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Brilliant kick-boxing movie
nablaquadro1 January 2007
Final Impact is one of my favorite kick-boxing movies. We're talking about B-movies, I know it, but the 9 I gave wasn't out of place at all. I couldn't say how many times I re-seen this flick principally for the action scenes, stunning and entertaining, truly at Van Damme's level. Mike Worth is a tough guy and a good actor too. Don't you think he's quite underrated ?

The story was a pure cliché of the genre, the formula is the same of Karate Kid or the latest "kickboxer" episodes, but here was before it became rotten (mid 90s) and out-of-date. I hope many of you agree with me about the fantastic scene of the cumulative fights of the championship. Well shot, breathtaking edited, blow by blow in a whirling minute of action. It's a classic for these kind of movies, but even Bloodsport's or Kickboxer's aren't at this level. Probably just Mehri's next year "To be the best" (a must see movie) or Bloodsport 2 (another pearl). Gary Daniels was a great fighter and his two bouts against Worth are thrilling and cheesy. Too bad Ian Jacklin didn't have a role; we barely see him in the starting scene. He made a great job in other movies either as the bad or the good guy.

The DVD doesn't offer a thing. No extra scenes, rare material or interviews. I hope in the future (when perhaps, I hope, this genre will return mainstream) will be release a decent product, worthy to be called "DVD".

This film will please solely the genre lovers, but being so underrated seems just an average, meaningless clone.
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yatahaeshadai20 November 1999
Nick(Lorenzo Lamas) is an ex-kickboxing champion. He was cruelly beaten and to add insult to injury lost his wife to the new champion. Danny(Mike Worth) is a contender and Nick is his idol. Together they pair up to kick ass. But don't think you've got it all figured out. This is a throw back to when movies had a plot and characters were more then one dimensional. The whole cast is top quality. And Lamas is adorable in a cowboy hat and heavy jewelry.
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Renegade Rocky
actionfilm-26 May 2011
Very entertaining martial arts film, starring Lorenzo Lamas as a washed up fighter. The cast includes Kathleen Kinmont (Lamas' wife at the time) as his girlfriend and a very young Michael Worth as Lama's protégé, a skilled fighter heading to Las Vegas for the World Kickboxing championship. The filmmakers waste no time in setting the tone, B film nonsense, by opening the film with bikini clad models covered in oil entertaining bar patrons. This film is notable for the entertaining storyline (seen a hundred times before, but always fun), the nice fight scenes, and the very good performances (as far as B films go). Jeff Langton as the evil kickboxing character Jake is the type of villain that makes these films so much fun.

Both Lamas and Worth headed up their own MA films, but there are a few faces in Final Impact that did as well, starring as ring fighters are Gary Daniels and Art Camacho (who would go on to direct many MA films himself). And Mimi Lesseos, who was the lead in several MA films, has a small role as Jake's girlfriend. Joseph Merhi (himself an MA star) co-directs here, with Richard Pepin serving as cinematographer. Both men went on to form the now famous (and defunct) PM Entertainment.
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Very cool
edwithmj3 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A very good film about a kick boxing champion who takes on a newcomer in a way much like Rocky 5. Lorenzo Lamas is in excellent form as Nick Taylor and Kathleen Kinmont is also great as his wife. Although Nick dies at the end, his young protégé wins in the end. The fight scenes are good but a little bit corny. Also watch out on the back of the DVD case it says Jeff Langton (who played Lamas's rival) was in Rocky 5. He was but for about 3 seconds! The actors although not the best quality put on a good performance. The film can be watched about 2-3 times before becoming totally boring as the plot is just too predictable. Never the less, Lamas fans will love this as it is one of his better movies.
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Kickboxer riff fails to ignite
Leofwine_draca4 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
FINAL IMPACT is one of many duds from the PM Entertainment group, a cheap riff on KICKBOXER that fails to ignite either in the ring or outside of it. The plot sees B-movie staple Lorenzo Lamas playing a seasoned fighter who takes on a young apprentice and trains him up to battle some brawling muscle dudes. Michael Worth is the nominal lead and has no redeeming values in this film whatsoever, while Lamas is on autopilot. The story is a mix of melodrama and repetitive fight scenes in the arena, but there's never any sense of menace or suspense, just tedium. Watch out for the statuesque Mimi Lesseos and Gary Daniels in a bit part as a fighter.
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Not Really An Action Movie
utility_infielder17 August 2016
In my search to catch up on all the PM Entertainment movies that have somehow eluded me over the years, I finally checked out 'Final Impact' today. And I have to say that I enjoyed it.

