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Here's a detailed description of all the additional scenes in the Extended Version, Part 1 (Part 2 to follow): Joe Donnelly, before dying the first time: Joe: "I've given you nothing, you boys. A small mold cottage on a bit of rock that isn't even ours, full of hollow labor. I'll be glad to be gone, truth be known." And before dying the second time: Joe: "You're an especially odd boy. I know you're mine, because you have my handsome looks. I don't know what to make of you, son". At Joe's funeral: Danty: "He died twice, so he did. Aye, didn' ye, Joe? And he had a vision of paradise. Aye, he told it all to me in detail. Symphony and all the angels, the whole kit and caboodle". Priest: "Well, it can happen. Shoot, I died meself the time they shot me through the heart". Danty: (grumbling, indiscernible, he's disagreeing that the father was shot in the heart)... Priest: "But they were AIMING for me heart, oh, you can be sure of that"! A child goes back to retrieve the note Stephen slams down on the casket. Danty (taking it): "Give it to me...notice of eviction". Joseph: "Leave it, Danty. Leave it, Danty. Keep walking lads..." Several more establishing shots before Danty shows Joseph the gun. During the gun scene, Danty says "huh...?" after Joseph mentions the rust. Danty (when Joseph's taking the gun): "Yes...now Lord..." Joseph: "How will I know the man? I've never seen his face". Danty: "Ah, no more'n he's seen yours. He lives far and away from here, 100 miles or so". Joseph: "100 miles?!" Danty: "You'll never get to be a hero stuck in this hole of a place, I can tell you". Joseph: "Would I...would I be a hero, do you think"? Danty: "You'll never have to pay for another drink in your life. Captain Moonlight..." Many more landscape shots of Joseph on and pulling the donkey, it feels much more like a long journey. Joseph sees a rider who waves at him on a gorgeous horse along the way: Joseph: "Aye, look at that. I'll have a horse like that someday. Put you back in a bog where you belong, you foul-smelling beast". At the bar: Christie: "Enterprise or love...and if it's love, God help your frailty. For the outcome of love is doom". A shot of Christie leaving the bar, and one of the men says "him and his stories, eh"? Then another shot of Christie outside singing, attempting to mount his horse and falling. Christie: "Ow, ow...oh, my head...not that I ever use it. Come horse, I'll spoil you this once". This is followed by a few more shots of Joseph following behind the singing Christie in the woods, and an extra shot of Joseph running after Christie into the hedges after the "this is a difficult murder" line. When Mrs. Christie returns after the bowl scene, her delivery of "goes about with his name..." is different, which leads into the following: Mrs. Christie: "Any sign of revival, Shannon"? Shannon: "Oh. None that I noticed, mother". Mrs. Christie: "Hmm. Well". A scene of Stephen arriving at the Christie's on horseback: Christie: "Hello there, Stephen". Stephen: "We've come for your prisoner, Mr. Christie". Christie: "Eh, take your time. Poor fellow's upstairs dead...more or less". Stephen: "And what are you doing, sir, out here in the shrubs"? Christie: (pulling a small container of alcohol from a bush) "Join me? There's a gin and bitters in the rhododendron over there". Stephen: "Not when I'm working, sir". A brief scene after Stephen's arrival as he walks over to Shannon: Stephen: "Enjoying the peacocks"? Shannon: "They're out the kill us". Stephen: "Smile. We'll endure them together". (Then we cut away to the shot of Joseph struggling with the clothes in the chair from the theatrical cut, then back to this exchange:) Shannon: "Stephen...Stephen... Is it...is it true that the boy will die for his crime"? Stephen: "Do you really care? He tried to kill your father". Shannon: "I know, but he failed miserably. I doubt he's got a brain in his head". Stephen: "The authorities will decide his fate. It needn't be your concern". Shannon: "What ARE my concerns? I feel trapped in this stuffy old house". After Shannon's mother's request that she play the piano, Shannon's subsequent "no", and her mother's "I beg your pardon": Shannon: "I'm not in a musical mood". A shot of Joseph fumbling with the lock on the door. Two quick shots, one of Joseph pacing his room with the chair as a brace and one of his guard, asleep outside the room. In the scene of Shannon telling Joseph she's running away, after "I will ride them any way I please": Joseph: "You? You'll never get to America. Look at you, you're nothing but ribbons". Shannon: "It wasn't a ribbon that stabbed you in the leg". Joseph: "No, it was a frightened little brat with a head full of dim ideas. Land... (Back to theatrical cut)...what do you need more land for"? On the boat to America: Joseph: "I gave you my word I'd do this, so we'll get across the sea, but...sea...the bloody sea, it never ends. It surrounds us like...a jail"! Shannon: "You and I see things so differently. To you the ocean's a jail, but to me it is a highway to the future. Welcoming, courteous, majestic, kind. A benevolent friend". Back in Ireland: Christie: "I hesitate to ask how things are going, Stephen". Stephen: "I'm writing your daughter a letter...though I don't know where to send it to. Fly. Fly away, words. Fly to my true love's heart". (He throws the papers