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TV review: Polar Bear – Spy on the Ice | Rock and Chips

Hidden cameras? First the polar bears cleaned them. Then they smashed them

I've been doing some sledging over the Christmas period. Not the type that involves insulting men in white on the other side of the world, the original one – with snow and gravity, on a hill. Flipping heck, it's lethal. Snow just doesn't lend itself to control, or stopping.

Look, even the polar bears are having problems, in Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice (BBC1). This lady polar bear has climbed up her own little hill to get away from the fella bear who's chasing her. She wants him really: she's just teasing, playing hard to get. Too hard to get though – he can't get anywhere near her and keeps falling over and sliding down on his big hairy white ass. She falls over too, and in the end they're both too knackered and most probably too cold for sex.
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Lyndhurst bemoans 'Rock & Chips' budget

Lyndhurst bemoans 'Rock & Chips' budget
Nicholas Lyndhurst has reportedly spoken about the budget difficulties that faced Only Fools and Horses prequel Rock & Chips. The award-winning actor, who played Rodney Trotter in Only Fools and Horses for over two decades, starred as Freddie the Frog (Rodney's father) in Sunday night's spinoff. He told The Daily Telegraph: "We shot it in 19 days on not a great budget, I was very pleased it was made at all. There were people who said, 'I don't think we're going to do this', and we (more)
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Rock & Chips and 24 | TV Review

Del Boy Trotter as a teen? Except they've only bleeding well forgot the jokes, Rodders!

Peckham, south London, and the Trotter family is just about getting by, through not a lot of graft and a little bit of craft. Ring any bells? But this isn't the 1980s – it's 1960. Del Boy is a teenager, messing about with his teenage mates: Trigger, Boycie and Denzil. Rodney hasn't even been conceived yet. Nelson Mandela House is still a glint in an architect's eye. And vans still have four wheels. Because Rock & Chips (BBC1) is to Only Fools and Horses what The Wide Sargasso Sea is to Jane Eyre – ie, a prequel.

So who's this then, this geezer being released from prison? Freddie the Frog? The name rings a distant bell, but something about the way he looks is ringing a much nearer one. Dong! It's Nicholas Lyndhurst! Rodders ­himself, though obviously he's not
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