." This new scene ends here; next JP is seen telling Terri to "come on in" to his room. When Elliot tells Joey about his past, they are standing around a campfire. The Nightclub Massacre sequence was trimmed for the UK Theatrical version - but was released uncut when they released it on video as the Directors Cut.
  • There is a new scene immediately before the footage from Hellbound (Elliot playing with box at start), in which Elliot is seen buying the box in an Indian bazaar.
Some rare bootleg versions are said to contain much more graphic violence during the gruesome slaughter at The Boiler Room. There is also extra dialogue and a flashback from several years earlier in which we see Elliot purchase the Lament Configuration at an Indian bazaar.
Some of the things trimmed from the Boiler Room massacre include:
  • A man cutting his face on a broken martini glass.
  • A woman getting half of her face ripped off by a hook.
  • A more graphic creation of the CD Cenobite
  • A man getting his jaw ripped off by a hook.
  • A reference to the Female Cenobite from the first two films with a woman getting her throat sliced in half and the flesh being pulled to the sides by wires.
  • A long line of people hooked together, including a chain to the throat for one woman and through the chest for one man.
In the Unrated version of the film the first sex scene is a great deal longer and more explicit.
The uncut version also contains more insert cuts of dead soilders and gore in the trenches (when Joey makes her ghostly visit to WW1). And theres a new short scene before J.P discovers that the box is missing from the pillar of souls. The scene opens with the last employees of the "Boiler room" leaving and saying Goodbye to J.P. The scene is ap. 10 sec and ends with J.P comming out of his office.

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