in the air, angrily) Christie: "You're seriously agitated, son. Here, I brought you an apple". Stephen: "Adam and Eve ate an apple, and that was the end of paradise". Christie: "True. True. Oh, but they got out with their lives after that". Stephen: "She trampled on my heart". Christie: "Oh come, Stephen, I can't bear to see a person as young as yourself all ravaged and distraught. The rains stop, the sun'll be shining soon. Let's go to the pub and drink". Stephen: "Where is she, Mr. Christie? I'd follow her if I knew". Christie: "We haven't received word". Stephen: "My spirit will not rest 'til I've taken her in my arms". (Christie rides away from Stephen and pulls out a letter from Shannon) Shannon (v.o.): "My dear father, to you alone I write and no one else. If I hide this letter in the rhododendron, you will find it soon enough. I'm travelling out to Boston, and to you I'll admit my fear. But you've always spoken of freedom, and freedom is a thing I crave. I will miss you, father, but I will carry your spirit with me when I step out into America and all my dreams come true". After Joseph is first introduced to Kelly: Kelly: "This is my doomsday book. Once your name goes in here, you belong to me. You get in trouble, you come to me. You give me trouble, I come to you. You understand? See how the system works here lad, eh"? Joseph: "Yeah". Kelly: "Good". Walking to the apartment: Man on street: "Hey, Mike, how ya doing"? Kelly: "Howdy, Tim. Good to see you, lads". Dermody: "You sure can box, mister. We'd you get your training"? Joseph: "My brothers. Used to beat the daylights out of me in Ireland. Never fought just one man before. Never tasted victory until today". Kelly: "Victory is the only flavor goes this place, Donnelly. A first-class scrapper like you'd bound to get ahead. Hey, you wouldn't consider boxing for a living, would you"? Joseph: "No, thanks. Eh, fightin' men for money's not my nature". Shannon: "Mr. Kelly? Mr. Kelly? My plan is to go out West for land". Kelly: "You?! Ha. You pioneerin' piece of fluff. You'd better stick with your brother. He's got the rough hands of a man who knows the soil, eh"? (Kelly sees a group of kids running their way) Kids: "They're after us, they're after us". Kelly: "Get over here, you bloomin' idiots"! (Reinforcements come up from behind Kelly, and the men in pursuit stop and run the other way) Kelly: "Ha, go on, get them, boys. Go on! Get over here, go on after them, go on! Bloody Italians, flooding in here by the boatload, taking Irish jobs. Boston's an Irish town, and I plan to keep it that way"! (Cheers) "Eh, right"! Upon arriving at the apartment: Kelly: "Good to see ya, lads. This is it, here we are". Molly: "Outta my way"! Kelly: "Molly..."! Molly (tossing out a dead rat): "It's just as unpleasant for me as it is for you". Kelly: "Brother and sister here, Molly, need a room". Molly: "You're in luck. We had a suicide just this mornin'". (Shannon gasps) Joseph: "My brothers and I shared a hayloft, wasn't half this size, back in Ireland. You're disappointed, Shannon? Why don't you get on a boat, go back home"? Shannon: "Don't aggravate me, boy. If you're implying that I can't endure a little temporary hardship, you're terribly mistaken. Unpack my bag; I'm going to wash my face". Brothel Girl (to Shannon): "Ooh, nice hat". (They all mockingly laugh) Shannon breaks down and cries alone, before a man suddenly comes up out of a tub, making her scream loudly and run out. Man: "I ain't had you yet, come back here"! Christie (after Mrs. Christie's "I like the system we've got" line): "What are you making there". Mrs. Christie: "I have no idea. I'm just passing the time until somebody cuts my throat. I'd rather hear the worst than suffer this uncertainty". After Shannon tells off her boss: Joseph: "You're a corker, Shannon. What a corker, you are. You haven't the dimmest idea of how the world is run". Shannon: "If this was Ireland, I could've had that man shot". Joseph: "Wa-wasn't it grand when ya called him a pig?! You're the entertainment in that factory. I'm gonna miss you when you lose your job". Shannon: "I hate that job. I wasn't meant to be slatherin' in chicken fat. Wasn't meant to work in this lifetime at all". Joseph: "Shannon"? Shannon: "What"? Joseph: "You see what these lads are workin' on? What they put on the pole that...they're calling that electricity. Now nothin' comes without work. Look at that man there. Now ho-how do you think he got that beautiful horse? Sir...sir! How much does a horse like that cost"? Man on horse: "I don't know. I stole it". Shannon: "Haha! I could be talked into thievery". Joseph: "Mmm...you'll have a horse one day". Shannon: "To think, I had a barn full of them once".
Network version adds over 35 minutes of footage not included in the theatrical version.
On the Network version, when Joseph is working on the railroad, there is a problem with a stick of dynamite. Showing how depressed and careless he is at the time, Joseph volunteers to reset the dynamite. There is a moment of tension after the explosion as we wait for Joseph to come into view out of the cloud of dust.
Also in the network version: after they are thrown out in the street, it's raining; Joseph, looking for a job, jumps into a ditch and begins digging, a few seconds later, Shannon joins him stating they need the money.

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