I was a little disappointed by the lack of action, but genuinely surprised by the amount of drama.

Llamas plays Nick, a former champion kickboxer who can't handle the realities of life after losing to over-the-top bad guy Jake Gerrard, succumbing to alcoholism and depression. Nick finds a way to turn it all around by training a young Michael Worth (who delivers a good performance) to take on Jake and exact his revenge in the ring, fist-to-fist.

It's no 'Rocky,' though it tries to be. The fight scenes are decent and shot pretty well (the foley work is laughably cheese at times). But the performances are all around solid and the music is enjoyable. Vegas made for a beautiful backdrop to the film as well.

'Final Impact' reminded me greatly of another PM classic, 'Deadly Bet.' Though, 'Deadly Bet' has slightly better action so I give that one the advantage.

If you like PM Entertainment films, or a little drama with your kickboxing, you really can't do any better than 'Final Impact.'
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Watched it because of Kathleen
jadzia9218 November 2014
Released in 1992, Final Impact has Kathleen Kinmont getting the starring credit even though she wasn't the film's lead character. Nevertheless it was still wonderful to see such a credit for her. Here she plays Maggie and coincidentally her Fraternity Vacation co-star Barbara Crampton would play a character by that name a few years later in The Bold and The Beautiful. It was delightful that Kathleen made her entrance here in a colourful one-piece swimsuit. Of course I prefer the bikini that she wore in Fraternity Vacation. In fact in another scene she wore a pink bikini and Barbara Crampton wore a pink bikini when they appeared together in Fraternity Vacation. Makes me wonder how Barbara would have looked in the red-white striped bikini that Kathleen wore in Fraternity Vacation. In this movie about boxing including the recruitment of a protégé, Kathleen was lovely in what she was given here including going through a certain tragedy of this movie.
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Make an "Impact"ful statement by buying this classic tonight!
Comeuppance Reviews14 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In the late 80's and early 90's, video store shelves were clogged with Punchfighting,shootfighting,kickfighting,legfighting,armfighting, and ???-fighting movies. These macho meathead fests featured oiled-up men in singlets mindlessly pounding each other. We don't mean to "bash" these flicks, but the fact is they came in the wake of successes like "Bloodsport" and "Kickboxer" (I proudly own all the punch-fighting films up for review on this site.) Despite their knockoff status, they are clearly trying and mostly succeeding in pure entertainment value. Also most of the fighters in the movies are skilled martial artists and it is a pleasure to watch them fight.

Sure, everyone knows the big names in the beat-em ups such as Van Damme and Seagal. But without the direct-to-video B market for these films we wouldn't have a new class of action star. Where would we be without: William Zabka, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Jeff Speakman, Matthias Hues, and Gary Daniels? The answer: NOWHERE! This time around, Lamas plays jaded, tequila-swilling ex-fighter Nick Taylor who now promotes underground kick-fighting matches. When young Turk Danny Davis (Worth) a fresh-faced rookie fighter comes into Taylor's world, Taylor sees his potential as a top-kicker and trains him to be the best and be a kick-fighting champion in Las Vegas. But he has to first he has to defeat the spoiled Johnny Cage-like Hollywood fighter Jake.

On his way up to the top he has to fight a young Gary Daniels. Nick has continuous flashbacks to his defeat in the ring years ago at the hands of the dastardly Jake. Now he and Danny have to get even. Also there is the prerequisite street fight in a place called the "Neon Graveyard".

One of the funniest parts of the movie is during one of Nick's flashbacks. In the grand tradition of Ian Borger and Fan favorite Ron Marchini, Lamas bellows in slow mention "Nooooooooooo!!!" But Worth as Danny Davis gets the best line of the movie when in an argument with Nick he retorts: "If I'm so predictable, how come I'm the light-heavyweight champ of Ohio?!" Nick feels the burn of this nonsensical zinger.

If there was no Lamas, There would be no movie. But the real star of the show are Lorenzo's outfits: He wears a leather vest with no shirt for most of the movie, it's about 40 minutes in until we see our first shirt.

Make an "Impact"ful statement by buying this classic tonight!
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The final impact of crappiness...
Frank Markland23 June 2006
This time Lorenzo Lamas plays a retired kickboxing champion who trains a new martial artist (Michael Worth) the ropes, while planning on getting revenge on the ruthless fighter who humiliated him. The final fight is there but...hey where are you going? Final Impact sounds more like a porno flick, or indeed my last case of constipation then it does an action film. I mean what final impact is there to be had? Is it possible the the generic title has something to do with the impact of Lorenzo's feet colliding with people's heads? Whatever the case maybe, you'll have more fun debating this rather than watching the final product. Which amounts to nothing but a sub par kickboxing action flick that is short on action and low on inspiration.

*1/2 out of 4-(Poor)
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Marginally entertainment!
Warning: Spoilers
Once again in the land of low budget marital arts flicks we have another tournament film when a fighter wants to beat the number one ass kicker. The film is starring DTV legend Lorenzo Lamas and you would expect him to be the kickboxer seeking to be world champ. However in a surprising twist he is in fact an ex kickboxing champ who trains a young rookie (Michael Worth) so he can face off with the champ played by Jeff Langton. Lamas was defeated in embarrassing style by Langton and so sees this kid as a great vehicle to seek his vengeance. Of course by the end Lamas will have a mano-a-mano with Langton, we know this, but while we would expect that Lama's would win and rule the film, he loses and dies, leaving the diminutive Worth to win against the baddie. This attempt at doing something slightly different makes the film better than a lot of others of this genre. Lamas always seems to give hints that he can be a good actor but despite having the movie star looks he has never had a movie star charisma and as such his TV popularity has never transferred to the big screen. He's not a great thesp by the evidence of these martial arts flicks but you glimpse signs of talent every now and again and he certainly acts many other kick boxers off the park, lest we not forget he is a Golden Globe and Golden Satellite nominee. The fights are adequate and in all this is marginally entertaining. **
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bronsonskull7213 July 2003
Lorenzo Lamas stars as Nick Taylor a washed up kickboxer who trains a kid named Danny (Michael Worth) to fight the fighter (Jeff Langston) who humiliated him in this poor fight flick. Final Impact is a movie with a low degree of style and imagination making this one for only die hard martial arts junkies, however even the fightscenes are surprisingly sub-standard, making this a movie with no real worth.
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Kickboxing movie.
xfile197114 May 2002
You've seen this movie before. have. Rocky. The Karate Kid. Same thing.

Lorenzo Lamas plays Nick Taylor, a former kickboxing champion. After losing a title fight, he figures he is all washed up. A few years pass and an up and coming talent named Danny (Michael Worth) looks for Nick's help. Danny wants a trainer to show him how to be the best fighter around.

Anyway, you can fill in the rest of the plot from there. Nick trains Danny. Danny becomes the next kickboxing champion. THE END. If it doesn't sound very exciting, that's because it isn't. This type of film has been done much, much better before. Just look at the two flicks I already mentioned. 1/10
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